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Chat Transcript w Shemar Moore 4-23-12

SM: Wazzup CM fans! It's Shemar MF Moore in the buidling, and it's the end of the year and I just want to reach out and talk a lil mess with you.

laurenreynoldsisdead: Hey Shemar! Are you ever going to get twitter? 

SM: I never said never. When I first got in the game, there was no such thing as Twitter. I'm still a two finger typer, so outside Photoshop and my e-mail, I don't do the Twitterverse. But I've got some surprises in the form of a clothing line and a new movie that I'm about to shoot. So sooner than you think, you will see the real Shemar Moore on Twitter and Facebook. 

emilyy: Hey Shemar! :) How was the last day of filming?

SM: Today was a great way to put an exclamation on probably one of the best seasons we've had as a family of Criminal Minds. It starts at the top and I give a lot of credit to Erica MEsser. We just finished a pretty cool 2 hour finale for you guys. And here at home, we celebrated each other with a goofy fun hilarious talent show and Goobie awards. 

jenni93: what's been the hardest scene to film, emotionally? Huge fan of the show, love you guys :D

SM: The most embarrasing scene I've ever shot on Criminal Minds was coming out of Garcia's shower in her towel with the beads behind me, and being sprayed every five seconds with REALLY F'ING cold water. The most emotional scene that I had to do was my confrontation with Carl Bueford in season two in Profiler, Profiled. Because that was a huge secret that had to be devulged by Derek for justice to be served. I think the 100th episode was not largely emotional for me or Derek, but it was I think the most powerful tear jerker of a show in it's history. Most recently, the most challenging and emotional arch that I've gotten to portray was in The Company. I was really proud that Breen Frazier wrote such an emotional story, and Jim Clemente had a lot of influence on. 

Heidi: Where did you come up with the version of "Happy Birthday" that Morgan's family sings?

SM: It's a Stevie Wonder song. Even though I'm half black and half white, I had to add a lil flavor to the scene!

Jessi_V: When you were on Ellen the last time you mentioned that Royalty Soul would be out in the next six months or so. How is that coming and what can we look forward to seeing?

SM: Thanks for watching Ellen! And watching me be a goofball. I don't think I got any more dance moves left. But yes, I got to mention a clothing line that I've been working on for a couple of years, and I'm very excited because the plan is to premiere the clothing line this summer or no later than this fall, so maybe you'll get to have some Royalty Soul under your xmas tree!!

TeamDerekMorgan: Hey Shemar, big fan from the UK here! I love how you portray Morgan, I feel so emotionally connected to him. Do you feel there are any similarities between Morgan and yourself?

SM: I feel like there's always some similiarities between an actor and the character they play, obviously physically. Even though you may alter your appearnce to fit the character. As far as Derek's chracter, compared to Shemar's character. Derek is more well read, book smart than Shemar. But I think Shemar and Derek are very similiarly LIFE smart, life smart and STREET smart. Derek could kick Shemar's ass. But don't get it twisted, back Shemar into a corner, you'll have a fight on your hands. But Shemar doesn't like to fight. Derek, if pushed, is looking for a fight. The vulnerability that Garcia's able to bring out, and some that you saw in profiler Profiled, or any of the episodes where his family was threatened, is a part of me that I've been able to tap, thanks to the craft of acting. What I mean is, acting for me is very theraputic, because it forces me and allows me to dig down deep and expose myself. When it comes to being emotional, I'm not really good at faking it. So if you see a hint of tears or a quiver, THAT'S real. I can fake the tough guy stuff, and I can fake the charm stuff. But when it's real. If it touches your heartstrings, it's because it touches me too. Shemar definitely has a lot more FUN than Derek Morgan!

LornaD: If you were to play an unsub, what type would you play?

SM: Out of the UNSUB's that you guys have seen in the tyears on CM, one of the coolest and most dangerous UNSUB's was Ian Doyle. And I'm not going to lie, as cool as you guys might think we are because we are the heroes, I actually believe that the most challenging and interesting roles to play on our show are that of the UNSUB's and the victims. This show is ABOUT the Unsubs, it's not about US. You get to know us, but every week you tune in to meet and understand the UNSUB of the week. Believe it or not, being the good guy is cool, but getting to play the bad guy is a lot more fun for an actor because there's a lot more room to play. So here's a shameless plug....this summer I'm going to be shooting a movie with Megan Good where I get to play what looks like a charming very successful cocky football player who's got a swag like Kobe Bryant, LebRon or David Beckham, but he's got a dark side like Denzel in Training Day. So for me, this will be my first opportunity in my career to be the character people hate. The name of the movie is RELENTLESS, and it's a thriller, basically think of FATAL ATTRACTION meets OBSESSED with Beyonce.

FluffyJJ: Hey Shemar! If you did not get into acting which career path would you choose?

SM: My original dream from the age of 6.5 on up, was to be a professional baseball player. My uncle played semipro baseball in MA where my brother's from. And he put me on my first little league team. And for the first year, I sucked. I was the kid they put in right field and like the bad news bears, I would basically spin around in circles, trying to catch a fly ball, and it would either hit me on the head or drop right in front of me. But God or just me being hard headed, got me pretty good pretty quick. Eventually I ended up going to Santa Clara University in No Cal on a baseball scholarship. I was a communication major and a theatre arts minor, and that's where I got bit by the acting bug. Even though I got drafted out of HS by Boston in Baltimore, I simply didn't make the cut at the end of my college career, so I took my new found curiosity in acting and mixed that with modeling and commercials. After I graduated college, I lived in Ny for almost two years, and just husslin’ the streets trying to get gigs for modeling and commercials ultimately landed me an audition with Young and the Restless in 1994 and that show was my claim to fame. And without it, I wouldn't have the 18-year career I've been blessed to have.

TnTTwins: Are there any plans for Morgan to have a love interest in the next season?

SM: I really wish Morgan could get laid! Like I said, Shemar has a LOOOOOTTTT more fun than Derek Morgan.

FluffyJJ: Besides Derek Morgan, what has been your favorite role? 

SM: As far as movies, I had a lot of fun making the movie THE BROTHERS, lots of women and especially older ladies liked my character in DIARY OF A MAD BLACK woman, because I just said all the right things. And I too thought it was a very sweet movie. I joke around and call it the black version of THE NOTEBOOK. But as far as my favorite character I honestly have to say MALCOLM WINTERS from Young and the Restless will always hold a place in my heart because it's where I found myself as an actor, and as weird as it might sound, I grew and learned more about myself as an individual and as a man and what I was capable of. 

TerilynMooregan: Hey Shamboogie! Any fun behind the scenes stories you can share with us? :D

SM: I threw a really fun wrap party for the cast and crew, where I gave WAY too long of a speech and used a lot of four letter words, but I kept everybody laughing. There was a lot of DRINKIN, FLIRTIN, and SHENANIGANS going on. And today, I'm very proud to have made a COMPLETE ass out of myself, and after what felt like 16 tries, I wore some GOOFY ZEBRA print tights, and went back to my Circus of the Stars days of 1994, and when everybody least expected it, I finally made it 30 feet across a wire without falling on my butt! 

criminalmusings: What will you miss most about Paget?

SM: I won't miss her Tweeting as me and getting me in all kinds of trouble! Just kidding. I actually have a lot of fun listening to the crazy YO YO YO blurbs she comes up with. She's a phenomenal actress who has so much depth and so much range. You can't compare her to anybody as an actress, and especially not as a person. She's a little quirky, very smart, extremely sexy and she truly is a team player. I'll miss her energy a lot. And I'll just FLAT OUT miss her. 

Rachel: Hypothetical dance off between you, Ellen, and Matthew: who would win? 

SM: Well the last time Matthew tried to dance, he blew out his knee and was on crutches for an entire season. Ellen dances EVERY day on her show. I've got probably six phenomenal moves, but after that, I'm a two-step king. Sooo...basically, Ellen would KICK our ASSES!

ohmyhotch: AJ loves bacon, what is your favorite food?

SM: I have a WIDE range of GOT-TO-HAVE-IT food. I like #19 at Roscoe's, chicken and waffles. I love really good Chinese food. A GREAT steak and mashed potatoes. Maybe a little macaroni and cheese. I love Mexican burritos. But I got a SERIOUS sweet tooth. I like Ben and Jerry's ice cream, with some chips ahoy to dip into. And I'm a sucker for peanut M&Ms and RED VINES (NOT TWIZZLERS....YUCK!!) Red Vines are the business!

BethM1992: Anything you can give away about the finale?? :P

SM: People WILL die. Things will explode. I'll say BABY GIRL at least TWICE. I'll probably KICk down a door or two. I'll raise my eyebrows once or twice before the commercials. I might get in a fight and look like I'm gonna lose, but it's in my contract that I always get the upper hand! There will be an ending that we have NEVER had in all seven seasons. Other than that, stop being GREEDY, watch the show and pay attention to how PHENOMENAL I am, and I promise to be even better than that in season eight. 

corrigan08: Who makes you laugh most on set?

SM: I will say the actors are pretty funny, believe it or not, Thomas is the joke teller of the group. Matthew's just ODD, quirky, goofy and funny all the time. Even when he's not trying to be! Joe, says some of the craziest things that you wouldn't expect Joe to say, which keeps me laughin. Paget's just a goofball too, especially when she's Twittering Yo yo you and trying to be me. My baby girl is just my baby girl and we ALWAYS laugh togethert. And AJ will just come out of left field, out of the blue, and say something sarcastic and she seems to do it more frequently during the jet scenes and have us all laughin. But I will also say I hang out with the crew a lot and it's nothing but pranks and a gang of jokes.

LornaD: If you could assign 'family roles' to the team e.g. MGG is a little brother, who would be who?

SM: I would say Derek sees himself as the big brother who won't let anybody bully his family.

Daisy: What do you think of us fans? 

SM: I can chase my dreams all I want to. And I'm very proud of all that I've accomplished. A lot of people when I was growing up told me that I couldn't do this or that. I didn't have what it took. As selfish as chasing a dream can seem, we all have the right to chase dreams. And it's a very lonely feeling to chase a dream and not feel supported by friends or family. No matter what you do or how successful you become in any field, you can't please everybody, you will have fans, supporters, you will experience jealousy from others and what I call haters. Ironically enough, I've learned that the more haters that I have, the more confident I become because I interpret that as I'm doing something right. And it pushes me to work even harder and strive even further. What I'm getting at is all of that means NOTHING without you guys the fans, who appreciate and support and root for people like myself. The best thing for me about acting is not the trophies and the accolades, the parties and the girls and the money, etc. Don't get me wrong, those things are all cool. And fun perks of the business. But being told by a fan that something about what I do and the way that I do it inspires them, moves them is the best complement I could EVER get. So in short, there is no Shemar Moore the actor without you guys the fans. And I TRULY, humbly, appreciate the way you guys have gotten behind me and rooted for me. 

Hannah_CM: Would you ever like to see Morgan settle down? We've seen that he loves children, so would he not like to have his own one day?

SM: I would like to see Derek Morgan and Shemar Moore SETTLE down, cuz I'm gettin tired of my mother asking me for grand babies. I'm not going to lie, I've been single for a while. And I DO love the ladies. But at some point I sooner than later, I am excited about living a life as a husband and a daddy. I'm only an adult because I have to be, when I have to be. The rest of the time, I'm just a big ass kid. And my number 1 priority in life outside of looking out for my friends and family is just to have a WHOLE bunch of fun. But I learned a long time ago from my grandmother that I can't go forcing it. She always told me, to just live my life and as long as I desire it in my heart, when I'm ready, "she" will show up out of the blue and bite me on the tush. SO...I'm staying true to grandma, I've got some junk in my trunk, so whoever "she" is, has a nice big target to sink her teeth into!!! 

Hannah_CM: Nice photo of you at the talent show ;) what hidden talents do everyone else have?

SM: My baby girl got up and sang about her vagina being eight miles wide. I'll let you figure that one out for yourself. But it wasn't AS naughty as it sounds, it was incredibly FUNNY. And only Kirsten can get away with something like that, and have that whole room fallin gout of their chairs. The biggest surprise of the talent show, was Matthew Gray Gubler's standin, his name is Steve and I think in seven seasons I have heard him say maybe nine words. He seriously is the quietest dude on set. But he got up in front of everybody with no fear and proceeded to beat box in a way NOBODY saw coming. And I think it stole the show for the day.

swon: Shemar, if you could have any guest star on CM, who would it be?

SM: I thought I was going to have that chance to work with Jeffrey Wright this season and I was SO excited that I lost sleep over it. Because he truly is in my opinion one of the best actors out who really is a chameleon in any work that he does. Meaning that he disappears into any character that he portrays. Whether it's on this show or my future movie career that I'm hoping flourishes, I'd love to work with the likes of Denzel, Clive Owen, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman. Then let's talk about chicks. Charlize Theron, Paula Patton, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston, Zoe Saldana. I'm not sure if I just want to act with them or if it's because I sorta kinda maybe have a crush on ALL of them.

pm3900: Hi Shemar! Who was your role model growing up and who are your favorite sport teams?

SM: My favorite sports teams are the Boston Red Sox for baseball, I'd have to say the San Fran 49ers for football, because I was Bill Walsh's paper boy when I was in high school. Basketball, I was just a huge Michael Jordan fan, I didn't care what team he played for, I would have just followed him around. And I love watching Usain Bolt run down the track. My role model, first and foremost was my mother, followed by my high school baseball coach who really taught me how to be my own man. I'm about to get a HUGE tattoo on my back with some of my life and historical leaders that I think have not only molded the way that I see life, but hopefully many of us and not just black folks, but all folks. This hiatus I'm getting a tattoo that says carpe diem which means seize the day and incorporated in the letters will be portraits of Malcolm X, Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr.

swon: What would you tweet if you tweeting as Paget? :P 

SM: So there’s no way for me to tweet as Paget, because she is just an odd and lovable and one of a kind individual. But the funniest tweet that she ever come up with that she just couldn't bring herself to share herself with you guys, as me, goes a little something like this "yo yo yo, Shemar here. After I take a dump, I look down between my legs and I say 'that's right, get OUT and STAY OUT!'" Alright guys, on that note, I'm going to go enjoy my hiatus and continuing to celebrate my birthday. Shoot a little movie called RELENTLESS that you guys'll get to check out next year. But I wanted to sit and rap with you guys because 1 I knew it was long overdue, but most importantly I want you guys to realize how much I appreciate your loyalty, your enthusiasm and your support. I'm just a guy who's chasin the dream, and just know whoever you are wherever you are, not all dreams come true, but you don't know unless you try. It's one thing to create a dream, it's a whole nother thing to get up everyday and chase it, and I promise you, if you stay positive about yourself, and keep walking into your fears, and taking risks, the result might not be what you thought it was supposed to be, but something great will happen for you. In the mean time, look at yourself in the mirror everyday and say "damn, today's gonna be a good day!" and then go outside and just make it happen. Nothin but love to you guys. Peace and chicken grease! I'm out!

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CM_SetReport Chat w/Shemar Moore aka Derek Morgan

Please click on the above 'chat now' button/link to join the chat with Shemar Moore. Make sure java is up to date on your computer. The room is open now. Please follow us on twitter (@CM_Setreport) or check back here for the most up to date information. As of right now, the chat is scheduled for 5PM PST. This is subject to change due to production needs.

Room password for tonight is: morgan

CM_SetReport Chat with Shemar Moore

Join #ShemarMoore in the @CM_SetReport chat room TODAY after the Goobie Awards!(Approx 3:30/4 pm PST) #CriminalMinds

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CM_SetReport Chat with A.J. Cook

AJ(P): Word up peeps! AJ's in the hizzle.

Hi AJ can you give some advice on how to get started as an actress in Ontario. How did you do it?

AJ(P): I would say get involved in whatever is going on locally in theatre, TV, movies and start there. And then work on finding an agent and all that stuff. But get involved.

Katelynroxursox(C): Hi AJ! I'm a huge fan of you and the BAU girls. What's one thing you can tell us about Paget, Kirsten and yourself that we wouldn't expect?

AJ(P): That we can have a wicked sense of humor. A little irreverent.

born2bBAU(C): What do you think changed the most about JJ, this season?

AJ(P): Her physical abilities. Her ability to be the superhero. Her physicality.

TodaysMadness(C): Hey AJ, I have a question that isn't Criminal Minds related...you did the movie, Bringing Ashley Home. Did you ever get involved with Outpost for Hope after you finished filming it?

AJ(P): I'm a big advocate for Outpost for Hope.

allyse(C): Do we get any Will/JJ lovin at all? They haven't kissed since Lo-Fi!!!!

AJ(P): Be patient, friends.

FluffyJJ(C): What is it like for you when your son is on set?

AJ(P): It's a lot of things. It's very entertaining. The crew seems to thinks he has more swagger than most fully grown men.

Saeki(C): Hi AJ! thanks for putting up with us after a busy day. Here's my question: Paget said she wanted to play a french slappin' dominatrix for an unsub, what kind of unsub would you like to play? (thanks again and greetings from Argentina!)

AJ(P): I would like to play someone like the UnSub in the finale. She's just cold hearted, sort of like a dominatrix.

Marbs84(C): Did you and Paget have fun doing that secene in the interrogation room with Malcolm as much as JJ and Emily did? Did you have to do alot of takes?

AJ(P): No we didn't have to do a lot of takes. It just was one o fthose scenes that kind of worked. And we had a BLAST doing it. It's always fun being bossy to a man who doesn't want to be bossed around by a woman!

MattyBangBang(C): Are you going to marry Will or Spencer?

AJ(P): Don't make me choose!

emilyy(C): Hey AJ! Do you miss anything about the old liason JJ?

AJ(P) : She'll always have a special place in my heart. But I think both she and I have matured. We're not so wide-eyed anymore about things.

Marbs84(C): Hi AJ! You're a Jets fan. What's your take on Tebow's acquisition? Personally, the Jets don't need a quarterback, they need a new coach. They need to get somebody like Jim Harbaugh.

AJ(P): I'm just confused.

bau-badasses(C): Do you like this change in JJ? Was it something you had been wanting to see and do?

AJ(P): I love the change in JJ. I think she's matured immensly and I have been a champion for change for quite some time.

SSA_BreAnna_CM(C): What do you like to do after a long day of shooting an episode?

AJ(P): I like to sit by my fire pit on the roof and listen to music.

dmenon101(C): Hey AJ, I was wondering when Least Among Saints is coming out?

AJ(P): I don't know yet. It's opening the GI Film Festival May 15 in Washington that Joe is the host of. Joe is going to be there introducing this movie I did.

Are you really moving to Romania to film WER?? When will you start to film? Make Sure you Post tons of pics and update us daily!!

AJ(P): I'm heading to Romania in a couple days to start this incredible film WER that I'm really excited about.

jareau(C): How do you feel about season 7 and how it played out ?

AJ(P): I feel like season seven was a really special season for a lot of reasons. I was very happy to be here for it!

weloveaj(C): Risky Business is my favorite episode. Thank you for portraying such sensitive subject matter so realistically and compellingly. How do you go about embracing such difficult subject matter and topics?

AJ(P): I was really nervous about that episode. It was really tough for me because it was such a sensitive subject. But it was also nice to dive in JJ's history.

FluffyJJ(C): What do you do to prepare for your role every day?

AJ(P): Oh, every day I got this whole thing where I do ten sit-ups and ten pushups and read a profiling book and.....I just memorize my lines and hope they come out properly!

AgentJareauFan(C): JJ totally kicked an UnSub's butt this season!! Was that a fun scene to learn and shoot?

AJ(P): Yeah! I love being physical and hopefully we get to see more of that because I had a blast doing it.

CMCrazies(C): What's been your fave episode of this season to film and why?

AJ(P): It's going to be the season finale, for so many reasons that I can't say because I don't want to spoil it for anybody, but just WATCH it.

SSA_BreAnna_CM(C): Hi, AJ. I absolutely love you! What inspired you to become an actress?

We didn't watch TV really growing up and we were just a really imaginative, creative family where we were always creating. And it was just in my blood to do that.

Genagizyo(C): What can you tell us about the season finale?

AJ(P): Just that it's GOOOOOOOD.....

LornaD(C): What do you believe happened on JJ and Reid's 'date' in Season 1?

AJ(P): Ohhhh...you're goin all old school on me! Apparently not much because nothing ever became of it, other than good friends.

corrigan08(C): what is it like taking directions from mathew?

AJ(P): Matthew in director mode is something everyone needs to see once in their lifetime. It's like he comes ALIVE. there's this like child quality about him. A child quality about him like Halloween where he's so excited. And it's refreshing and inspiring to see that.

prentissjareau(C) : Hey AJ :) UK fan here! Is there anything you've really wanted to do with JJ that you've never been able to?

AJ(P): Well I'm doing a pretty good job of making all those things happen this year. It's been fun. I guess what I've always been a little interested in is just more of her backstory, and we're slowly getting to see that.

swon(C): AJ, hi from Canada!! Did you get a say in whether JJ would also be pregnant when you were? Or did the writers decide it was easier than hiding it

AJ(P): CANADA! My people! YEAH!!!!! We all just figured it'd be easiest to not hide it, just because it's so obvious when you try to hide it. Now looking back, I kinda wish we did hide it.

LornaD(C): Do you have a favourite 'moment' or episode throughout all seven seasons of Criminal Minds?

AJ(P): One of my favorites has been JJ for obvious reasons and the finale is taking over that spot, I think, for me.

neverbeboredagain(C): Did any episode you shot ever make you cry or like really emotional? (Big fan bty the way :)

AJ(P): Yeah! Several scenes. It's sort of my job to let that happen in certain scenes. It's my therapy!!

Lisa(C): Best part of being Canadian?

AJ(P): Is BEING Canadian!!

FluffyJJ(C): Hotch has Wheels Up, what would JJ's theme song be?

AJ(P): The old JJ theme song would have been "Hotch, you're gonna want to see this." JJ 2.0 would be "Don't piss off mama bear!"

MattyBangBang(C): If Will wasn't around, and the choices were Hotch, Rossi, Reid, or Morgan - who would you want JJ to end up with, ultimately?

AJ(P): JJ loves all of her children EQUALLY.

ohmyhotch(C): What is your favorite thing to do when you aren't filming? You've posted a lot of pictures of you outdoors hiking and such.

AJ(P): I do love the great outdoors. I live at the beach, love the beach and I do love hiking with my family. It's one of our favorite pasttimes.

toloveandbelovedbyme(C): I love how even with all your success, you are still so down to Earth, in what ways do you think LA has changed you? (Whitby girls for life!)

AJ(P): LA's just made me HATE traffic. But word up Whitby girl!!!!

NaatsRdgz(C): In which way are JJ and AJ similar ?

AJ(P): I think we're both pretty nurturing, I guess. I feel like there's a little more of me put into JJ 2.0 with the whole physicality of her.

yienne(C): Do you think JJ should have an mortal enemy just like doyle-prentiss and reaper-hotch... if so, what kind of unsub would it be?

AJ(P): I think it would have to be an UnSub that messes with her family.

dmenon101(C): Hi, Aj, thanks for answering our questions!! How are you and do you ever miss Higher Ground?

AJ(P): Higher Ground was a great time. I'm still good friends with some of those people, in fact Meghan Ory who played Juliet is staying in my house right now!

laurenreynoldsisdead(C): If you could switch places with any of the male characters on the show, who would you choose and why? Greetings from Ontario!

AJ(P): I'd probably switch with Dr. Reid because I'd love to know what it feels like to be that nerdy and smart.

SSA_BreAnna_CM(C): Will there be another fight scene with JJ anytime soon? She kicked ass! :)

AJ(P): FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, my hip is seizing up as I sit here because I had to do a roundhouse kick to the head this morning!

CMCrazies(C): What's it like working with Josh Stewart?

AJ(P): Josh is LOVELY. And it's great to have him back here.

emilyy(C): Do you still have the fastest hands on the set? I'm thinking yes...

AJ(P): Again, FINALE!!!!!

weloveaj(C): Kirsten Vangsness has mentioned before that you liked to sing on set. Do you still? If so, what do you sing?

AJ(P): Lately it's been children's songs.

cheet0breath(C): Do you love bacon as much as Nate?

AJ(P): Bacon = LOVE

AJ(P): So YOU'RE cheet0breath!

Genagizyo(C): Did you sign up for season 8 yet?

AJ(P): Yeah! I'm signed on!

CMCrazies(C): What's the best part of your job?

AJ(P): Working with incredible people. And laughing EVERY day.

creideamh(C): if you could do a crossover ep with any show on tv, what show would you choose?

AJ(P): Homeland with Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin

prentissjareau(C): Would you ever consider doing plays on broadway/the west end?

AJ(P): Yeah! I'd love that. It's actually on my bucket list of things I'd love to do one day.

Genagizyo(C): How long does hair and makeup take?

AJ(P): As little time as possible!

Natalieee(C): You and Paget seem incredibly close, are you going to miss her?

AJ(P): Wait, where's she going?! I'm in denial.

Criminallymindless: AJ, we recently heard that we will be introduced to JJ's mother in an upcoming episode. Any spoilers you can share with us? (Please!)

AJ(P): Yes! She is actually named after my real mom, Sandy.
CMCrazies(C): Your too funny , ever thought of doing a comdey?

AJ(P): Yes I have done one called OUT COLD, but I would love to do one very soon in the future.

godofbaconcourtney(C): Do you have a funny blooper from Season 7 that you could share?

AJ(P): There's too many bloopers to name just one!

NaatsRdgz(C): Do you think that people with sight problems should be afraid of getting the surgery you had done ?

AJ(P): I think people should ask their doctors about it and find out if it's right for them. But it was one of the best things I've ever done.

tones089(C): Are there any qualities JJ has that you wish you could have in real life?

AJ(P): Yeah. Of course. She's just a really strong independent woman and I am a WEAK, NEEDY GIRL. My husband LOVES it

Natalieee(C): Did you ever wish for make-out scenes with Matthew Gray Gubler?

AJ(P): AJ(P): No, but I know YOU do.

ohmyhotch(C): Would you ever consider directing an episode? Or will you just leave that to Matthew?

AJ(P): I have always wanted to direct. Again, it's another thing that's on my bucket list, I'll get to it someday. 50 years done the road probably.

ohmyhotch(C): What is your favorite way to eat bacon?

AJ(P): Is there a bad way to eat bacon?!

swon(C): In the episode JJ, did you write your exit speech/end quote?

AJ(P): I didn't have to write it because everyone else was so onboard with what was happening. It all just came out the way it was supposed to.

criminallymindless(C): AJ, you used to be involved in competitive dance - do you still indulge yourself in dance here and there? Or has acting completely taken its place?

AJ(P): Jazz hands. I don't get to dance much these days. But I do love SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

Glitzy_Ash(C): Do you have an UnSub that you are petrified of?

AJ(P): I'm just really creeped out by any of the UnSub's dealing with children and harming children.

Sergiocushion(C): How many pairs of shoes do you think JJ has?

AJ(P): JJ has apparently one pair of boots. And that's it. Girl needs to take some time for herself and go shoe shopping.

swon(C): AJ, are there people who actually call you by your full name?

AJ(P): Yes, my mother!

criminal1mind(C): Is it hard to stay in character for so long?

AJ(P): No. Not really. I mean, it's my job. They pay me money to stay in character!

Bellivlle_Ontario(C): Is the AJ/JJ name thing confusing at times?
AJ(P): Not to me, but for EVERYONE else.

jareauss(C): What is the one think you look forward to when you go on-set?

AJ(P): Seeing my friends at work......and an endless supply of bacon.

Kennedi(C): If you could be shemar for a day what would you do?

AJ(P): I haven't actually been thinking about this the whole time...there was a delay in the room. I don't think I could HANDLE being Shemar for a day.

catherine(C): How would you describe each of your cast mates in one word?

AJ(P) Kirsten -- sparkly! Matthew – unique, Shemar – flossy, Paget -- My Hero, Thomas – techy, Joe -- old school.

as87464(C): Hi AJ! Greeting from Indonesia. My question, do you let your son watch CM episodes where he guest starred ?

AJ(P): I only let him see his scenes. And he calls mommy, superhero mom!
AJ(P): Thanks for all your questions! Watch the season finale!!!! They're calling me back to set, my day's not done yet.
AJ(P): xoxo AJ

AJ(P): Oh! And I saw ALL of your videos. My friend Kirsten is about to announce the winners, so check out CM_SetReport now!

CM_SetReport Chat Transcript for Executive Producer Erica Messer 04-19-12

Erica Messer: Hellllllloooo Everyone!

swon: If that's Erica in the chat room, in one sentence how would you describe this season of CM now that's it's almost over :(

EM: I'm glad you said one sentence and not one word!

jjisthebest: HELLO ERICA!

marissalynn: Hi Erica!

SSA_BreAnna_CM: Hi, Erica!!! :) ♥

EM: It's been a fun, fast, efficient, bittersweet season filled with wonderful surprises from our amazing characters and writers.

Marbs84: Will we find out in the next episode why Prentiss is leaving?

EM: We will... and that's the most bittersweet part of our year. We're all very supportive of Paget and that will come across on the screen as the team will be supportive of Prentiss. I can't say more or I'll get sad.

allyse: Erica, just wanted to say I've never been more excited for a season finale! Not since Buffy the Vampire Slayer! You guys are great.

EM: Thanks, Allyse!!! We're excited for you all to see it. It's for the fans, without a doubt. Thanks for letting me be the warm up act for AJ! She's in the middle of a scene right now... hang on tight!

jareau: Hi erica how is the season finale going !!!

EM: The finale is going amazingly well, thanks! You guys are in for a treat. The team at their finest!!!!

I_Heart_BadassJJ: What is it like to work with AJ?

EM: AJ has always been so lovely and it's been a lot of fun to write for her this season especially since she's back and better than ever.

Genagizyo: When will we find out who is getting married?

EM: On May 16th!!!

SmileyGidget: Did you guys have fun watching all of our crazy fan videos?! I hope they made you all laugh and you enjoyed watching them as much as we enjoyed making them! :)

EM: Those videos are FANtastic! The writers and actors voted but you're all winners in our book. Truly, truly impressive. Thanks for participating.

bau-badasses: Is the two hour season finale both episode 23 and 24 or is episode 24 2 hours long?

EM: Ep 23 is 9-10pm and 24 is 10-11pm... Rick wrote 23 & I wrote 24

LornaD: What's happening in the scene that AJ's in the middle of?

EM: It's the beginning of episode 24 and she's looking in a bank... hmmmm....

SSA-Prentiss: What are you most excited for the fans to see in the finale?

EM: I'm happy for you to see the characters in their down-time. The opening of 23 is ridiculously great and I hope the end of 24 has you smiling... and crying... and then smiling again.

Daisy: Hey, Its early - well late here almost 2.30am.But whats it like working with all the extras ect in the final episodes?

EM: it's been so much fun to have all of the familiar faces back to play again in these last two episodes. it's like a family reunion! that crazy cousin who makes you laugh... is nic brendan and the aunt who makes you nervous is strauss!

catherine: What's it like working with the kids in the show considering the show is so dark?

EM: We try to limit what they see and hear... they're usually not in the cast read thrus because they don't need to know all of the darkness we know about. On screen we work hard to protect them in the same way.

Tracey_Lane: Hi Erica, I am glad you are here. When will the final day of shooting be for season 7?

EM: Happy to be here. We wrap on 4/23 and everyone will get a nice break.

Sydney: What's the worst/best thing about your job?

EM: Hmmm. That's tough. The worst is managing time. Every night I think, dammit. I didn't return that email or that phone call. The best is seeing this show come alive and knowing that all of you like to come here and chat about the world we've all created. Watching our hard working crew get through a day is remarkable. They are the true heroes of this series.

Glitzy_Ash: What city does the team travel to in the finale

EM: We're close to home. Washington, D.C.

aj_cook_fan: Who has worked the longest on Criminal Minds?

EM: Thomas, Shemar, Matthew and Kirsten were on the pilot... it shot in Vancouver so most of our crew & the writers started on episode 2. Dunkle and I are the last of the writers office to say we survived all seven seasons so far. Also, Gigi Bannon was on the pilot. She's our post producer. And Mark Gordon, of course :)

Constantine: Do you know if Nic Brendan and Juliet Landau got to see each other? Like a little Buffy reuniuon?

EM: They didn't... weren't in any scenes together for MGG's ep.

JJHotchner: Will Jack and Henry meet in the finale?

EM: Happy to say they will! Although, they've met before so it'll be like old friends getting together :) Off-screen meeting, that is :)

Ella_Steele: What was it like Having Gubler as director from the producer stand point?

EM: MGG's a ridiculously great director and is so passionate about it, it's truly contagious. His episodes usually come when we're all exhausted and he brings a fresh energy to the cast & crew.

erbear23: Will there be a season 8?

EM: YES! Happy to say we've been ordered for 22 episodes. If there are more to come, we'll let you know!

clarissa: Will the entire cast be shooting on the last day?

EM: Everyone EXCEPT AJ will be here on the last day. I'm bummed she's missing it because we're doing a Gubbie Awards and Talent Show combo! Should be a lot of fun!

Natalieee: A lot of the cast and crew have Twitter, are you not tempted to join?

EM: I live vicariously through them! Waiting on production, guys. Sorry! Hang in there for AJ!

MattyBangBang: Will there be more team and less UnSub in season 8?

EM: It's funny because I think we've learned more about our team this season than ever before -- but I know what you mean. During the case, you're looking for more team/less UnSub and I must say it depends on the story. There are times the UnSub's journey is so twisted, we stay in their world longer. We started down that path years ago since the show is called Criminal Minds, we thought it was worth exploring those minds!

Genagizyo: Do you guys have like an end of the season party?

EM: We do this year! It's always nice to see everyone let loose and have fun without having to worry about work.

NaatsRdgz: Did you ever think the show would be this successful when you first start shooting ?

EM: We all hoped it would, but sitting in a windowless room in Culver City all those years ago, none of us knew just how popular this series would be. It's a hit around the world and that just goes to show you that scary stories are universal -- just like a campfire story. We keep trying to keep you all entertained while also teaching all of us to be aware of the world around us and be smart when you're alone, etc...

Natalieee: You're not a fan of inter-office relationships are you? What about one less show-changing like Strauss and Rossi?

EM: Most shows have a difficult time recovering from such a intimate pairing up, but you should stay tuned for 23 & 24...

FluffyJJ: Erica, what was the most challenging episode you have ever written?

EM: This season's premiere in a lot of ways. There was so much story to get in there and there were a lot of eyeballs on that script! Some of the other challenging ones involve the dark material.

purpletapir: how do you feel about the new JJ ? do you like her more, or less than liaison JJ?

EM: I like her MORE! She was restricted in a lot of ways before but now she's all over the place and AJ's so ready for that challenge that it's coming through in JJ.

MoniqueYoung: When will season 8 begin?

EM: The writers will start in early June, production in July and we'll air mid-Sept. Will keep you posted on those dates!

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CM_SetReport Fan Contest Winners

And the winners are....

Grand Prize:
Heather Baker for BAU Buddies (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5mh3ynVtMA)

Kendall Howard and Katie Reuie - Things Emily Prentiss Never Says (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC9mVja_lrA)

30 Second Video on Reid – Ruby Penman, Elliy Ocock and Kendel Ruppert (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgYnE9IdnFM&context=C45db47fADvjVQa1PpcFMLFqU0cDIBsJu2lHarRR24VuqnLnXHP-0=)

Special Mention:
RJ Russell for her video on Emily Prentiss (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrJxuyBjy_8&feature=channel)
Macy McNair, Thom Richardson and Roosevelt Franklin for their video featuring Morgan, Prentiss and Sergio. (http://youtu.be/9Zw1E1R3QCY)

The chat room is now open!

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Room password for tonight is: jareau

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CM_SetReport Chat w/AJ Cook login info

Please click on the above 'chat now' button/link to join the chat with AJ Cook.  Make sure java is up to date on your computer.  The room will open 30 min prior to the start of the chat.  Please follow us on twitter (@CM_Setreport) or check back here for the most up to date information.  As of right now, the chat is scheduled for 5PM PST.  This is subject to change due to production needs.

Room password for tonight is: jareau

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Chat with AJ Cook *UPDATE*

Hey folks, our chat w/ @ajcookofficial is set for Thurs. 4/19, 5PM PST. Time is approximate, based on production needs. Thanks!

CM_SetReport Fan Contest - Update

Attn Fan Contest entrants: The winner will be announced tmrrw via a special treat. Delay due to production needs. Apologies. Stay tuned!!!

*PS... We looked at all vid entries posted in the various threads on this blog as well as the ones sent to us on youtube and vimeo.  If you posted it, we saw it.  Thanks for taking part! The videos were great!!

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CM_SetReport Chat w/AJ Cook 4/17

Join us for a special chat tmrrw afternoon (PST) with actress AJ Cook aka JJ. Time TBD based on shooting needs. Details in the am!!!

UPDATE: Hey folks, our chat w/ @ajcookofficial has been rescheduled for Thurs. 4/19, Time TBD. Details to come on Wed 4/18. Thanks!

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CM_SetReport Chat Transcript for Co-EP Breen Frazier 04-12-12

Breen Frazier: Hey, it's Breen in the room. Evening, everyone.

hope: Very touching and sad episode (knowing that this kind of slavery does exist in reality).Thank you for bringing up the topic. Question: In the last scene, how did Garcia end up with Morgan? Wasn't he in Chicago and she in Quantico?

BF: The magic act was that she flew (business class on a normal jet) because she felt he needed her by his side. I felt that to show that would ruin the "aw" of the moment.

crimminds19: Great episode!! Where did you get the inspiration for it?

BF: The inspiration started last year with E623, "Big Sea." We always knew Cindi was a story we would follow up on. I wanted to do a clown episode, and still do. But I ran up against the wall of, "Why does a clown have to dress like a clown to do terrible things?" Gacy didn't. He dressed up like a clown, but not when he was killing. Finally, pitching this to Erica Messer, I said, what if it's a Morgan episode? And he wants to ruin Morgan's life, so he takes Garcia and Cindi hostage. And Messer said, "I like half of that idea, guess which half." So then we realized, it's time to follow up on the Cindi story. The first question was, is she alive or dead? We left the door to that open at the end of last year. It felt like a cheat to have Morgan chase after his cousin's killer and then for Cindi to be dead after two episodes worth and eight years of backstory. So, okay, Cindi's alive. Why is she alive? Where has she been? It felt like, if she's related to Morgan, she'd be in line with the character of his sisters -- upright, solid, can stand up for herself. So, something must have happened to her that broke her. That got us into the world of Stockholm, of dominance, submission and the fine line between that and slavery. I dug into the Jaycee Dugard story and a couple other women-as-captive true life stories. That's when Ticona, our amazing researcher, pulled a book for me on Colleen Flynn. (I might have that name wrong.) She was a hitchhiker in the 70s, who was abducted off the road. The man who took her put her in a head box. He made her sign a contract after two to three years agreeing to a lifetime of servitude. Once he got her to sign it, then he could afford her some degree of freedom. One twist in the real-life case, the abductor was married and his wife was a passive part of the captivity. The Company as a bigger concept sort of grew out of the episode, but I've typed enough.

criminalmindsislife: Hey Breen, it's 02:00am here in scotland, i'd appreciate it if you could answer this, who's idea was it to have Paget and AJ being their flawless selfs during the interview?

BF: When we were breaking the episode, we knew that Act Two would end with Morgan catching Malcolm, but no Cindi. Then, Act Three Out would be Cindi walking into the station and saying, "Free my husband." So the body of Act 3 lent itself to a series of interrogation scenes that needed to escalate. Before Morgan and Malcolm had their showdown, we needed to set the stage for how smart and creepy Malcolm was. So a JJ/Prentiss Q&A got us there. And that turned out to be more fun to write than the Malcolm/Morgan one. Because Malcolm/Morgan basically had one turn in it. Morgan confronts Malcolm, Malcolm slips up, Morgan thinks Malcolm killed Cindi. But JJ/Prentiss vs. Malcolm has a bunch of turns in the scene. Malcolm's expecting Morgan. Surprise! The women walk in. The women are completely dismissive. They bait Malcolm into thinking this is about Cindi, they say it's about John Hitchens, which throws Malcolm off. Then, Malcolm turns the tables on THEM. And it doesn't hurt that there are three pro's who are chewing up each line and making me giggle on set as I'm watching it. It was one of those scenes where I was lucky to find it in the writing and really enjoy it. Of course the first draft was also 85 pages, so there was that trade-off.

Sydney: Lots of returning characters in the finale. What's the general feel for episodes 723 and 724?

BF: Action, action, action. Tears.

NittyMcNitpicker: Did they even have chef boyardee in containers like that back when Morgan was a kid?

BF: It's not Chef Boy-R-Dee on the label, but you're right, that is the idea. Here's what changed, it went from a normal can to a microwave safe container. But I ate Campell's Chicken and Rice soup out of a can growing up, and I now feed it to my kids in those plastic containers. I also ate Cinnamon and Spice oatmeal and I feed that to my kids when I can find it. So it's a detail that I pulled from my own life, as a kid and as a parent. It also gets to a bigger thematic point of the episode. Morgan thinks this case is about him. Garcia screams at him, "It's not about you!" When he confronts Malcolm, he says, "Cindi stole this as a message to me." He still thinks it's about him. But it's not. It's really about Cindi's son. And when Morgan steps outside of himself and realizes that, he breaks the case.

LaT: There was a moment where it seemed like Morgan and Hotch were going to have a conversation about Morgan lying to his family after that initial phone call, but that didn't happen. What was the impetus behind the "That's it?" "That's it," exchange vs. a fuller conversation.

BF: We talked about this a LOT in the writers' room. The best example I can give is the end of Kill Bill Vol. 2. You've watched two movies of kung-fu, setting the stage for this incredible fight. Then, Uma Thurman gives Keith Carradine the five-points-of-death punch there at the dining room table, and you're like, "Wait, that's it?" Yep, that's it. We've had a Hotch/Morgan tension the whole season. It started with the premiere, continued with Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and culminating here. Hotch lied to Morgan about Prentiss and Strauss, but now the shoe's on the other foot.' So, how does Hotch respond? And it felt like, he'd respond as a leader. He knows what it's like to be in this situation. Would he make a big stink about it or would he let it go and say, "This is what we have to do." There's another moment I'm thinking of, Season Two of Battlestar Galactica, where the wounded Adama takes control of the ship back from Tyrol. And Tyrol has made all these mistakes. And Adama says, basically, "No one understands unless they're in that position." I think Hotch is showing that to Morgan by not making a deal about this. One more thing, Thomas had a very important take on this. We didn't have to change any dialogue, but we talked about the scene. And he said, "I would respect Morgan's decision. He made whatever choices he had to make a year ago. I would assume he had his reasons. And Hotch would respect it and keep his focus on solving the case." So the goal was to resolve the season long Hotch/Morgan tension in a way that felt real, and was unexpected. And underplaying the moment felt like the right way to go.

Natalieee: Breen, now we've seen more of Morgan's family and JJ's family is next. Will it be possible to see an appearance of Penelope's brothers in the next season? We know they haven't talked in years but could there be a reconciliation?

BF: We haven't talked about that, but it's fertile ground. Garcia's family is the easiest and hardest family to get into, because Garcia is land-locked compared to the rest of the team. So it's easy to see how the brother could come visit. But then you don't want those scenes to feel like total satellite scenes where they don't add to the story.

NittyMcNitpicker: Were there any scenes you really wanted that couldn't be kept in because of the time?

BF: Oh man, this one was hard. We had a TIGHT 56-page script. We knew it was talky, but it didn't feel excessive. Nelson had to go prep, I think, Good Wife, before he could complete his cut, so he told me he'd have to hand off his cut early. It would basically be a refined editor's cut. So we have a 43-minute run time so CBS has time for commercials. The cut I got was 54 minutes. And it was GREAT. I mean, it was a thing of beauty. The story flew, but it also made room for all the small moments. Plot connected together like a Star Wars lego set. There was nothing left over. But we had to cut 12 minutes out. And Nitty, you might be doing the math, and going, "Don't you mean 11?" Nope, it was 12 to make room for the "previously on" recap. When you're cutting 12 minutes, you're not cutting lines or pauses in the speech. The only way to get it airable is to cut whole scenes. So the first thing to go was a whole B-subplot essentially, with Dominic and Suzy Maguire, the couple who Malcolm and Cindi find shelter with. In Act 2, Suzy and Cindi talk and Suzy jokes, "Look this is all a game, right?" This comes on the heels of the profile where we talk about how voluntary submissives understand this is a fantasy. And she's living proof of that. Cindi is like, "What? No! Do you know what the cabin is?" And Suzy starts to realize, "Wait, this woman is scared." Malcolm intervenes, says, "Let's go," and we pick Malcolm and Cindi up at the grocery store. Then, while Cindi's doing a little shoplifting, Garcia has directed Morgan and Rossi to Dominic and Suzy, via the contract wording. Which Dominic has posted as a PDF online. Dominic says, "Guys, this is all a misunderstanding. The Company is just role play." But Morgan starts to read Suzy. She's being submissive, but she clearly wants to talk. And Morgan says to her, "You know the difference between submission and slavery." Dominic snaps his fingers and says, "You don't have permission to talk." Morgan says, "You don't need permission to do the right thing." And Suzy cooperates with the case. Tells them where they're headed, tells them about the Cabin. Then Morgan and Rossi are on their way to the grocery store and we're back into last night's episode, as structured. I want to give a shout-out to the actress, Elizabeth Khouri, who turned in an incredible, heartbreaking performance as Suzy -- AND YOU NEVER GOT TO SEE IT. There's one more thing that we had to cut, which I can mention much quicker. The ending montage, after Morgan says to Cindi, "You ready?" starts back at the police station. And there are a bunch of moms in the bullpen, sitting with Yvonne and Sarah. And all the kids at the cabin come around the corner and we realize the moms have been freed from their jerk husbands and they get their reunion. They leave and we hold on a nervous Yvonne and Sarah -- where's Cindi? Then Morgan, Cindi and Anthony round the corner. The reason we cut that was because it was a 3-minute sequence, all shot in slow-motion (which I wrote into the script and demanded… very foolishly). And we just had to cut that scene -- every scene, really -- to its bare minimum to get it to time. Most of the time, I feel like cuts only strengthen the episode. This one, I don't. If I could put the full 54-minute episode on the DVD, I would.

penny: So many of us are wondering if Reid is even a main character anymore? He has storylines that get totally dropped and honestly he's not on the show much. Even if he is there, it seems like he doesn't have much to offer. Disappointing.

BF: That's a fair question, but I don't have much to say about it. Obviously, we love Matthew, I love writing for Reid. But you're right, the last major Reid episode was, what, "True Genius"? In terms of the back half of the season, the only defense I can give is that we had to keep him light in "Foundation" so he can prep "Heathridge Manor." This episode was a Morgan-centric episode, so he's in it, but it's not his star turn. For Season 8, we're breaking an episode that's Reid-centric and I have another one that I want to tell. So we haven't forgotten about him. He was just light in the back half of this season. The same way that Shemar was light in the front half.

catherine: Will it be possible to have another episode where one of the team's family is in the hands of the unsub, like Will or Diana?

BF: I can't answer your question directly without giving anything away. Just, you know, don't get too attached to Hotch's brother who we haven't mentioned since Season 1. What I can say is, I like doing those kind of episodes because the threat is genuine. We might just kill that character. Cindi was really in jeopardy last night. Same with Haley and Jack in Season 5.

NittyMcNitpicker: Are they having you do any of the audio commentary for episodes for the DVDs?

BF: Yeah, Sharon and Matthew will do "Heathridge Manor" together and Shemar and I will do "The Company."

FrenchSlappyChick: What about his headaches?

BF: Nothing by the end of this season.

Sergiocushion: i love you

catherine: Are you guys planning on having JJ or Garcia-centric episodes in the next season? They're like the underdogs of the show and the least explored characters

BF: Yes, I think we will see more of them in Season 8. I think Kim did a darn good job of exploring Garcia in "Hope," I think we did some good stuff with Garcia and Kevin which will be followed up on by the end of the season. One thing about JJ... The focus of her character growth this season has been about her as a profiler. I can't tell you how great it is to have her be an equal member of the team, doing and saying everything Hotch or Prentiss or even Morgan has (at least in terms of kicking butt in a fight).

Moonfairy: Lately the episodes have been focusing more on the unsubs and not as much on the team. Is it going to stay that way from now on?

BF: No, we talk about this all the time in the writers' room, too. Next year, we want to try to balance it out so the UnSub's hidden more.

Tracey_Lane: Is Beth going to be a part of the season finale with Hotch?

BF: Beth is in the Season Finale. Was going for a joke, but I dissuaded myself.

wheelsup4demily: So I really miss Morgan and Prentiss working together as partners... Is there a reason that doesn't happen anymore? And can we expect a little M&P awesomeness before the season ends???

BF: Definitely Morgan/Prentiss' awesomeness coming up. Honestly, sometimes it's just cast availability.

toloveandbelovedbyme: I have always wondered this, are you and the chat-admin in the same room right now?

BF: No. I'm doing this from home. My 17-month old is going crazy.

carol: Breen, since you wrote "Lauren", I want to know: Was it a plan since the beginning to "kill" Prentiss or was it only because Paget wanted Prentiss killed off the show (and it had to be fake because she had a chance of returing)? I mean, if you had to get rid of the character with no coming back and Paget hadn't said anything, would you still kill her or you would have given her a happy ending? Please answer this...

BF: It was a mix of both. Our hand was forced in writing Paget off the show. Paget's request was, "Kill me." CBS said, "Uh, not so fast." So we had to write an ending that explained her exit, felt like a death, could be handled by the team as a death, but still leave the door open for her return. If it were me, as your question was framed, I wouldn't have changed anything about the ending of "Lauren." After writing for this character, seeing Paget execute her, coming up with an arc in which she's stalked by Doyle, seeing her fight the good fight and knowing about Declan, when it was time to write her death scene and ultimate resurrection... I felt, "Prentiss deserves a happy ending." And the way Matthew shot that last scene of her walking away with the Eiffel Tower in the background makes my heart soar.

swon: Breen, you're the only one who can officially clarify: what was JJ referring to when she said "I don't need a man to tell me what to do" after Prentiss asked "Do you ever..." some think it's about her marrying Will, some think something else

BF: She was baiting Malcolm and mentioning her marriage status to Will, but she wasn't, repeat, WAS NOT, being literal. In terms of something else, my wife could probably get by without me.

fran24ksawtgpb: joke joke joke joke joke

BF: Here's the Hotch/Beth joke: don't get too attached to Beth in the finale. Hotch has a tendancy to lose the loves of his life to serial killers. Oh, and Beth's pregnant. With twins. Sad, really.

Marbs84: Will we get a Hotch/Prentiss moment also? I am thinking he will be the first to know about her departure right?

BF: Prentiss is getting some GOOD stuff in the finale. With everyone. There's a Hotch/Prentiss moment that's really perfect. Can't reveal what it is, though.

ell: It's been interesting to see Hotch be ... a little soft and open with his team.

BF: I think that's Thomas' choice. It's the evolution of the character over 7 years. Think about what he's been through: Gideon's gone. Rossi's back. Pretty much every character has been kidnapped, tortured and barely saved by the rest of the team. Including him. He's lost his wife. His son was almost killed. He had to fake a death to make sure Prentiss would be safe. Then he had to explain to his team why she's back. So, yeah, I think he's playing a little more emotional shorthand with the team. And I'm glad. It shows how people change over seven years.

NittyMcNitpicker: I know how I feel on the subject, but how do you feel about the idea of replacing Prentiss? Would you want to bring in a new character? Or would you prefer to keep it with fewer profilers so more time can be devoted to each of them?

BF: First, let me say, Paget is pretty much irreplaceable. I don't know how we're going to do it. We're discussing who the new character is, and my joke in the writers room is that, every day, it's a new TV actress who CBS is forcing on us. Lea Thompson. Cynthia Nixon. America Ferrera. And the joke is, whoever it is has her work cut out for her. Because this team is a family and you can't just jump into a family and have everyone (fans, included) embrace her (or him… or Lassie) with open arms. We did this the best with Prentiss, I think. We wrote the innate suspicion people had toward her into the character. I think the new team member will understand that she has to work to earn her place.

swon: How come Rossi never gets an unsub against him?

BF: 722 is all about that. It's one of my favorite episodes of the season. Shout out to my mom in the room. Getting a question now… hang on...

ell: When you're writing an episode, do you usually have so many requirements? I mean, it sounds like there were a lot of fingers in that pie (omg, with my analogies tonight). It must be tough to deal with when your trying to complete the script for a 42 minute episode

BF: Depends on the episode. This one was hard because we had to catch up on the episode from last year. It's a personal episode, which means there's a lot more personal moments you don't want to lose. For instance, the scene with Morgan in the car talking to Garcia. That was out of the episode for a little bit. But everyone felt, "No. That has to go back in." I've said this before but Lauren almost killed me because I was trying to get a TON of exposition into the 43 minute box.

wheelsup4demily: Hi Breen's mom! Well done!

BF: But then you have episodes like Uncanny Valley or Unknown Subject from this year where the story just breaks like butter. The mystery is perfectly balanced, we tell the story just right. It shouldn't be 44 minutes. So it's a constant balancing act. This one was a surprise because I thought we had the right amount of story, there might need to be some minimal cutting. But instead all the looks and pauses and tension just overwhelmed us in the editing room.

shhtheadultsaretalking: Favourite line of the whole episode?

BF: I know "Baby Girl, you be tripping" is a fave. But mine is "There's my hero." If you watch Shemar's performance as Kirsten puts her head down on his shoulder, he does some VERY subtle work. He just kind of… exhales a little. His whole body deflates. And you have this feeling of the knight who can lay down his sword and rest. So it's not the line as much as the moment that it represents. And, even though I had to cut it down, I am still very, VERY proud of this episode. My dad called me afterward and said, "It was so good! I liked it, but I don't know why." And I said, "Is it because there weren't any dead bodies or kids in jeopardy?" And he said, "THAT'S IT!" So, there's that. That's it for me too, guys! Thank you for tonight's chat. Before I go, I want to mention that we watched some of the fan video submissions are they are A-W-E-S-O-M-E-O.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

CM_SetReport Chat w/Writer Breen Frazier

Hope you enjoyed last night's all new EP "The Company." Writer Breen Frazier will join us tonight in the CM_SetReport chat room at 6PM PST

Click on the above 'Chat Now' button/link to join the chat. The room will open at 5:30PM PST.

Password: cindy

Friday, April 6, 2012

CM_SetReport Chat Transcript for Matthew Gray Gubler and Sharon Lee Watson 04-05-12

Sharon Lee Watson (SLW): Hi everyone, Sharon here. Really glad to be here. Let's get to chatting!

Fatima: How did you come up with the concept for this episode? It was very dark and it had a lot of freaky elements. I really enjoyed it and the song at the end was an excellent choice!

SLW: I wanted to do a classic gothic horror story, something that reminded me of my childhood watching old scary movies usually starring Vincent Price, and reruns of Dark Shadows.

CrimMindsFans: Sharon, what is your favourite part about working with the CM crew

SLW: They are just awesome. Seriously. Everyone works so hard to bring the scripts to life.

shoshawhat: First of all, amazing episode! It was creepy, atmospheric, and hauntingly beautiful. Plus, we got to see the Jackie Chan of prime time in action :) My question is for both of you - Are there any scenes or moments that were lost in the process of editing that you wish could have been left in? Also - who chose the closing quote? I'm a huge Poe fan and thought it fit perfectly.

Matthew Gray Gubler (MGG): The nature of TV requires that stuff gets cut out. At the end you never miss it but while you're cutting it it breaks your heart. A good sign of a wonderful episode is how much good stuff you have to cut out.

Claudine: Sharon, did you have a favourite scene in the script and did that differ from you favourite scene in the produced episode?

SLW: My favorite scene in the script stage was the Prom scene. After it was filmed, I also loved the overhead shot of Alice wearing the red dress in the empty storefront.

babruin: for Matthew, do you think your affinity for German Expressionism influenced how you use light and dark contrast to heighten the mood, like in the morgue scene? very effective!

MGG: Absolutely. German expressionism. And abide by it as much as possible. The morgue scene (and with all the somewhat typical scenes). Ie. BAU, Salem PD, etc. I strived to shoot them in a way we have never done before. Canted with an undercurrent of dread seeping throughout. As if James’ psychosis was bleeding through the entire world. German expressionism style. Thanks.

1harmoniouslife: For Sharon- Im curious as to your inspriation for the episode... did you study history, or have to wear one of those huge dresses before? Also were they designed specifically for the show?

SLW: The inspiration was classic gothic stories. No, I didn't have to wear a dress but I wish I had tried one on! They were not designed specifically for the show but they were chosen to reflect the specific time period.

rachelbrent: I loved last night's episode, very psychological! Matthew, which scene was the most challenging for you to realize from your imagination onto the screen?

MGG: Oddly none of them. ... BAU roundtable, if any.

jillian: Hello, the episode last night was amazing! Sharon, did you have MGG in mind as a director of when writing? And MGG, how much input did you have in the storyline?

SLW: I did not have him in mind but I was so lucky that the order of directors was changed so that I ended up with Matthew. I can't imagine the episode now without his touch.

tarynpreston: Were the pictures that James painted in the episode actually painted by Matthew? They felt exactly right and added to the overall impression that James was unbalanced. Hmm, that sounds like I think Matthew is unbalanced, but I don't!

MGG: Thanks. I did do those. It was a long, painful process figuring out what those should be. And then luckily, after having a show artist make a bunch of versions, Sharon finally said... Matthew, you should just make these. I wanted them to look unlike my artwork. So was hesitant but figured out a way to.

anniebelle: @sharon, where did you get the idea for nicotine poisoning? was it common in shakespearean times/witchhunting? were there any other ideas for modus operandi?

SLW: I wanted to use a poison dress as the cause of death. Ultimately, I consulted with a forensic toxicologist on the best poison and he came up with nicotine which is readily available as a pesticide and can cause death pretty quickly. I'm not sure if was common in shakespearean times.

purpletapir: hey gube:) if you could be shemar for a day, what would you do?

MGG: Give Matthew all my money. Then walk around town with my shirt off.

Morgan_McCarraher: Matthew what is it like working with the talented Robert Englund, and Sharon you said you wanted an old time horror type atmosphere, is that why Robert Englund was chosen to be in that episode. Being he is after all the personification of old school horror?

MGG: I’ve loved him forever. But mostly love the idea of taking actors and icons from my childhood and casting them in parts they would normally never get. He was great to work with. So awesome. And levitated the mood on set.

AmandaAlbertson: First, thank you Matthew and Sharon for a hauntingly brilliant episode. Question for both of you, What was you favorite part in the episode?

MGG: Every part. Loved the pre-production casting/art making/location scouting and everything else.

dancerbirgit: My question is for both of you: How did you decide on who to cast for each character? Did you have everyone in mind, or were they pleasant surprises? Beautiful episode, by the way, definitely my favorite so far!

MGG: All pleasant surprises. We went with our guts. I’ve worked with Kyle before and knew he was great. And Sharon and I loved Madeline’s voice and vulnerable nature.

NittyMcNitpicker: Any chance we'll ever see Betty White as an unsub in an episode that is an homage to Arsenic and Old Lace? :P

SLW: Great idea!

UNSUBmarineSandwich: Gube what aspects of directing make you the happiest? (bossing your fellow actor buddies around? ;-D)

MGG: Directors that boss people around usually make rigid, not so interesting, entertainment. I like trying to inspire everyone to do something unique. And something they haven’t felt safe to try before. I love everything about directing.

Wheelsup4demily: Sharon, was there a reason you wrote such a twisted ending? I loved it! It certainly makes sense! And Matthew, how did you decide how to stage it? Particularly the part when she's holding "the devil's" hand and then we see no one is there.

MGG: There was some talk of that ending not being in there. Since its something we don’t usually do. But Sharon and I felt SO STRONGLY about it. We got it in there. The fear was that it would be “hokey” or slightly comical. But we knew that as long as we NEVER show the devil other than his hand it would be effectively horrifying. Because everyone would create their own nightmare. Also, the actor we cast, although you never see him, was seven feet tall and horrifying; which naturally infused that moment with the needed quality.

epms2000: Great episode - fun, weird, scary. MGG how did you direct Kyle to get that "psychotic" look in his eyes towards the end?

MGG: I find that when working actors collaboration is your best friend. Seeing that THEY are excited about. Instead of rigidly forcing them into a moment. I try really hard to cast everything perfectly so no matter what an actor does it is truthful and perfect.

Sydney: Please please can you put this question through to Matthew? How did you get into directing? Thanks so much! :) - Sydney

MGG: I’ve always been obsessed with entertainment. And also with magic. Directing is the best of both those worlds. Like an ongoing magic trick that affects peoples’ emotions.

Llama_Ice_Hi: slw, mgg, you guys seem to be so in sync and have similar thinking processes..was there anything you disagreed on??

MGG: Nothing really. Sharon wishes the prom song was 1.5 decibles louder. I think it could have been 1 decible higher.

SLW: Strangely, there was nothing really!

MGG: And that’s super rare.

promptusvado: Why did you decide to include the kiss between James and Lara?

SLW: It was symbolic of James romantic projection onto his sister that she was a princess he needed to rescue.

Butterfly: What was the inspiration for the bucket catching and pouring the water vs just water dumping in?

MGG: Sharon is hesitant to admit this but I think she was inspired by a kids ride at Splashers water park. I loved it because it was just odd.

Monserrath: Sharon, what was your first impression when you finally watched the final cut ?

MGG: Sharon and I are perfectionists. So I think everytime we watch it there are like five or six things that BOTHER THE HECK OUT OF US. But no one else would ever notice.

Ami: Matthew so far you've directed 3 episodes of CM. Has it gotten easier with each episode and which one has been your favourite and why?

MGG: It’s always been easy for some reason. Heathridge and Mosley Lane are my faves. Lauren was great but challenging for me because I’m not really visually excited by guns and bombs.

ChickenHypnotist2TheStars: Matthew, on the very last episode of Criminal Minds, what very last thing would you want to see Spencer doing - his fade out?

MGG: Smiling. ... Or cutting a baby’s arm off. J/K

SSA_River_Song: I hope this gets through.... Matthew, Sharon: How much research went into this awesome episode/ Did you both collaborate?

MGG: Sharon had MOUNDS of books on salem witch trials, etc. We looked at paintings and painting styles for about two months. ALOT of research on all the art aspects.

theFisherQueen: What does MGG's mother think of the most recent episode? Does she approve of the "interesting" show choice he has been in???

MGG: She loved it. But wasn’t so sure at first. Hahaha. She said it gave her chills all the way through.

sam-maddy: Sharon/Matthew, if you could have CM do a crossever with any show past or present which

MGG: Alf. Honestly, Twin Peaks.

SLW: Sherlock (BBC version)

MGG: Thanks!!! You guys rule. It’s been a pleasure talking.

SLW: Thanks for chatting! Look forward to next time.

MGG: Don’t answer your doorbells.