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CM_SetReport Chat Transcript for Executive Producer Janine Sherman Barrois and Matthew Gray Gubler 12/15/2011

JSB: Hey you guys-- can't wait to see your questions!!

JaniceKatharine: Hello Janine! Thank you for your time. What is your most favorite thing about being a producer- and your least favorite thing?

JSB: I love being able to write such amazing stories and work with such a great group of people. The hours are long

JSB: but we all love it here.

Violinvictory: Who's your favorite character to write for?

JSB: I’m not saying this because they'll kill me, but all of them

JSB: sorry I’m learning the system! and you can't press enter...

wheelsup4demily: Janine, if you could do a muscial episode of Criminal Minds, what songs would you feature & which characters would sing/perform them?

JSB: Reid-- "Baby got Back!!" Hotch - "Wheels up"

JSB: Morgan - "Sexy Back", JJ - "Bulls On Parade", Rossi- "My Way", Garcia-"Sexy and I Know It", Prentiss - "Piano Man"

Paula: Why did you have to kill the little Ryan? He was so cute!

JSB: It was part of the story. The kid also had to go to Fox and star in "Touch."

JJHotchner: Hello Janine! Is there much more than meets the eye with Beth? I find her pigtails suspicious, lol

JSB: She's'll see!

wheelsup4demily: Can you give us any teasers about the upcoming 150th episode???

JSB: I already did in one of my last posts. ;-)

HotchXBethXCutenessToInfinity: What prompted the choice to show so much of the unsub rather than more of the team figuring out who he was?

JSB: The story sort of dictated it. Then we got such an amazing guest cast. One of my next ones is going to have no UnSub...

Maggiforth: What was it like working with Charles S Dutton again?

JSB: Literally, the whole cast and crew started to cry when he performed. He was amazing and so gifted. What a joy to have on the show.

SelfFulfillingChicken: What lasting damage can a Lawn Mower cause that isn't visible to the naked eye? It struck me as an interesting way to take someone out of a sport! Why did you decide on that one?

JSB: He was high and fell and ah stuff happened. Don't drink and mow your lawn. That's all I’m saying.

Paula: Janine: how long do you work on set?

JSB: We are on for our entire ep. We shoot 8 days. All over LA and then we are sometimes on the stages. We prep the ep for 7 days!

Jasper: Did any of the writers share Morgan's boxing knowledge ("tomato can"), or did the writers have to research terminology?

JSB: Virgil and Bruce know a lot about boxing. So did my husband!

JSB: Okay all I’m saying is Gubler just came in the room so I think I just got pushed to the SIIIIIIIIDDDDDDEEE!

wheelsup4demily: GUBLER!!!! AHHH!!!

jordan1290: *cues screaming fangirls*

JSB: Wait, he's almost here, he's in the hallway!!

Swon: I noticed that last night there was awesome conversation btwn hotch and rossi...and it was great to see jj teamed up with morgan for a change. Is there a preference for teaming up certain characters for you?

JSB: I think we try to switch it up... it all depends.. Again, Gubler is coming and I’m stalling

JSB: My Episode just went to TV heaven as we wait for Gubler!

gchan_s2: How did you come up with the title, "Bittersweet Science" ?

JSB: The Sweet Science is a boxing term. So I put a twist on it since this ep. was so sad...

Maggiforth: How do you handle writing the most challenging scenes?

JSB: I think we just keep rewriting them until they're good. Again, Gubler is just yapping away outside... he's coming.


bookwurm32191: Hi Matthew!!!!!

MGG: Let’s get this party started.


Cendre: Can you give us a hint about what is in store for Reid during ‘True Genius’, what will he be up against?

MGG: So much greatness it cant be explained in one box. Where to begin. An incredible genius unsub who Reid can relate to. That feeling of growing up as a genius and at a certain point the ramifications of it.

wheelsup4demily: MGG, I absolutely LOVE when you direct CM episodes! Can you let us in on any juicy details on the next one you'll be directing???

MGG: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Holy smokes, episode 719 is going to be AMAZING. I just had the luxury of hearing the story from Sharon the writer. And words cannot explain how excited we are. I hate giving away any details but……I will say one super revealing word that sums it up. SUPER BODACIOUS. And that a spoiler. Wait 2 words.

jordan1290: How AMAZING was it to work with Patricia Cornwell.

MGG: So wonderful. I love her.

swon: Matthew, how did you get into drawing? Your pieces are always so interesting!

MGG: Thank you so much. Not sure. Is there any way to make this chat live as opposed to written? I don’t know how to express myself with typing. Hold up, Dunkle is figuring out how to video tape this interview so it is more REAL. And no so stale.

Alana: Finally I get to ask you this silly question, Matthew. So, you said you were discovered as a model in the streets of NY. Knowing back then what you know now about how serial killers use that as a trick to lure their victims, how do you think you would’ve reacted?

MGG: The answer to this question is being posted on CM set report twitter.

criminallymindless: Hey, Matthew! Great of you to stop by. I, too, have a silly question. If you were to be any animal in the world, what animal would you be?

MGG: I’m going to answer all these questions via video. Way more real. Currently uploading video.

ChocolateDiving: Were you aware that your character is up in TV dot com's poll for favorite Smarty-Pants?

MGG: I was. Very nice to hear that. But I am very weird about awards. Giving an artist an award is like giving a penguin a swimsuit. My award is the fact that I get to entertain people. So I try not to think about awards even when they are flattering. That’s nice to hear, though. Thanks for telling me.

carol: Can you give us any information about the scene that Reid and Prentiss share in "true genius" that is said to be really good and left everyone in the room in tears?? Pleaseeeee???

MGG: yikes!!!!!! Is that good or bad? I think they are talking about a scene in a café.

carolbarrel: Do you have any other projects going on this year?

MGG: Yes I do. Woohooooo. CHIPMUNKS 3 tomorrow. And another movie I have a tiny part in just got into Sundance. Woohoooo. And I have a few music videos coming out soon that I made with this super talented French singer named Soko. And I am creating a bunch of wearable art.

BrielleJMBaker: OK, enough with the sounds people... There is always ONE who starts it....

MGG: Sorry, that was me. This video posting is going sloooowwwwwwww.

LoMann: How awesome was it working with Wes Anderson?

MGG: Very awesome. Such a pleasure. I’ve been lucky to always work with the most talented and lovely people in the world. He’s great.

ShematthewShipper: MGG, how’s the Gublerland store going?

MGG: Super great. I actually came up with a new way to keep it from always selling out. Because I know that can be annoying. I’m so excited. More to come very soon on that.

CriminalMusings: Do you wear non-matching anything else besides socks? Gloves perhaps (you know when it dips below 50….)?

MGG: Great question. Only socks. But I like that glove idea.

owlinapinkberet: If you could work with any artist who has passed away who would it be? Would you want them to come back to life or work with their ghost?

MGG: if Reid ended up turning into an unsub, what would his MO be??

MGG: Oh good question. His MO would be killing people who try to shake his hand. Reid hates shaking hands.

at705: What goobie would each of the cast members win?

MGG: oooohhhhhhhh. Joe would win best guy ever. Thomas would win face most like Mt. Rushmore. Kirsten would win ears most like Christmas tree. Paget would win cast member most like vampire. AJ would win secretly funniest. And Shemar would win……most likely to find a reason at any point to take his shirt off. I totally crashed Janine’s party. I’m gonna give her the computer back soon.

ChocolateDivine: Gube, if there could be a wishlist for the 200th episode, what would you like to see happen?

sarah1282: What's your favorite part about working on Criminal Minds?

MGG: EVERYTHING. Every moment. Everyone of my best friends that I get to work with. All 256 of them. Gube out!!!!!!! Thanks so much guys. You are the best. Here is Janine!

JSB: Thanks for chatting. Gubler, we love you! So the chat ends and Gubler says, “How’s your episode looking? Has it aired yet?” I said “That’s why we’re here!!” Love you guys!!

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CM_SetReport Chat w/Janine Sherman Barrois & Guests

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The chat room will open @ 5:30PM Pacific Time.

CM_SetReport Chat with Exec. Prod Janine Sherman Barrois and Guests

Hey Folks,

So tonight we will be chatting with Executive Producer and writer of EP710 "The Bittersweet Science," Janine Sherman Barrois.  We will also have some random guests pop in and say hello!   Per usual the chat room will open @ 5:30PM Pacific Time. Look forward to seeing you there!

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CM_SetReport Chat Transcript with Jayne Atkinson (Strauss) and Executive Producer Erica Messer (12-8)

JA: Hi everyone. Strauss here. So glad to be here with you and see all your enthusiasm for the show.

ravenbrittx7: Jayne...what is your favorite characteristic Strauss attains? Worst?

JA: OK, my favorite thing about Strauss is that she doesn’t take any crap – she’s tough and smart but can have a heart. My least favorite characteristic is that she is stubborn and political.

SmileyGidget: Jayne -- I think you are a fantastic actress and I have loved seeing more Strauss this Season and her change in character, last night was a very revealing episode for her, are you enjoying this side of the character?

JA: Yes, we see her up against a wall and that means that we will see her become something else- she will have to survive. That is so exciting for an actor to be up against a huge problem like alcohol.

soundofmescreaming: Are we going to see more of the trust issue between Hotch and Morgan?

EM: We will. It's always there from now on...we'll deal with more of that in episode 7x19.

JA: What would you like to see happen with Strauss, besides being off the show ;)

swon: NO I don't want to see Strauss go!

Paula: Have a romantic relation with someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gchan.s2: It would be interesting to see her struggles w/ the alcohol & how she deals with it, maybe a little of her family? :)

SpencerReidRamblings: I'd love to see her kids.

NNatalieeMcd: Kiss Rossi.

Avery: I'd love to see her become more of a member of the team! She has so much chemistry with Prentiss, Hotch, Rossi, etc.

StopBlowingHolesInMyShip: I'd like to see more chats between her and Hotch.

JA: It's fun to hear all the ideas- any more questions?

EM: We LOVE Strauss here in the writers' room, too. She brings such a great energy to the chemistry of the team. It's always fun to write scenes for her!

EM: And we'll deal with the aftermath of what you saw last night... look for it later in the season.

swon: Amazing acting last night Ms. Atkinson, do you have a favorite CM episode?

JA: This was my favorite episode because I was out in the field, but my favorite scene was when I believed that Hotch killed his wife's murderer in self defense. My second is the final scene in this last episode when Hotch tells me to get help -- wonderful. Seeing Strauss crack means that there is more to come! Could there be a kinder, gentler Strauss ;).

CriMiBird: Jayne is it fun to play. The bad girl of the BAU?

JA: YES!!! Although I also love it when i turn around and am kind now and's fun to let myself be in my "be-atch."

Nayarit: Will the reason she's turned to alcohol be revealed more, is it simply stress pushing her over, or something longstanding, or stemming from something else? Amazing episode last night!

EM: Glad you liked it, thank you! It's been a long-standing issue. She's fought it, thought she was a functioning alcoholic for a long time. I'd love for Jayne to answer her idea of Strauss in distress... Jayne?

JA: I agree. She has coped with the stress of her career and her need for success and playing with the "Big Boys" but clearly she has sacrificed too much. She is so smart but I see her as so lonely. I know that she is married and has kids but it's clear to me that they have taken a back seat to her career-and at some level this must tear at her heart. I am so excited to see what Erica writes for her...

JotchObsessed: Do you think Hotch told anyone else except Morgan about Strauss' addiction to alcohol?

EM: That's a lovely and sad insight to Strauss but I do agree. And there's NO WAY Hotch or Morgan told another soul about that night...

STRAUSS_COME_BACK: Do you think we will ever get to see Strauss and Prentiss scenes ? Or at least see how Prentiss reacts to the news, because she isn't a big fan of strauss.

EM: She isn't a big fan but she respects her and the position. There may be a moment where they connect over that.

JA: I think initially she might be smug but then when she sees me and sees how I have changed she will have a different kind of respect and feeling for me.

EM: Prentiss is such an understanding character... she appreciates the layers in others.

HeTalksAboutYou: Jayne - are you involved in any other projects while on CM? (E.G. any more stage work on the horizon?)

JA: I will be seen in Perception in June and I am currently working on a play about Edith Wilson, President Wilson's wife-she ran the white house for 6 weeks! And a project with my husband, Michel Gill. And of course being a mom is my favorite role! Right, Erica?

EM: That’s right, Jayne! Mine, too!

HeTalksAboutYou: Erica: This season are we going to see any significant call backs to Morgan's key history? (Bomb squad experience, time in deep cover, history of abuse).

EM: We will see more of Morgan's history, especially in episode 7x20. It'll be a rewarding ride for all who watched season 6...

gchan.s2: After being in the field w/ the team, do you think Strauss would like to work with them more often, instead of staying in her office?

JA: Being in the field isn't her favorite thing, but I think she could be more collaborative with them somehow.

Dreis: To Erica: are we going to learn what was wrong with Reid’s mother, will we get to see more of that storyline?

EM: Funny, we talk about her all the time in the room. She's on Glee, so actually getting her to be in an episode is tricky... hopefully we'll see her later this season.

devoncarrots: Erica, we have seen where everyone lives except for Morgan and Reid. Why is that?

EM: I know, right? They'll be carpooling home soon...but they're NOT roommates!

wheelsup7891: Jayne, may I just say you were fabulous last night! I love that they focused on the personal side of Strauss we rarely see. Question: If you could put any 2 characters together on the show, who would they be?

JA: Thanks so much. I loved this episode. Thanks to Erica! And…any two people??? Hmm- maybe Rossi and Strauss. But that's a bit self serving…so Reid and Garcia. Absolutely. Most awkward couple ever, but so so cute. She would have flowers all the time.

dejautrime: If Strauss were an animal, what animal would she be?

JA: She would be....wolverine

EM: From X-Men!! He’s awesome.

Cheers: Erica, was a mysterious past for Prentiss always intended or did that just happen as her story evolved? Will we learn more about her past?

EM: Yes it was... from the minute Strauss asked Prentiss to be a mole, we knew she was a complicated character and that it stemmed from her past. We'll see more about how she's transitioning back but the biggest surprises happened last season, I think.

tabularossi: Erica, we keep hearing how phenomenal "True Genius" is. Can you give us a hint as to some of what we can look forward to?

EM: Sharon Lee Watson wrote a complicated story that shows us how smart she is... and REID! Of course. It's directed by Glenn Kershaw so you know it's great!

Avery: Are there any particular characters you'd like Strauss to share more scenes with?

JA: I would love to have more scenes with the women. But that just hasn't made sense. Maybe in the future-

Catherine: Erica, do we ever get to see more of JJ's childhood life/past? I feel like she's the only one without any real backstory.

EM: We'll get invested more in the life she's building for her child... but that will reflect how she was raised... "North Mammon" gave some history as did "Risky Business" where we learned about her sister's suicide.

alex: I'd love to see Strauss's family and know what she is like when she isn't working.

JA: I do think that we might see her have to deal with her family and her alcohol. Perhaps see what it has cost them. That would be very moving, but I have a feeling that there could be some kind of separation. Perhaps her husband can't take her career anymore, and there will be repair work with the kids. It can't stray too far from what the show is focused on which is CRIMINAL MINDS :)

moviegirl: If you have a CM "bible" and script supervisor like Rick Dunkle said how come you have problem with the continuity like Reid's birthday, Hotch's scars etc?

EM: We have living bibles on this show, too. Dunkle is one of them. I'm another. I won't ruin the surprise of 7x11 but trust us that we didn't have issues with the continuity. Hotch's scars have yet to be I'm not sure what that's about...

Nayarit: Why isn't Strauss such a fan of the field?

JA: She doesn't have field clothing of course!! Frankly I think the whole serial killer thing scares the sh@#! out of her.

cmwonderlady: How different from all the others will the jet scene on 7x12 be? Are we going to need tissues or a baseball bat to hit the TV? :)

EM: There's so much talk about that jet scene now...was that because of a chat? hmmm. might need to have another talk about teasers versus spoilers. The scene is different in that there are only two characters on it... it's one of our favorites for that reason. Hate that it's blown out of proportion because I don't want anyone hitting a TV with a bat!

ravenbrittx7: I know people who ship Hotch/Prentiss are not looking forward to Beth's arrival? What will it be like? Can you give us a bit of a heads up about what to expect?

EM: Like the aforementioned jet scene, I don' t want to hype anything up. She's lovely and Hotch is charming...that's a good thing to see him smile.

JA: I would love to see Strauss hang out with Emily and Garcia…they would be crazy and wild and try to make Strauss have fun…it would be hilarious.

JA: Exactly -- would LOVE to see Strauss let her hair down!! Literally! Have we ever seen her really smile-oy! She is so tense!

EM: Just no drinking!

JA: Exactly, no drinking!

ReidTalkNerdy2Me: Jayne -- What is the most surprising thing you have learned about Strauss so far?

JA: That she drinks! Just, that she really does have a soft side to her for Hotch.

EM: We knew that in ep. 6x21 last season but didn't tell anyone!

ravenbrittx7: Jayne...You are amazing. I just wanna thank you for taking the time to chat with us! It really means a lot! xo

JA: It's so much fun and I appreciate so much that you all are so curious and care!

Jasper: What spurred Strauss' evolution from (fabulously acted) stock female 'hard ass' character, to a more rounded nuanced figure?

EM: We wanted to show the relatable, human side of Strauss and what better way than to reveal her weakness!

JA: And...I think because she is an older female. She adds a depth to the show. We need her there to push the envelope. She is a good counter in many ways to Hotch. When you see a character move from one course of action, mind set another - it creates great tension and story..I always described Strauss as the hatchet girl!! but she has become more- but still nobody quite likes her :(

tabularossi: How does Strauss rank in your list of favorite roles you've played?

JA: I love Strauss because of the promise of her journey. Erica LOVES Strauss and because of that I know she is going to bring the juiciest pieces of her to this season and maybe next. I love being bad but I am going to love the transformation and for an actor there is nothing better. SO…STRAUSS IT IS!!!!

EM: Thanks for joining us Jayne!

JJfans: Thanks, Jayne!

JA: My pleasure! I love the applause but let's send applause to Erica and to our moderators and most of all our delicious and interesting and intelligent fans! Thanks so much! And keep watching!

EM: Thanks everyone for joining us tonight. It's been a lot of fun. We'll have to do it again! Thanks for watching. So glad you all liked the episode. Goodnight!

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CM_SetReport Exclusive: Shemar Moore on the set of EP714 "Closing Time"

Chat w/Jayne Atkinson (aka Erin Strauss) and Exec. Prod. Erica Messer

Click on the above box labeled "chat now" to join the CM_SetReport Chat Room.

As with previous chats, you must have java ( installed and up to date in order to participate. Once the window opens, you will be asked for a login name (your choice) and then a password. Tonight's password is:


The chat room will open @ 5:30PM Pacific Time.

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Jayne Atkinson (Erin Strauss) & Exec. Prod. Erica Messer will chat this Thurs @ 6pm PST. Deets to come here. Stay tuned!

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CM_SetReport Chat Transcript for Rick Dunkle and Kim Harrison 12/3/2011

KH: Hey guys, thanks so much for being here.

CaffeinatedMe: To both of you: What's the HARDEST part about writing for CM?

KH: The hardest part is trying to tell stories that we haven't already done. lol

Kitten0409: Hi Rick & Kim! The unsub in last season Into The Woods, even if he was identified, was one of the few that got away. Will we see him/hear about him again?

KH: I wanted to play the REALITY that these types of offenders get away all the time.

BubblegumFox: Rick Dunkle what led you to start writing for CM?

RD: It was kind of a no brainer. I started as a script coordinator on Criminal Minds season one… They gave me the opportunity to write a freelance episode season four and, of course, I took it! They liked the script enough that they decided to hire me on full time as a writer. This has been my first TV writing job and I can't imagine being anywhere else.

Thisiscalmanditsdoctorwho: So, Rick, what exactly is a hotchrocket?

RD: A "crotch rocket" is a motorcycle… I felt "Hotch Rocket" was appropriately amusing for Garcia to say :)

Twistedcistern: Thank you so much for both the chat and your awesome scripts, Since there are two of you, which *two* BAU members do you most enjoy writing dialog exchanges for?

KH: Prentiss

RD: Hotch

KH: Rossi

RD: Reid

KH: Morgan


KH: Garcia

RD: Strauss

KH: Agent Anderson

RD: CSI Tech Gina

KH: BAU security guard #1

RD: Red shirted Receptionist

LovessumCM: How do you ensure continuity when you have so many different writers working on the show?

RD: We have a CM "bible" that we update after each episode goes to air. It's our cheat sheet. Fortunately, Messer, Kim, our Script Coordinator Jason Bernero and I have been around basically since the beginning… We try to be the encyclopedia of memory for the show.

Kitten0409: Last season, Strauss stepped down/took a leave of absence/not sure what it was and left Hotch in her place. Is there going to be a follow up to that, some explanation about what happened there?

KH: You'll find out next Wed. #709

KH: Rick corrected me... it will be THIS Wed.

FluffyJJ: Do you watch the episodes when they air? What goes through your mind when they do?

RD: If I'm home in time, yes… but, it's still work then, even when watching it air… I think… Oooh, that scene works really well, I want something like that in the one I'm writing… I usually try to steal all the scenes Kim writes.

KH: No comment

JJfans: What episode(s) did you feel the most pressure writing for? Were they big ones like 100 or a season finale? Or did they just mean something special to you?

RD: Sometimes, you have to start from scratch at the last minute… Issues forced Kim and I to have to write the first draft of The Stranger in one weekend. There wasn't enough coffee in the world for that kinda stress!

KH: It was a great writing excercise lol

Thisiscalmanditsdoctorwho: Rick, we know Beth is back as Hotch's training partner in Closing Time. What else can you tell us about the episode?

RD: We just shot the first day of this episode yesterday and I have to say… I heart Hotch & Beth… the on-screen chemistry is simply amazing and Bellamy is so talented… I know all the Prentiss/Hotch shippers out there aren't wanting to give her a chance, but I have to tell you… You're going to love her. Plain and simple.

RD: Also, in the words of Virgil Williams, "people die."

ChocolateDivine: To both: which scenes in season 7 are your favourites?

KH: Yesterday, we watched the cut for the 150th episode. There were a few scenes in there that I would say are my favorite of the season. You're going to love the Prentiss/Hotch jet scene. It's going to be great!

FluffyJJ: What has been your "best day ever" on set?

RD: Meeting Kim Harrison...

RD: And Dallas Clark Day

KH: Meeting Rick Dunkle...

Twistedcistern: To Kim, totally fangirl question: We know how tall Rick is. How tall are you?

KH: 5'6"

SesameSquirrel: So Rick, does someelse besides Dash share your affections? You know, of the female human variety? ::cool

RD: Wait, is my name Rick or TTTO? I'm confused!

KH: I'll step in for this one... the answer is YES! lol

RD: Her name is Kim… or, as I call her, Boo!

FluffyJJ: What are 3 things you absolutely need when writing an episode?

KH: Chips, coffee and more coffee

RD: Oreos, Jalepeno Chips, Turkey jerkey & Coke Zero

Rusalka: Why do you sometimes choose to reveal from the beginning who's the unsub? Personally I find it much more fascinating when we discover his/her identity through the work of the BAU.

RD: It just depends on the story… We can't always have Garcia give us the entire backstory of the UnSub of the Week in act three/four… So it helps to be able to show part of that story up front so you can learn more as the team does. We try to vary it up as much as possible but basically, it's called "Criminal Minds" so we want to show you the mind of the serial killer as much as we can.

Thisiscalmanditsdoctorwho: Kim, what can you tell us about your next episode, 7.16? Do you have an episode title? Any special character focus?

KH: It's called "A Family Affair" enough said.

JJfans: Who will be the next team member to be in peril?

RD: You'll find out in 7x14… and the result won't be anything like you're expecting!

CriminalMusings: How does Hotch have the time to date when he didn't have time to be a husband before his divorce, is now a single dad, and presumably works more than he did before (given the fact that Strauss asked for his help)? That and the triathlon...I think that season 7 is great so far in terms of getting into the characters' personal lives, but I along with a lot of other fans aren't sure how Hotch does these things.

RD: Here's the thing… we have to be real about this… Hotch can't stay single his entire life. He hasn't dated since his divorce from Haley, let alone the tragedy of her death. Haley wouldn't want him to stay alone and neither do we. We've played that Morgan is helping with extra paper work/late nights… and I personally think Jessica would also like Hotch to move on so she doesn't have to babysit so much. Hotch needs a new baby momma!

JJfans: If it were up to both of you, and anything were possible, where would you choose to go with the main characters? Any scenarios in the backs of your minds? Any character you're just waiting to get your hands on and write a great episode for?

KH: I'd love to take the team to Hawaii :) How cool would it been to see them all on vacation together.

CriminalMusings: Do you take it personally when fans react negatively to a story line? I'm talking specifically about Beth, but this goes for anything. You can't make everyone happy, right?

RD: Not at all. A lot of you actually disliked Prentiss when she started. We actually expect it. The team is a family and no one likes change… but change happens whether you want it or not and it's up do us to tell good stories, whether it's the path you want to see or not. Having said that, I can assure you… Morgan and Reid will never hook up!

RD: I stand corrected… Reid and Morgan will not hook up until Season 10 when the plane crashes… Sorry, Breen!

BubblegumFox: Is there a reason all the characters have some relation outside of the BAU eg. Hotch and Beth, JJ and William, Reid and his mom.... But with Morgan and Prentiss there is nothing??

KH: Or is there? *wink wink*

FluffyJJ: Will we find out more about Reid's headaches?

RD: He discovered advil.

KH: He's taking tylenol.

Avferreira: But they're all regenerating for season 11 right?

RD: Absolutely… Wouldn't Dr. Reid make a great Dr. Who!?!?!

a-dilemma: Rick: You posted on Twitter news about the 2 hour season finale. What can you tell us about that? Also, what do you have to say about the rumors on Gideon's return?

RD: It's too early to say much about the season finale. I'm still shooting 7x14 and that's not until 7x23 & 7x24… We won't even break the episode until the new year… Having said that I can assure you that 1) it will be awesome. 2) the rumors of Gideon's return have been greatly exaggerated and 3) Paul McGann is definitely returning to regenerate into Christopher Eccleston in the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, lol.

Freakingdork: will we ever see Morgan's family again? even just one sister or just his mom or something would be nice.

RD: Yes.

Thisiscalmanditsdoctorwho: So if the Reid headaches storyline has been dropped, what can we expect in terms of development for him this season?

RD: It's not necessarily dropped… we're just not focusing every episode on it… There is a fantastic episode re: Reid in January. "True Genius" written by Sharon Lee Watson and directed by Glenn Kershaw is off the hook good. You'll see Reid questioning things about what it means to be him, and coming to terms with a certain part of his life I can't mention. Also, he and Prentiss have a scene alone together that had the screening room in tears… not saying whether those were tears of sorrow or laughter :)

KH: What just happened? lol

BubblegumFox: How much coffee do you end up going through when writing a script for an episode?

KH: Let me put it this way... I'm working on my 3rd cup right now... it's only 11am lol

RD: This is what happens when writers get together on a Saturday morning!

Encarter: my ears!!!

BubblegumFox: Please dont start this Rick Dunkle and Kim we had this war last time with Kirsten..

JJfans: It seems like not too many people like writing/talking about JJ? What's up w/ that?

KH: JJ is amazing.

RD: You'll see more of Henry & Will this year.

RD: You'll see JJ like you've never seen her before in 7x14

KH: And in 7x24

JJfans: Any plans yet for MGG's episode?

RD: The one he's directing? Breen's writing it and it will connect to a storyline from the past. With Frazier & Gube at the helm, you know it will be fun-tastic.

UnknownSubject: Reid/Maps is the only canon ship, right? We've seen him with those maps, there's definitely something going on.

RD: Oh for sure… I think his firstborn will be named Garmin… or Thomas… or Thomas Garmin Reid!

Kris: So Rick, unfortunately it looks like the Colts are headed for the #1 draft pick. Time to draft an heir to Peyton?

KH: Forget the Colts, the Lakers are back on xmas day!!!

RD: Personally, I would hope Peyton could be our Quarterback forever! Also, the Colts may need a little Luck, too… Perfect scenario, if Peyton doesn't come back… He coaches Andrew Luck to Colts glory and a decade of consecutive Super Bowl victories!

Summer: When can we expect a fight to brew between the main characters?

KH: 7x09 things get a little heated between a couple of team members.

Paparossi: What happened to Sergio?

KH: 7x12 will give us a little insight as to what Sergio has been up to.

KH: dropitlikeitshotch... LOL love the name.

Dontstopdontbreak: I know everyone is a fan of reid x maps but will prentiss x turtlenecks make a comeback?

KH: Those turtlenecks have been sitting in her closet since shes gotten back from Paris. They will make their network return in 7x12.

KH: Rick is wearing a turtleneck right now lol

ChocolateDivine: Any major developments happening with Garcia and Kevin Lynch?

RD: Yes. Next question.

HeTalksAboutYou: Will we ever get to see Morgan outside of work, e.g. smashing down walls? Is that a private thing, or does he ever do a Grey's Anatomy and bring people to his houses to let them take out their anger with a hammer?

KH: Yes. Next question.

RD: Okay, no more sounds, please. Dash is getting worked up. He thinks Sergio is here!

Thisiscalmanditsdoctorwho: Is 7.13 going to have a Valentine's Day tie in? What about 7.10 and Christmas?

RD: 7x14 is probably the most romantic episode we've ever done… Having said that, people die!

CriminalMusings: Can you two please get married?

KH: Done!

RD: I often think we're already married.

Carol: what can Emily fans expect for her?

KH: More turtlenecks.

BubblegumFox: Do either of you like spinach... I is eating spinach!

KH: I liked mine steamed.

RD: I like mine on pizza with chicken.

Paparossi: Why do you keep blowing off Morgan questions?

KH: What was the question?

RD: Done and done.

FluffyJJ: Have you ever just wanted to grab Matthew and kiss his face?

KH: Done and Done!

Summer: If the cast members were vegetables, what would they be?

RD: Hotch would be a radish.

KH: Rossi would be an onion.

RD: Reid would be a carrot.

KH: Prentiss would be a squash.

RD: Garcia would be a beet.

KH: JJ would be taro root

RD: Morgan would be a snap pea.

SergioCushion: Do you like roast chicken? Do you think any of the team does?

KH: I don't care for roast chicken but I think the team likes it in their salads

RD: I think they prefer duck.

RD: "Hope" has been my favorite so far. It was so different and tragic.

a-dilemma: To both: what episodes (aired and not aired) have been your favorites this season?

RD: Sorry, folks, jumped the gun. Read backwards.

RD: Also, the episode with Morgan in a towel.

KH: We just had the table read for Rick's episode that he's shooting right now and I told him after the read that it was one of my fav. episodes of the season.

Swankyhoodrat: Do any of you have a dream dramatic scenario you'd like to write for one of the characters

RD: Aside from Hotch and Prentiss hooking up?

KH: Dude, I was thinking the same thing.

Em: What is your favorite show besides CM?

RD: Doctor Who.

KH: Jersey Shore!!!!


RD: Seriously, Kim?

KH: Yes!

RD: Could Snooki guest star?

KH: Awwwww :(


CriminalMusings: Prentiss x The Situation. OTP!

KH: Yes!!!! I can see it now

RD: We're getting ready to bounce. Any final Q to ask?

Avferreira: What was the show that made each of you think you wanted to be a screenwriter?

KH: The Cosby show. I loved watching it as a kid and it's the first show that really got the wheels turning in my head that I could write for TV.

KH: Ugh! Rick... the people are waiting.

RD: For me it's a tie between Doctor Who and Buffy… I grew up with the original Doctor Who and just wanted that wonderful blue box to come and whisk me away. I think the new series is very clever and well done. I'm addicted. For me, the smartest show, IMHO, was Buffy. I freaking loved that show. It handled real topics admidst a fantasy world and had real drama mixed with fun. I wanted to be Joss and JJ Abrams growing up… Now I just want to be Kim Harrison.

KH: They didn't ask for an essay!!

KH: And on that note...

RD: Thanks for your time. This was fun!

KH: Thanks for your time!! We enjoyed chatting with you all!

RD: Keep watching!

RD: Chat again soon!

RD: "The Doctor, the Widow & the Wardrobe" airs soon!

KH: New Season of jersey Shore, Jan 5th 10pm

chat-admin: Also, new Criminal Minds this wednesday!

RD: And catch Criminal Minds Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Wednesday on CBS!

KH: Ya, that too.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

CM_SetReport login information for chat with Rick Dunkle and Kim Harrison

Click on the above box labeled "chat now" to join the CM_SetReport Chat Room.

As with previous chats, you must have java ( installed and up to date in order to participate. Once the window opens, you will be asked for a login name (your choice) and then a password. Tonight's password is:


Friday, December 2, 2011

CM_SetReport Chat w/Rick Dunkle and Kim Harrison

Hi all,

Join writers Rick Dunkle and Kim Harrison in the @CM_SetReport chat room tomorrow at 10am PST. We will post a login link for the chat as well as the room password at 9:30am PST, here at

Hope to see you there!

Friday, November 18, 2011

CM_SetReport Chat Transcript for Kirsten Vangsness 11/17/2011

KV: I’m here! I’m here! Ask stuff!

jobelle: Last night’s episode was so tragically beautiful! Kirsten, you always look so gorgeous, how much influence do you have on Garcia's wardrobe/makeup?

KV: First, I thank thee. And I blush. Secondly, I have about one percent of input I actually try to not have input anfd let the glam squad do their thang I think it makes it cooler.

Brockely: Kirsten, do you ever get a little weirded out that all the Garcia episodes seem to be the really really creepy ones?


oceanblue78: Hi Kirsten, thank you for doing this chat for the fans. I was wondering how you guys manage to fit other projects like Pretty and Theather of Note productions in your busy CM shooting schedule?

KV: Yes I am saying yes I find it weird she’s like the whipping girl of creepy poor Garcie.

Swon: Kirsten, great episode last night! Loved seeing Garcia out and about...what's this story about a stick that you brought back with you?

KV: Its the newset member of the team POSIBBLY THE GREATEST inanimate team memeber yet second to Reid paper clip. STICK I found her/him in the forest while shooting hope. It was a nice balance I will have cm _setreport post STICK adventure.

3secondsofandersonwasnotenough: Kirsten, first off you were wonderful in last nights episode and I was wondering what you like the most about your character?

KV: Thank you. Again. Blushing. I just love her. I love that she’s so confident and shes like a big open hearted weirdo and i love that she’s SO different from me but we are like next door pals.

cmlover7891: Kirsten, you make this show so enjoyable to watch. How do YOU feel about inter-team romances? Particularly, Morgan & Prentiss? They've been through SO MUCH together.

KV: If we wrote that story line then there would be much less slash fiction to be written about it and thats no fun is it? Also, I like to keep him all to myself.

Reidxmaps: Is Gaiman as awesome as I like to think he is?


Kate: heeey so great you´re here!!! i wanted to ask, outside the show.. how is the relationship between all of you? are you friends with paget and aj?

KV: If by friends you mean people I hug and share my dreams and fears and drink wine with and watch movies with and eat food with and giggle with then, yes, friends, yes. I love them. I them each.

Drewy: Hi Kirsten! Will we be seeing more of Kevin Lynch soon?

KV: Well I saw his name at the table read today so i think thats a huge yep

Msynergy: Kirsten! If you could snatch anything for your home from set what would it be? :D

KV: STICK. SHEMAR. THE PURPLE STEGASAURUS ON MY DESK. All the mini milky way midnights in the cady jars. all of them. I would build a fort of delicious chocolate candy and keep shemar hostage in it.

BubblegumFox: What was you most fun episode to shoot so far?

KV: Ok, i'm going to sound pollyanna but pretty much the one we are shooting at that time. i like to live in the now. thanks Eckhart Tolle. Penelope was pretty different and I had neat stuff... but I always have neat stuff... I love to do it that all. I just love doing the show.

IgubeYou: I really love your acting... what or who inspired you to become an actress?

KV: Hey. Thank you xoxox. I was really super shy and so i took acting to help and then i felt really happy when i was doing it and I love learning about it so i kinda poured myself into it. Its fun, its crazy fun and I'm SO HAPPY I get paid to do it.

DoctorSpence: Are you jealous of Matthew since he's in Japan? I know I am.

KV: Oh my God. I'm green. green green green. But he is pretty fantastic so he should be on wild adventures. But so should us all. You and I DoctorSpence will go there in our imaginations

Paula: How many pair of glasses does Garcia has and in which colors?

KV: I think she has 10 pairs? I have 1 pair. I borrow three of her pairs, but I have bought them all with my own money but I bought them for her.

ChocolateDivine: Who would win? Kevin Lynch or Xander Harris of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? (same actor)

KV: I think we all know the answer to that question. (whispers) xander.

teamgarciasshoes: When you're shooting scenes in Garcia's office, who reads the other team members' dialogue?

KV: Rarely an actor reads them usually a crew member. Yes, its weird and funny.

Nuria: What is your favorite beginning or ending phrase?span>

KV: Rainmaker.....

Brockely: If you could do a guest stint on any other show, where would you go?

KV: 30 Rock. Or Fringe. Or 30 Rock. Or 30 Rock.

BubblegumFox: Does the show ever 'seep' into your everyday life?... like do you find yourself double checking locked doors because of some of the stuff you see or thinking your're able to hack into anything like your character?

KV: I sometimes think I can hack things.I can hack things. Bread. Cheese. Seitan. And no I dont let the creepy seep in. Don't let it do that to you either. xo

Paget_Prentiss: I think half the world what like to know this. DOES MATTHEW HAVE A GIRLFRIEND? I GOT TO BED EVERY NIGHT ASKING MYSELF THIS?

KV: Yes he does and its you.

Ali_B: If you weren't an actress, what do you think you would do instead?

KV: I would be a DJ or a person who writes plays and performs them on stage... oh wait...

oceanblue78: Hi Kirsten, thank you for doing this chat for the fans. I was wondering how you guys manage to fit other projects like Pretty and Theatre of Note productions in your busy CM shooting schedule?

KV: I make time. I think thats what has to happen. As much as I love my cm job and I do so much-- I am a creator I love creating stuff so I find my days off and hours off and I plug it in there. Kill Me Deadly is like my heart right now and Pretty the Series is SO MUCH FUN, and I am writing a play that premeires next year and i think doing all of those things makes me better at my job. This is a side note: Paget just texted me: MORE GARCIA MORE GARCIA-- See, I told you we are friends

Jasper: If CM ever did a musical episode (shh just pretend), what song would you like for Garcia's big number?

KV: La Vie Boheme and then The Lusty Month of May.

Cheleg: Kirsten, last night's episode gave us lots of little fan cookies and backstory tidbits. Do you love seeing those in the script as much as we love seeing it on screen?

KV: Oh my gosh. Yes.

swon: From all the cast and crew's tweets it looks like you guys have an amazing time on set. Who's the one to usually goof up their lines/have the biggest pottymouth?

KV: Paget, Thomas tie.

BubblegumFox: Are you willing to share any details on the upcoming episodes? Please.

KV: Morgan in a towel. BAM.

SophieFCrowther: If you could have one super power what would it be and why?

KV: To be able to create my own reality. But I think I DO HAVE THAT POWER. My power would be to remember that cos I forget that I can.

Emi9626: What do you guys do when your waiting to film

KV: I have phases, I read, talk with the gang, play wwf, knit, nap, watch movies, listen to things.

Cat: if you could write an episode how would it go?

KV: Pandas! and we solve the whole distribution of wealth thing! and then a fashion show! and Kittens! This is why I dont write for this show.

zimmer483: Hi Kristen :D ! I wanna to ask u what is your real hair color ? lol u wear so many different hair colors for Garcia, that i need to know haha

KV: Lets see-- My hair went silver when I was 17, so i have a HUGE streak of white and then its kinda red brown. No really my natural color is violet green.

Mike.Gaga: Have you become better with computers, having played Garcia all these years? Do you actually know how to code, etc?

KV: No however I have sex with someone who knows how to code and thats pretty good. I'm ok with computers. Better than the average bear but I'm no Garcia.

criminal1mind: What is your favorite color?

KV: black:)

breram18: Does Thomas act like his does during the show off set or is he really fun to be around?

KV: He’s very charming and effusively funny, very different.

issybellaw: So Paget just texted you.... you wouldnt give us her number? ;)

KV: 555-no.

Cat: What is your favourite pen that has been sent in so far?

KV: I love them all. I DO!

livern: Has anyone in the cast ever went on a date or hooked up?

KV: This is really bad that I am telling you but YES we all have a polyamorous relationshipand its going really really good. Wow. I feel so much better now that the truth is out.

gchan_s2: Okay, this question is gonna sound so retarded.. but, what does Shemar smell like? I mean, a sexy guy like him I`m sure smells sexy! LOL! You know, all sexy guys smell great w/ their cologne`s or what not :P.

KV: Like the forest and dreams.

GublerGirl: Are you a Potterhead or a Twihard?

KV: Potter. But I like the Twi.

Ali_B: What is your favorite word?

KV: Kiosk or refluctant.

catherine: What is your best memory from the show?

KV: Meeting Shemar.

catherine: Being a huge fan the girls of the CM, can you tell us a fact about them (AJ and Paget) that we wouldn't expect?

KV: Hmmm AJ is almost always dancing and Paget hates xmas music.

rubin145: What was your first paid job as an actress

KV: I was a head on a table covered with fruit and I talked to the guest at a party. it was kinda gross. I made 50 bucks for 4 hours.

livern: What is one thing you could change about Garcia if you could?

KV: I just learned that she doesn't drink wine. That made me sad.

alicemalice: If you could be one of the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, which colour Power Ranger would you be?

KV: Pink.

isabuttabelle: Do you like the show Doctor Who?

KV: WHO DOESNT LIKE IT? Remind me to be mad at them.

BrielleJMBaker: If you could pick any animal to be a domesticated pet, what would it be?

KV: A skunk.

BrielleJMBaker: Did you know fruit flies don't really like vegetables?

KV: Yes. Now.

Cat: Coke or pepsi?

KV: Izze berry flavored.

Cat: Garcia's turn! Coke or Pepsi?

KV: Uhhh Pepsi.

rubin145: What is your favorite knock knock joke.

KV: Interrupting cow.

Cat: What's your favourite musical?

KV: I like a lot... Little shop of horrors.

a-dilemma: What is your favorite flavor of toothpaste?

KV: Go smile lemonade.. its pricey but they have it at sephora and I spluge on it. I’m kinda a dental hygeine freak. Also, I am not so good with spelling zI -- like transpose i and e a lot.

alicemalice: If you had to pick a stage name, what would yours be?


Dejautrime: If the BAU team were all animals, who would be what (does that make sense?)?


srqcmgirl: What's your favorite pick up line?

KV: Hey, I like you. Lets go make out

Sydney: Mac or PC?

KV: Whatever gets you to God, go there.

IgubeYou: Have you learned something from Garcia that has changed you in someway?

KV: Yes, that its good to accept yourself. That confidence will take you far and its a great thing to develop. That it is possible to love everyone.

Cat: What do you see in kevins and garcais future?

KV: I think that its hard to know...I dont know.. hear tell that its coming up. Thank you everyone for hanging out so so much. This is always so fun. I wish you all a night of discovered dreams. Much lovexoxox Kirsten signing off.