Wednesday, April 18, 2012

CM_SetReport Fan Contest - Update

Attn Fan Contest entrants: The winner will be announced tmrrw via a special treat. Delay due to production needs. Apologies. Stay tuned!!!

*PS... We looked at all vid entries posted in the various threads on this blog as well as the ones sent to us on youtube and vimeo.  If you posted it, we saw it.  Thanks for taking part! The videos were great!!


  1. Okay cool! Super excited!!! :D xoxoxo
    Thanks for letting us know!

  2. What time? Could it be in the mourning because I have school. Or after school.

  3. Thanks for allowing us to have so much fun and giving us another way of showing you how much we love the show and fandom, hope you've enjoyed watching the videos and seeing an insight into the fans craziness! We appreciate your time and all that, can't wait to see who wins.

    GOOD LUCK everyone who entered a video!

  4. When r u going to announce? It getting late...

  5. It's getting late.
    I'm getting anxious.
    Waiting is NOT a Jermusyk family trait.
    Good luck everybody!


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