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CM_SetReport Chat Transcript for Executive Producer Janine Sherman Barrois and Matthew Gray Gubler 12/15/2011

JSB: Hey you guys-- can't wait to see your questions!!

JaniceKatharine: Hello Janine! Thank you for your time. What is your most favorite thing about being a producer- and your least favorite thing?

JSB: I love being able to write such amazing stories and work with such a great group of people. The hours are long

JSB: but we all love it here.

Violinvictory: Who's your favorite character to write for?

JSB: I’m not saying this because they'll kill me, but all of them

JSB: sorry I’m learning the system! and you can't press enter...

wheelsup4demily: Janine, if you could do a muscial episode of Criminal Minds, what songs would you feature & which characters would sing/perform them?

JSB: Reid-- "Baby got Back!!" Hotch - "Wheels up"

JSB: Morgan - "Sexy Back", JJ - "Bulls On Parade", Rossi- "My Way", Garcia-"Sexy and I Know It", Prentiss - "Piano Man"

Paula: Why did you have to kill the little Ryan? He was so cute!

JSB: It was part of the story. The kid also had to go to Fox and star in "Touch."

JJHotchner: Hello Janine! Is there much more than meets the eye with Beth? I find her pigtails suspicious, lol

JSB: She's'll see!

wheelsup4demily: Can you give us any teasers about the upcoming 150th episode???

JSB: I already did in one of my last posts. ;-)

HotchXBethXCutenessToInfinity: What prompted the choice to show so much of the unsub rather than more of the team figuring out who he was?

JSB: The story sort of dictated it. Then we got such an amazing guest cast. One of my next ones is going to have no UnSub...

Maggiforth: What was it like working with Charles S Dutton again?

JSB: Literally, the whole cast and crew started to cry when he performed. He was amazing and so gifted. What a joy to have on the show.

SelfFulfillingChicken: What lasting damage can a Lawn Mower cause that isn't visible to the naked eye? It struck me as an interesting way to take someone out of a sport! Why did you decide on that one?

JSB: He was high and fell and ah stuff happened. Don't drink and mow your lawn. That's all I’m saying.

Paula: Janine: how long do you work on set?

JSB: We are on for our entire ep. We shoot 8 days. All over LA and then we are sometimes on the stages. We prep the ep for 7 days!

Jasper: Did any of the writers share Morgan's boxing knowledge ("tomato can"), or did the writers have to research terminology?

JSB: Virgil and Bruce know a lot about boxing. So did my husband!

JSB: Okay all I’m saying is Gubler just came in the room so I think I just got pushed to the SIIIIIIIIDDDDDDEEE!

wheelsup4demily: GUBLER!!!! AHHH!!!

jordan1290: *cues screaming fangirls*

JSB: Wait, he's almost here, he's in the hallway!!

Swon: I noticed that last night there was awesome conversation btwn hotch and rossi...and it was great to see jj teamed up with morgan for a change. Is there a preference for teaming up certain characters for you?

JSB: I think we try to switch it up... it all depends.. Again, Gubler is coming and I’m stalling

JSB: My Episode just went to TV heaven as we wait for Gubler!

gchan_s2: How did you come up with the title, "Bittersweet Science" ?

JSB: The Sweet Science is a boxing term. So I put a twist on it since this ep. was so sad...

Maggiforth: How do you handle writing the most challenging scenes?

JSB: I think we just keep rewriting them until they're good. Again, Gubler is just yapping away outside... he's coming.


bookwurm32191: Hi Matthew!!!!!

MGG: Let’s get this party started.


Cendre: Can you give us a hint about what is in store for Reid during ‘True Genius’, what will he be up against?

MGG: So much greatness it cant be explained in one box. Where to begin. An incredible genius unsub who Reid can relate to. That feeling of growing up as a genius and at a certain point the ramifications of it.

wheelsup4demily: MGG, I absolutely LOVE when you direct CM episodes! Can you let us in on any juicy details on the next one you'll be directing???

MGG: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Holy smokes, episode 719 is going to be AMAZING. I just had the luxury of hearing the story from Sharon the writer. And words cannot explain how excited we are. I hate giving away any details but……I will say one super revealing word that sums it up. SUPER BODACIOUS. And that a spoiler. Wait 2 words.

jordan1290: How AMAZING was it to work with Patricia Cornwell.

MGG: So wonderful. I love her.

swon: Matthew, how did you get into drawing? Your pieces are always so interesting!

MGG: Thank you so much. Not sure. Is there any way to make this chat live as opposed to written? I don’t know how to express myself with typing. Hold up, Dunkle is figuring out how to video tape this interview so it is more REAL. And no so stale.

Alana: Finally I get to ask you this silly question, Matthew. So, you said you were discovered as a model in the streets of NY. Knowing back then what you know now about how serial killers use that as a trick to lure their victims, how do you think you would’ve reacted?

MGG: The answer to this question is being posted on CM set report twitter.

criminallymindless: Hey, Matthew! Great of you to stop by. I, too, have a silly question. If you were to be any animal in the world, what animal would you be?

MGG: I’m going to answer all these questions via video. Way more real. Currently uploading video.

ChocolateDiving: Were you aware that your character is up in TV dot com's poll for favorite Smarty-Pants?

MGG: I was. Very nice to hear that. But I am very weird about awards. Giving an artist an award is like giving a penguin a swimsuit. My award is the fact that I get to entertain people. So I try not to think about awards even when they are flattering. That’s nice to hear, though. Thanks for telling me.

carol: Can you give us any information about the scene that Reid and Prentiss share in "true genius" that is said to be really good and left everyone in the room in tears?? Pleaseeeee???

MGG: yikes!!!!!! Is that good or bad? I think they are talking about a scene in a café.

carolbarrel: Do you have any other projects going on this year?

MGG: Yes I do. Woohooooo. CHIPMUNKS 3 tomorrow. And another movie I have a tiny part in just got into Sundance. Woohoooo. And I have a few music videos coming out soon that I made with this super talented French singer named Soko. And I am creating a bunch of wearable art.

BrielleJMBaker: OK, enough with the sounds people... There is always ONE who starts it....

MGG: Sorry, that was me. This video posting is going sloooowwwwwwww.

LoMann: How awesome was it working with Wes Anderson?

MGG: Very awesome. Such a pleasure. I’ve been lucky to always work with the most talented and lovely people in the world. He’s great.

ShematthewShipper: MGG, how’s the Gublerland store going?

MGG: Super great. I actually came up with a new way to keep it from always selling out. Because I know that can be annoying. I’m so excited. More to come very soon on that.

CriminalMusings: Do you wear non-matching anything else besides socks? Gloves perhaps (you know when it dips below 50….)?

MGG: Great question. Only socks. But I like that glove idea.

owlinapinkberet: If you could work with any artist who has passed away who would it be? Would you want them to come back to life or work with their ghost?

MGG: if Reid ended up turning into an unsub, what would his MO be??

MGG: Oh good question. His MO would be killing people who try to shake his hand. Reid hates shaking hands.

at705: What goobie would each of the cast members win?

MGG: oooohhhhhhhh. Joe would win best guy ever. Thomas would win face most like Mt. Rushmore. Kirsten would win ears most like Christmas tree. Paget would win cast member most like vampire. AJ would win secretly funniest. And Shemar would win……most likely to find a reason at any point to take his shirt off. I totally crashed Janine’s party. I’m gonna give her the computer back soon.

ChocolateDivine: Gube, if there could be a wishlist for the 200th episode, what would you like to see happen?

sarah1282: What's your favorite part about working on Criminal Minds?

MGG: EVERYTHING. Every moment. Everyone of my best friends that I get to work with. All 256 of them. Gube out!!!!!!! Thanks so much guys. You are the best. Here is Janine!

JSB: Thanks for chatting. Gubler, we love you! So the chat ends and Gubler says, “How’s your episode looking? Has it aired yet?” I said “That’s why we’re here!!” Love you guys!!


  1. First of all, I liked Beth very, very much! She's open, sweet and funny, and Hotch can use all of that in his life to help his less serious, very funny side, shine! I don't really care if they end up married or just friends. And I liked how Janine addressed all of the reasons Hotch's free time is limited, or can become nonexistent in the blink of an eye.

    Second, a story that could have been brilliant, because the idea and how it develops IS brilliant, was marred because there was TOO MUCH TIME SPENT WITH THE UNSUB! We didn't need to know right away that Jimmy was the unsub, we didn't need to see even half of the violence he unleashed; instead we DID NEED more profiling to keep along with what the team was thinking, and that would have given more screen time for several of the main characters. TG/Hotch was brilliant, but what sf81387 has so very well described here was missed by most viewers because by the time the last 10 minutes rolled before their eyes, they were already completely feed up with the story because there had been TOO MUCH UNSUB!

    After having seen all of the episodes written by Janine, I'm starting to think that she knows how to construct very good plots, but loves way too much the unsubs (and misses by several miles the reasons so many people watch this show) and doesn't know how to write for several of the main characters, specially JJ, Prentiss and Reid, and of course probably because of the latter, her episodes are pretty unbalanced when we look at the screen time of said main characters. Piece of advice for her, watch several times episodes like Brothers in Arms: you blink and you miss the unsub face (and the only things we learned about him came from the profile!), you don't get to see anything of what he does, seems to revolve around Morgan (and he gets to shine) but everybody else is important to solve the case,... She could be remembered as one of the great CM writers, but won't be because of all this. Sad.

  2. Great chat ... Thank you Janine and Matthieu for your time :) We love you, we love all CM family, cast and crew, for giving us this great show! you rock guys

  3. While the writers' enthusiasm for Beth is admirable, maybe you could let viewers reach the conclusion on their own that she is in fact "amazing" or has "amazing" chemistry with Hotch.

  4. Janine, here's a question I came up with when I was reading about Dean Corll this morning (wanna know why I love Dr. Reid so much? Because I am him. With boobs, in a skirt. Except not as smart. But twice as awkward). Are there any episodes you--or any of the other writers/producers--have wanted to write, but were worried about the controversies and ramifications? How do you keep an unsub from being too cliche?

    And at Matthew, have you written any episodes? Do you want to write any episodes? Who would play your dream unsub?

    Also, I would love to be somebody's intern or coffeemaker on set this summer hem hem hem

  5. I'll just make an observation about the "hint" given about 7x12.
    I have no problem at all if the hint concerns Beth being amazing, I don't think she's supposed to appear during that episode, but maybe she's mentioned by Hotch. I really appreciate Hotch and Beth.

    But I also remembered what Breen Frazier said about that episode (he told us to watch the middle section of "3 Extremes"). I also remember the picture you posted with the piano and the bloody fingers.
    If the hint given by Janine is Prentiss 'song' ('Piano Man') I'll be really disappointed.
    I would have loved to see Reid making one or two remarks about piano and how they work since he likes piano.
    But now I'm afraid we might see super Prentiss (who goes to sin to win weekend in Atlanta city, who dances Salsa, who can seduce any unsub, who is always quick witted, who always has a jock to share and a sharp tongue, who was a super spy,...), suddenly saying she can play piano... I really hope Prentiss song wasn't the hint.


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