Friday, November 18, 2011

CM_SetReport Chat Transcript for Kirsten Vangsness 11/17/2011

KV: I’m here! I’m here! Ask stuff!

jobelle: Last night’s episode was so tragically beautiful! Kirsten, you always look so gorgeous, how much influence do you have on Garcia's wardrobe/makeup?

KV: First, I thank thee. And I blush. Secondly, I have about one percent of input I actually try to not have input anfd let the glam squad do their thang I think it makes it cooler.

Brockely: Kirsten, do you ever get a little weirded out that all the Garcia episodes seem to be the really really creepy ones?


oceanblue78: Hi Kirsten, thank you for doing this chat for the fans. I was wondering how you guys manage to fit other projects like Pretty and Theather of Note productions in your busy CM shooting schedule?

KV: Yes I am saying yes I find it weird she’s like the whipping girl of creepy poor Garcie.

Swon: Kirsten, great episode last night! Loved seeing Garcia out and about...what's this story about a stick that you brought back with you?

KV: Its the newset member of the team POSIBBLY THE GREATEST inanimate team memeber yet second to Reid paper clip. STICK I found her/him in the forest while shooting hope. It was a nice balance I will have cm _setreport post STICK adventure.

3secondsofandersonwasnotenough: Kirsten, first off you were wonderful in last nights episode and I was wondering what you like the most about your character?

KV: Thank you. Again. Blushing. I just love her. I love that she’s so confident and shes like a big open hearted weirdo and i love that she’s SO different from me but we are like next door pals.

cmlover7891: Kirsten, you make this show so enjoyable to watch. How do YOU feel about inter-team romances? Particularly, Morgan & Prentiss? They've been through SO MUCH together.

KV: If we wrote that story line then there would be much less slash fiction to be written about it and thats no fun is it? Also, I like to keep him all to myself.

Reidxmaps: Is Gaiman as awesome as I like to think he is?


Kate: heeey so great you´re here!!! i wanted to ask, outside the show.. how is the relationship between all of you? are you friends with paget and aj?

KV: If by friends you mean people I hug and share my dreams and fears and drink wine with and watch movies with and eat food with and giggle with then, yes, friends, yes. I love them. I them each.

Drewy: Hi Kirsten! Will we be seeing more of Kevin Lynch soon?

KV: Well I saw his name at the table read today so i think thats a huge yep

Msynergy: Kirsten! If you could snatch anything for your home from set what would it be? :D

KV: STICK. SHEMAR. THE PURPLE STEGASAURUS ON MY DESK. All the mini milky way midnights in the cady jars. all of them. I would build a fort of delicious chocolate candy and keep shemar hostage in it.

BubblegumFox: What was you most fun episode to shoot so far?

KV: Ok, i'm going to sound pollyanna but pretty much the one we are shooting at that time. i like to live in the now. thanks Eckhart Tolle. Penelope was pretty different and I had neat stuff... but I always have neat stuff... I love to do it that all. I just love doing the show.

IgubeYou: I really love your acting... what or who inspired you to become an actress?

KV: Hey. Thank you xoxox. I was really super shy and so i took acting to help and then i felt really happy when i was doing it and I love learning about it so i kinda poured myself into it. Its fun, its crazy fun and I'm SO HAPPY I get paid to do it.

DoctorSpence: Are you jealous of Matthew since he's in Japan? I know I am.

KV: Oh my God. I'm green. green green green. But he is pretty fantastic so he should be on wild adventures. But so should us all. You and I DoctorSpence will go there in our imaginations

Paula: How many pair of glasses does Garcia has and in which colors?

KV: I think she has 10 pairs? I have 1 pair. I borrow three of her pairs, but I have bought them all with my own money but I bought them for her.

ChocolateDivine: Who would win? Kevin Lynch or Xander Harris of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? (same actor)

KV: I think we all know the answer to that question. (whispers) xander.

teamgarciasshoes: When you're shooting scenes in Garcia's office, who reads the other team members' dialogue?

KV: Rarely an actor reads them usually a crew member. Yes, its weird and funny.

Nuria: What is your favorite beginning or ending phrase?span>

KV: Rainmaker.....

Brockely: If you could do a guest stint on any other show, where would you go?

KV: 30 Rock. Or Fringe. Or 30 Rock. Or 30 Rock.

BubblegumFox: Does the show ever 'seep' into your everyday life?... like do you find yourself double checking locked doors because of some of the stuff you see or thinking your're able to hack into anything like your character?

KV: I sometimes think I can hack things.I can hack things. Bread. Cheese. Seitan. And no I dont let the creepy seep in. Don't let it do that to you either. xo

Paget_Prentiss: I think half the world what like to know this. DOES MATTHEW HAVE A GIRLFRIEND? I GOT TO BED EVERY NIGHT ASKING MYSELF THIS?

KV: Yes he does and its you.

Ali_B: If you weren't an actress, what do you think you would do instead?

KV: I would be a DJ or a person who writes plays and performs them on stage... oh wait...

oceanblue78: Hi Kirsten, thank you for doing this chat for the fans. I was wondering how you guys manage to fit other projects like Pretty and Theatre of Note productions in your busy CM shooting schedule?

KV: I make time. I think thats what has to happen. As much as I love my cm job and I do so much-- I am a creator I love creating stuff so I find my days off and hours off and I plug it in there. Kill Me Deadly is like my heart right now and Pretty the Series is SO MUCH FUN, and I am writing a play that premeires next year and i think doing all of those things makes me better at my job. This is a side note: Paget just texted me: MORE GARCIA MORE GARCIA-- See, I told you we are friends

Jasper: If CM ever did a musical episode (shh just pretend), what song would you like for Garcia's big number?

KV: La Vie Boheme and then The Lusty Month of May.

Cheleg: Kirsten, last night's episode gave us lots of little fan cookies and backstory tidbits. Do you love seeing those in the script as much as we love seeing it on screen?

KV: Oh my gosh. Yes.

swon: From all the cast and crew's tweets it looks like you guys have an amazing time on set. Who's the one to usually goof up their lines/have the biggest pottymouth?

KV: Paget, Thomas tie.

BubblegumFox: Are you willing to share any details on the upcoming episodes? Please.

KV: Morgan in a towel. BAM.

SophieFCrowther: If you could have one super power what would it be and why?

KV: To be able to create my own reality. But I think I DO HAVE THAT POWER. My power would be to remember that cos I forget that I can.

Emi9626: What do you guys do when your waiting to film

KV: I have phases, I read, talk with the gang, play wwf, knit, nap, watch movies, listen to things.

Cat: if you could write an episode how would it go?

KV: Pandas! and we solve the whole distribution of wealth thing! and then a fashion show! and Kittens! This is why I dont write for this show.

zimmer483: Hi Kristen :D ! I wanna to ask u what is your real hair color ? lol u wear so many different hair colors for Garcia, that i need to know haha

KV: Lets see-- My hair went silver when I was 17, so i have a HUGE streak of white and then its kinda red brown. No really my natural color is violet green.

Mike.Gaga: Have you become better with computers, having played Garcia all these years? Do you actually know how to code, etc?

KV: No however I have sex with someone who knows how to code and thats pretty good. I'm ok with computers. Better than the average bear but I'm no Garcia.

criminal1mind: What is your favorite color?

KV: black:)

breram18: Does Thomas act like his does during the show off set or is he really fun to be around?

KV: He’s very charming and effusively funny, very different.

issybellaw: So Paget just texted you.... you wouldnt give us her number? ;)

KV: 555-no.

Cat: What is your favourite pen that has been sent in so far?

KV: I love them all. I DO!

livern: Has anyone in the cast ever went on a date or hooked up?

KV: This is really bad that I am telling you but YES we all have a polyamorous relationshipand its going really really good. Wow. I feel so much better now that the truth is out.

gchan_s2: Okay, this question is gonna sound so retarded.. but, what does Shemar smell like? I mean, a sexy guy like him I`m sure smells sexy! LOL! You know, all sexy guys smell great w/ their cologne`s or what not :P.

KV: Like the forest and dreams.

GublerGirl: Are you a Potterhead or a Twihard?

KV: Potter. But I like the Twi.

Ali_B: What is your favorite word?

KV: Kiosk or refluctant.

catherine: What is your best memory from the show?

KV: Meeting Shemar.

catherine: Being a huge fan the girls of the CM, can you tell us a fact about them (AJ and Paget) that we wouldn't expect?

KV: Hmmm AJ is almost always dancing and Paget hates xmas music.

rubin145: What was your first paid job as an actress

KV: I was a head on a table covered with fruit and I talked to the guest at a party. it was kinda gross. I made 50 bucks for 4 hours.

livern: What is one thing you could change about Garcia if you could?

KV: I just learned that she doesn't drink wine. That made me sad.

alicemalice: If you could be one of the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, which colour Power Ranger would you be?

KV: Pink.

isabuttabelle: Do you like the show Doctor Who?

KV: WHO DOESNT LIKE IT? Remind me to be mad at them.

BrielleJMBaker: If you could pick any animal to be a domesticated pet, what would it be?

KV: A skunk.

BrielleJMBaker: Did you know fruit flies don't really like vegetables?

KV: Yes. Now.

Cat: Coke or pepsi?

KV: Izze berry flavored.

Cat: Garcia's turn! Coke or Pepsi?

KV: Uhhh Pepsi.

rubin145: What is your favorite knock knock joke.

KV: Interrupting cow.

Cat: What's your favourite musical?

KV: I like a lot... Little shop of horrors.

a-dilemma: What is your favorite flavor of toothpaste?

KV: Go smile lemonade.. its pricey but they have it at sephora and I spluge on it. I’m kinda a dental hygeine freak. Also, I am not so good with spelling zI -- like transpose i and e a lot.

alicemalice: If you had to pick a stage name, what would yours be?


Dejautrime: If the BAU team were all animals, who would be what (does that make sense?)?


srqcmgirl: What's your favorite pick up line?

KV: Hey, I like you. Lets go make out

Sydney: Mac or PC?

KV: Whatever gets you to God, go there.

IgubeYou: Have you learned something from Garcia that has changed you in someway?

KV: Yes, that its good to accept yourself. That confidence will take you far and its a great thing to develop. That it is possible to love everyone.

Cat: What do you see in kevins and garcais future?

KV: I think that its hard to know...I dont know.. hear tell that its coming up. Thank you everyone for hanging out so so much. This is always so fun. I wish you all a night of discovered dreams. Much lovexoxox Kirsten signing off.


  1. Thank you for this great chat. I can't be there because of jet lag but I love you Kirsten.
    Kirsten, I wanted to say a big thank you to use the pens fans in CM. My children inspired me and helped me to make the one with the heart, rainbow and unicorn ... and even if they do not watch CM, whenever I show them a picture of yourself with the pen they are very happy and proud. Big kisses from France

  2. Great chat KV... you're a doll :) Thanks so much for sharing. And love that Paget text you during it.... MORE GARICA!!!!
    But... Garcia has Kevin... Morgan needs some loving too... Emily and him are puuuuuuurfect

  3. Thanks for posting this, set report gurus... I couldn't participate due to church choir practice and especially crushing for me since it was KV.


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