Thursday, April 12, 2012

CM_SetReport Chat w/Writer Breen Frazier

Hope you enjoyed last night's all new EP "The Company." Writer Breen Frazier will join us tonight in the CM_SetReport chat room at 6PM PST

Click on the above 'Chat Now' button/link to join the chat. The room will open at 5:30PM PST.

Password: cindy


  1. This was my first chat and NONE of my questions went through. Soooooo bummed :(

  2. Sorry about that ibetrippin. What questions did you ask?

    There is only so much time and a lot of people never get their questions asked. And sometimes they ask good ones and dumb ones and the dumb ones get through. I know I've jokingly sent a question and fully expected them to ignore it and they've put it through but my good questions that I really wanted answers for never got asked.

    Breen was very thoughtful and gave a lot of detail in his replies.

    1. Thanks for your response, zannej. I agree, Breen did give a lot of thoughtful, detailed answers. I just wasn't sure if something was wrong with my connection or something. But thanks for giving me the lowdown :)

      I tried to send a comment about the clown unsub storyline he was joking about (I presume) just to see if something would go through. Garcia really wouldn't like that unsub.

      My first question was about the children that were being kept from their mothers/parents. Were the children being treated well? Were they being "educated" with this whole submissive-dominant ideology?

      The second wasn't as heavy as the first but it was about that line than Breen admitted was one of his faves (which inspired my screen name). I was wondering when Morgan might have uttered that phrase to her. When she was freaking out about Kevin's impending proposal? During one of their many flirtatious conversations? Never?


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