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Friday, March 23, 2012

CM_SetReport Chat with Jim Clemente - 3-22-12

Hotchniss: Okay, So, Jim, My dream is to be a real life FBI Agent, Would you be able to tell me how I should prepare? I'm in high school now, taking forensics.

Jim Clemente: Jim here. Of course you can do that. You have to stay out of trouble, don't do drugs, get a degree. And either get a graduate degree, or have three years of relevant work experience, then you can apply to the FBI. In fact, you can maximize your chances by becoming a lawyer, accountant, scientist, including forensic science, or language expert.

Tracey_Lane: Last nights episode was too awesome. Was this an actual case you wrote about or did you just think this one up? Excellent job by the way!

JC: Thank you so much. And really it's an incredible journey to work with the criminal minds staff. It was actually based on several cases that I worked during my career in the BAU. We always try to focus on a number of cases so victims and surviving family members don't get haunted by the crimes they had to suffer. Thanks for the kudos. It was a real team effort. Morgan's history is real… it was my history. It's how I became an FBI agent.

Cheeto-breath: How close is Criminal Minds to the actual set up of the FBI?

JC: Most of it is right on point. We don't however get to fly on the G5. Except I did get to fly on that jet when I went down to Gitmo, but the profiling that we depict and the types of criminals and how they victimize people is all absolutely realistic. In fact, we have to water it down for television.

Tracey_Lane: Can anyone who works for the FBI carry a weapon or is it limited to certain agents?

JC: All FBI agents from the time they are sworn in to the time they retire must carry their weapons, and their credentials and badges, at all times. There are however other jobs within the FBI that don't require you to carry a weapon. For example language specalists and crime Garcia.

arahm5: hi jim, superb episode last night. what other episodes from this season from other writers is your fav?

JC: Thanks! Wow that's a tough question. The first one that comes to mind is The Bittersweet Science by Janine. The intensity, the backstory and it played like a thriller.

Cmwonderlady: Great episode last night, it was my favorite this season. As an FBI agent, you know this for sure. Can two agents who work on the same team engage in a romantic relationship? Can a Unit Chief and a subordinate have a romantic relationship?

JC: First of all, thank you. I really thought the episode came out great, but it could not have been done without a huge team effort. The entire writing staff and the entire cast and crew and our guest starts were fantastic this week. In terms of intimate relationships, there are in fact FBI agents who are married to each other and work on the same team. The only instance when a unit chief and a subordinate could work on the same team is if they were married before they were on the same team.

Laurenreynoldsisdead: Hey Jim! Loved the episode, it was amazing! Anyways, I was wondering, how accurate is Criminal Minds to the actual FBI?

JC: Thank you. Criminal Minds reveals the inner workings of the BAU. The BAU is not typical within the FBI. Most FBI agents work within their division, the BAU as part of the Critical Incident Response Group works cases across the country and around the world. The only thing that isn't really accurate is the amount of time it takes for us to solve a case because we only have an hour on tv to do it we compress time. The methodolgies of getting there are very accurate.

Swon: The BEST episode of the season in my opinion, so thank you very much! I was just wondering why was it that the father was kidnapping the children? Was it from the stress of the wife having cancer?

JC: Thank you and good question. In the back story that we didn't get to, it could have been the trigger, but it could not have caused him to have that desire. He was actually a child sex offender with a very elaborate scheme to acquire and keep victims in captivity.

Swon: Jim, amazing job!!!! Do you still do work for the FBI or do you consult for CM

JC: I retired in Oct. 2009. I do work for CM full time. And it's been amazing spending more time with friends and colleagues at Criminal Minds. I am also developing other projects in the reality and scripted arenas.

Seakirsten: Do you like to write outside the episode structure typically employed by the show? Between "Foundation" and "Lessons Learned", I get the impression you enjoy using all the usual elements of a CM episode in unexpected ways.

JC: Yes I do. I actually write every day in my journal. And I have four different feature scripts in various stages of completion. I'm used to multi-tasking and I love the creative challenge of writing in different formats. I'm working on my autobiography as well. And thanks for picking up that I like to think a little bit outside the CM box. But what's great is, that box is ever expanding with the great writers we have on staff.

PleaseWriteEveryWeekJim: The Challenge Coin story Morgan told was very poignant. Seemed authentic too. Did you or anyone you worked with have coins like this? Thanks for sharing the story behind them.

JC: Wow! Another great question. It is an authentic story. And most Agents, and Military personel who work in harm's way carry such a coin. In fact all of the coins used in the show are actuall challenge coins of mine and my brother Tim... Also a retired FBI agent.

LLALALALA: Do you know an FBI agent like Reid in real life? Or is he one of a kind? ;)

JC: What makes you think it's not me???

Lonewolf: Do people who work at the real life BAU offices seem to view CM in a positive or negative light?

JC: The BAU Members and the FBI in General LOVE Criminal Minds. In fact they loved my first episode so much, the FBI asked me to write a pilot for the FBI. My brother and I wrote it along with Ed Bernero, it was called Washington Field. CBS bought it and made the pilot, but it didn't get on air.

Lonewolf: What success rate does the BAU have of actually appreheding criminals?

JC: Good question... We've never done an analysis on the success rate because many of the cases that we work on have complicated outcomes. But in general we work 25 open serial killer cases a year and we solve about 15 of them a year. The thing is, there are always more to fill in for the ones we solve, so it is a never ending process.

ChocolateDivine: Having been on the right side of the law professionally, would you consider portraying a fictional badguy on the show?

JC: I have done a cameo in all of the episodes I have written. Always in a small role as an homage to Hitchcock. I have no problem playing a fictional bad guy as long as the episode taught viewers a valuable and real life lesson. But, I'm afraid I might just be too scary for network audiences...

Tracey_Lane: Do agents keep their identity about being in the FBI secretive or does it really matter?

JC: Many FBI Agents work deep cover during their careers, including myself, and have to keep their identity secret. Otherwise, it is not a problem for most agents to be "known."

EmPress: Great episode! What are the best books out there about profiling?

JC: John Douglas' books are great. Mind Hunter is his first and it is iconic in the field. Roy Hazelwood's, The Evil That Men Do, is great too, And Robert Ressler's and Gregg McCrary's books are great too. Look for Jim Fitgerald's book coming soon...

NittyMcNitpicker: In your experience, are victims who fight back or remain tough and defy the killers the ones who survive more often? Or does it usually just get them into more trouble?

JC: Great Question. The answer depends on the type of offender they are up against. First Rule: If an offender is trying to take you to a location other then where they acosted you, the chances of them killing you at that other location increase dramatically. Fight them with everything you can to get away at the beginning of the encounter. You may not get another chance. Second rule: If the offender is a Sadist, he will get off on causing and witnessing your pain and suffering. They want you to beg for mercy and they will never give it to you. more rules to come in later episodes...

Zg: At which age do FBI Agents have to retire from their job?

JC: Mandatory retirement age is 57. But there are circumstances in which an agent can be kept on for renewable service for several years if they have special skill the Feds don't want to lose or there is a severe time of need.

Cephalophile: "Foundation" was awesome storytelling - the pacing of the case, how you kept us (and the team) guessing about the dad and his daughter's memories through the episode, and of course Morgan and Angel's scenes were beautiful. So now, a question - is the real BAU travelling as much as the CM BAU, or do you spend more time in the BAU offices? Thanks so much!

JC: Thank you so much! It was tyipical for me to be in three cities in one week between cases, training law enforcement and testifying as an expert witness. I was on the road 75% of my time.

Laurenreynoldsisdead: Do you use the term, 'Unsub' in the FBI?

JC: How do you think Criminal Minds writers found out about it. Yes, we use it. Just like any other governmental agency, we love abreviations! However, UnSchmuck is a total creation of the CM writer's room... The red herring offender we see in many episodes.

Laurenreynoldsisdead: Are there any FBI agents like Garcia, like how she acts or even dresses?

JC: There is no one on the planet quite like Garcia... That said, there are a few analysts in the BAU who are as zany and talented as she is.

NittyMcNitpicker: On the show, both Rossi and Hotch were divorced. Is it really that hard for someone in the BAU to maintain a relationship? Or was it just because of the nature of those particular characters and their spouses?

JC: HELL YEAH!!! About half of the Agents in the BAU are divorced or never married. The job is demanding. The lifestyle is unpredictable. And the ability to cross examine others and knowing difinitively when someone else is not telling the truth, make any relationship difficult to say the least.

Swon: Jim, do you know when your next episode of CM will be?

JC: That's not up to me. They have been incredibly generous with allowing me to write the ones I have and they do want to give others a chance too. So... we'll see. But be assured that I have many many more stories in mind. Hey Eveyone... Thank you so much for your loyalty to the show and so many wonderful questions... Let's do this again real soon!!! MUCH LOVE, Agent Jim

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CM_SetReport Chat w/Jim Clemente

Click on the above 'Chat Now' button/link to join the CM_SetReport chat w/guest writer and FBI consultant, Jim Clemente. The room will open at 5:30PM PST.

Password: angel

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We’ve got an all new EP this week, “Foundation.” Check it out on Wed @ 9PM EST. And then join us for a special chat as FBI consultant and guest writer, Jim Clemente, joins us in the @CM_SetReport chat room Thurs. 3/22 @6PM PST.

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CM_SetReport Chat with Executive Producer Janine Sherman Barrois - 3-15-12

JSB: Hey guys, so what’s up? I’m ready to take your questions.

Hannah_CM: Hi Janine :) do you have a favourite episode?

JSB: Riding the Lightning and Bittersweet Science.

Hannah_CM: Soooo happy to hear about the renewal :) have the writers already started to think about what to do in season 8?

JSB: We are so excited. The show is doing extremely well. We keep going up in the ratings and yes, the writers are working on the first five episodes for next season! They're fantastic.

Marrymedunkle: What was the inspiration for writing the episode "I Love You, Tommy Brown?" I love female unsubs/their conviction.

JSB: So there is a big epidemic in this country where female teachers are abusing their male and female students. It's not talked about but it's so dangerous and upsetting that I felt it was something the show could do well. Teri Polo rocked it by the way. She was super creepy.

JJHotchner: Hi Janine! Solid episode last night! You have proven that it's okay to show the unsub's face as long as much is still left to be discovered through the profiling. :) In some of the episodes this season, it felt like viewers were always one step ahead of the team and some have been complaining the unsub is getting too much screen time. How do feel about that?

JSB: We are listening to the fans. Internally, we decide that some episodes will be filmic if we see the UnSub early and in others if we hold their identity back. We are definitely trying to mix it up.

hotchsscruff: Hi! I was wondering how you guys are planning on having Paget leave?

JSB: Whenever it happens, it will be exciting and dramatic. She is an amazing member of this team and family. I need to get some tissues.

JJHotchner: Can we expect any more female unsub's this season?

JSB: Not sure but we definitely want to do more. It helps to keep the show fresh! And we always get positive feedback when we do it.

TodaysMadness: How do you balance showing the unsub and the creepy things they do with integrating the personal lives of the team?

JSB: We break the story in the room and then when you're writing you sort of weave it in and out and depending on how it feels. I really wanted to deal with Garcia and Kevin and their placement in the show just came organic.

TodaysMadness: Who do you imagine is the bride for the wedding at the end of the season?

JSB: Wedding? There is gonna be a wedding?

Hannah_CM: When will the season finale air?

JSB: May 16th.

htlex: Is it just ep 23 that is JJ centric or ep 24 too?

JSB: They are going to be all hands on deck.

tabularossi: We've heard 7.22 is a Rossi-centric episode, and it's called "Profiling 101." Are we going to see Rossi in "expert" mode?

JSB: Yes, it's a very clever episode and you guys are going be very surprised by what it uncovers!

laurenreynoldsisdead: If you were an unsub, how would you kill?

JSB: I take of the first layer of skin of a persons entire body then put them in a pizza oven. I love pizza by the way.

iceprnce1: Are you going to write another episode.

JSB: I am working on episode two for next season. It's creepy and weird.

Hannah_CM: Any clues as to what might happen in any of the remaining episodes?

JSB: People will die. Bodies will drop and if I give it away you guys will be mad.

Amplifigaytion: Next week we apparently see Morgan drawing on some painful elements of his past - are we going to need tissues?

JSB: A Costco load. Like 18 boxes, seriously.

Hannah_CM: What kinds of shows do you like to watch yourself?

JSB: This is my favorite show but I also love Breaking Bad, Homeland, Dexter, Boardwalk, Nurse Jackie, The Slap, the Wire... still watch it on my DVR....Sherlock…

MattyBangBang: Hi JSB, can you tell us why you had Morgan be so blatantly rude to Kevin?

JSB: Morgan wasn't being rude, he didn't want to get involved with their relationship. I think he was privy to Garcia's feelings. It was a guttural feeling he had and wanted Kevin and Garcia to deal with their feelings together. I think he felt awkward but loves her! They had a lot of fun doing this. Garcia was amazing and we are going to continue to peel back layers of her character.

ComeOnPrettyBoy: Do Garcia's issues with getting married have anything to do with her parents (since we know the father that gave her her surname is her stepfather)?

JSB: Yes, I think it definitely has to do with her parents and I think she's scared. Really scared of that level of commitment. But the rate we are going we will have years to delve into her issues.

laurenreynoldsisdead: If you could have anyone guest star on CM, how would it be?

JSB: Angela Bassett, John Waters, Brian Cranston, Camryn Manheim...

HotchGlare: We hear so much about the other characters.. When do we learn something about Hotch or get a Hotch ep. He seems to miss out far too much lately.

JSB: Hotch has had a lot this year with his relationship with Beth. He has some great stuff coming up and you guys will be clapping for it. Seriously.

Sergiocushion: Which unsub would you least like to run into in a dark alley?

JSB: All of them. Everyone brings such fresh ideas that they are all scary.

TodaysMadness: When you write about the character's person life, do you have to go back to previous episodes to make sure the content is consistent?

JSB: We are all consistently looking at prior eps. Everyone in this company is a part of critiquing all the eps and making sure they are true to our show. We all feel ownership of the entire season because we make are mark on all the eps. That includes writers, staff, production... People are constantly working overtime to make this show one of the best in the world.

Hannah_CM: Why do you think Criminal Minds has been so successful?

JSB: I think people are secretly serial killers! And I also think everyone has a fantasy of being part of the law enforcement so we are all heroes too. So Criminal Minds does both!

criminalmindsfan93: Do you know when the episode that Matthew Gray Gubler directed is going to air and can you give us any hints as to what it'll be about?

JSB: We just saw the cut the other day. It airs April 4th and shall I say it is a masterpiece!

TodaysMadness: Do you consider what the fans opinion when you work on an episode?

JSB: Yes. A lot of you are extremely passionate in your criticisms so we listen but we have to write to the characters and not to everyone's feelings about them. It's a balance. Some of you have us in therapy!

htlex: How much input do the cast have in their character development?

JSB: They have a lot. We are constantly talking to them in the room or we go to their trailer. We all have the same goal and that is to make a fantastic show.

Hannah_CM: How long does it generally take to write an episode?

JSB: You get two weeks for the first draft then you have about two weeks of two or three more drafts. Prior to that you get a week to write an outline based upon how we broke the story in the room.

ComeOnPrettyBoy: Do the rules and wants of the network restrict the vision the writers have to CM?

JSB: Not really. CBS has been very supportive of our creative vision and knows that they have something special on their hands.

laurenreynoldsisdead: Which actor is most like their character?

JSB: They all have some traits that parallel! I can't call them out they are going to read this. I have a mortgage!!

htlex: Thanks for answering my questions... one more... any Morgan/Prentiss awesomeness coming up ;)

JSB: You are going to die!!!!!! LOL!

LLALALALA: where do you find out what the fans think of an episode?

JSB: I no longer read the blogs. The assistants let us know the pulse. The good, the bad, the ugly, the positive. It runs the gamut!

cm: CM's episodes this season are not good and the ratings and viewers sink a little deeper at each passing week. How did you guys got renewed?

JSB: Okay, we are doing amazing in the ratings. We are one of the best shows in the WORLD!! CBS loves us. The fans still love us. The show this year has been amazing. We got an early pick up. Shut the front door. WE ARE GOING TO BE HERE forever!!

ComeOnPrettyBoy: Are you excited about the fan video challenge the CM Set Report has up? Who is going to be judging it?

JSB: Yes, thanks to you guys... we are still standing STRONG!!! Trust me there are going to be some pretty famous judges involved... It could go American Idol style. Submit.


laurenreynoldsisdead: Has CM made you super paranoid or more concious about people?

JSB: You guys make me paranoid!! No seriously the show definitely makes you more conscious of your surroundings.

jimmysulllivan: What is the hardest part in creating an unsub?

JSB: There have been so many done on the show that what's hard is trying to make ones that are different and fresh.

elle: Except...the numbers have gone down a bit. And CM has lost ground in key demographics. The numbers may still be high, but they aren't as high as they have been in the past. We get to see the numbers too.

JSB: I think we were top ten last week and we went up last night! You guys, people are happy. Stations are happy all OVER THE WORLD!!

tarynpreston: Do you ever feel sorry for an unsub (or maybe even attracted to them)?

JSB: I felt sorry for Jimmy Hall in the Bittersweet Science and I loved Ian Doyle.... Should I say I stole a photo of him from props!!

TodaysMadness: Is there an episode that you find is just too hard to watch?

JSB: They are all hard to watch. Especially the ones that deal with kids.

hotchsscruff: A lot of people have been rooting for Morgan/Reid (relationship wise). How do you feel about this?

JSB: We are going to delve into more character dynamics next year. We love Reid and Morgan and their friendship!

Amplifigarytion: What can CM do to remain different from all the other crime shows currently on the air? Is that a hard challenge, to avoid just doing the norm?

JSB: The show is inherently different then the other "Cop" shows. We deal with profiling and also get into the mind of the criminal while our team is trying to figure out why it happened not what or how it happened. I think that's why the show weekly feels fresh because they are all mini-movies.

Hannah_CM: Do you have a favourite line that you have wrote?

JSB: My favorite line last night was: "Look, you are Penelope's boo. And she is your baby girl, and what I'm about to embark on takes the keen insight of someone who knows her inside and out." You guys we have to rock and roll and get to breaking more stories. Thanks for being the best fans eva!

CuriousKitty73: This was my first live chat & I enjoyed it very much. CM is FAB! Thank you, Janine!

CM_SetReport Chat w/Writer and Exec. Prod. Janine Sherman Barrois

Click on the above 'Chat Now' button/link to join the CM_SetReport chat with the writer of EP717 "I Love You, Tommy Brown," Janine Sherman Barrois.  The room will open at 9:30AM PST.

Password: teacher

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Criminal Minds in 30 Seconds - SUBMISSIONS

Submissions are now open for our Criminal Minds in 30 Seconds fan video contest.

Here's how to submit:

Please leave a comment to this post with a link to your video. Don't forget to leave your name, age and location!

That's it! Good luck!!!

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Criminal Minds in 30 Seconds - Fan Contest

We are looking for the best dramatic or comedic interpretation of a member of the BAU. You may use costumes, props and/or dialogue from the show to give us your take on a favorite scene, put together a montage of your favorite moments, or offer us your take on the various idiosyncrasies that make each character unique.

Videos should be 30 seconds in length.
All submissions must be posted to or, with a link and your submission info (name, age, location) posted in the comments section of the blog post labeled "Submissions."

A panel of judges from the show - including writers, actors and producers will select a Grand Prize winner and two runner-ups for special prizes.

What to do: Fan created videos featuring a dramatic or comedic interpretation of a member of the BAU.

The Fine Print: There are no technical specifications for the creation of the videos beyond the fact that they must be viewable on youtube or vimeo. They may be edited, set to music, silent, whatever. Just make sure they’re no more than 30 seconds. Profanity is not permitted and all videos must be suitable to a TV-PG audience. One entry per person and/or group.

Submitting: All submissions will be public. Please post a link to your video on this website, in the comments section of the post titled SUBMISSIONS.

Deadline: April 4th, 2012
Winner’s Announced: April 18th, 2012

**Contest is worldwide. Open to anyone, anywhere.  Have fun!

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CM_SetReport Chat w/writer Kimberly Harrison - 3/1/12

Kimberly Harrison: Hello everyone!

Laurenreynoldsisdead: Why didn't you decide to show the ladies night or Reid babysitting Henry? Great episode by the way!

KH: Thank you... I wanted to show Reid being responsible. It was cool to switch it up! I would have loved to see ladies night but we just didn't have the time.

dineen1967: What inspired you to write an episode where the family is helping the son kill those women and the mother covering up for those crimes?

KH: As crazy as it sounds I thought about what I'd do for my children and because of CM... it got twisted! lol

Ironictheorist: Can you give us an introduction to what the season ending would be like?

KH: Hit & Run

Geewiz: Are you writing another episode and who will be the focus?

KH: Not this season.

EmPress: I've always wondered: Who's richer, trust-fund baby Prentiss or author Rossi? She never flaunts her money background so it is hard to tell.

KH: I'd say Rossi.... "Snake Eyes" Prentiss wasn't rushing to volunteer money for the buy-in.

Laurenreynoldsisdead: Thank you for showing us Hotch in tight clothing. Much appreciated by everyone.

KH: It was FREEZING that day. Thomas was amazing!

Oliviabondoc: Is it more or equally difficult writing an episode with multiple unsubs instead of just one?

KH: I must admit it was challenging but we get paid per UnSub. LOL

LLALALALA: what was your favourite line of last night's episode?

KH: The "Mr. Belvedere" line.

Soundofmescreaming: Why are the unsubs getting so much screen time?

KH: Each episode is different. We just try to tell them in different ways.

Laurenreynoldsisdead: Where was Henry the morning of the race? I think everyone is wondering about that.

KH: Will had gotten home early that morning.

NittyMcNitpicker: Since we've seen Hotch in tights and Morgan half naked, are we going to get to see JJ in a bikini? It's only fair.

KH: We're saving that for the "Hawaii" episode lol

love_sil: Any hints about how Emily is going to leave?

KH: We're still working on that. Stay tuned! Come on GublerLover44... show some love.

Salsadancingjemily: who are you closest with on the CM set ? (writers and actors)

KH: I think you already know the answer to that.... Rick Dunkle

Swon: Do you personally watch CM when it airs? Or are you guys all CM'd out by the time it comes on each week

KH: I watch EVERY Wednesday.

Green_Fairy: G'DAY from AUSTRALIA! Great episode. Are we going to see any villain arcs, like Foyet & Doyle by the end of this season? AND any chance Prentiss' wardrobe could go on auction after PB leaves at the end of the season? :P

KH: First off, I have dibs on her turtlenecks. LOL Stay tuned for Ep #720.

NittyMcNitpicker: So, was it Will who got home and took Henry from Reid's exhausted arms?

KH: Wil had just finished his double duty when he walked through the door to find Reid and Henry sleep on the couch. Then JJ came home...

NittyMcNitpicker: After seeing the episode air and perhaps getting some feedback, is there anything about last night's episode that you would change if you had it to do over again?

KH: I would have DEMANDED ladies night! : )

wheelsup4demily: I ship Kim & Rick :)

KH: Please SHIP us to Hawaii!

Elle: if you could have one of the jobs on the crew, which would you want?

KH: Hmm good question. I'd like to work in camera department. Those guys get to be there for every moment that we film. That's pretty cool.

JJHotchner: Did Hotch end up introducing Beth to everyone? Or did he forget they were there? lol

KH: They all went to breakfast after the race.

Soundofmescreaming: Was Morgan with Reid when he was babysitting?

KH: No. It was just Reid and Henry.

Makehimstop: Which upcoming episode are you most excited about?


sam-maddy: Who is your dream guest star?

KH: Lea Michele

NittyMcNitpicker: Were you not allowed to kill the "Erica" character because of her name? :P Were there any versions of the story in which Erica died?

KH: There was a version where Jeffrey turned on Erika and actually stabbed her but we were there in time to save her.

Makehimstop: Who is your all time favorite unsub?

KH: I'm going to have to go with Jack Coleman. He was totally creepy!

D: Can you give us one spoiler about what's going to happen in one of the episodes still left to air?

KH: In one of the episodes we're going to see some folks we haven't seen in a while.

Jasper: Which character voice do you find the easiest to get right? And the most challenging?

KH: I'd say that Prentiss is one of the easier ones to write. One of the most challenging ... hmmm..... Reid.

Jasper: What show would you like to see CM do a crossover ep with?


Herpderp: If you could write any episode, no resrictions, what would happen, and how would it be different from your other episodes?

KH: It would be Criminal Minds "AFTER DARK"

ChocolateDivine: There's a off-camera story to why Reid got to the crime scene with the "I just got laid" hair right?

KH: That was due to the dense humidity in Atlanta.

imperfect1989: we've already been giving that spoiler about charactors coming back....! any other spoilers.

KH: We'll learn some new BAU history.

JJHotchner: Any nice Hotch/JJ moments coming up? And, yes, I will not stop asking this until I get answered :)

KH: Yes... stay tuned!

Makehimstop: Who do you think would win in a fight: Doyle or Foyet?

KH: Doyle for sure!

GublerLover44: at the end of season 7, can we see a full cast interview about their thoughts on the season and whatnot?

KH: I hope so! Season 7 DVD

sam-maddy: Would you ever write Criminal Minds - the Musical?

KH: Ummm, yeah! With Lea Michele as the UnSub. Thought? LOL

Sergiocushion: Who do you think is the best at Salsa dancing, Emily, JJ or Garcia?

KH: Garcia! I think she might have been taking lessons for a while and wanted to bring JJ and Prentiss along.

NittyMcNitpicker: Was Henry impressed with any of Reid's magic tricks or did Reid have to resort to making silly faces (or just reading to him)?

KH: He read Henry his favorite bedtime story... The US Bureau of Labor Statistics book.

SmileyGidget: If you could write an episode in any setting... real, space, future, past... where would it be?

KH: I'd love to write an episode that takes place 20 years in the future. I wonder what our team would look like....

PopcornBalls: Thank you for your time - we really appreciate your stopping by to chat! Is there anything that no one has asked that you'd like to tell us?

KH: Nobody has asked me how I feel about Snooki being pregnant... j/k Honestly, I'd really like to thank you guys for watching this year. We've got some great stuff coming up. I look forward to many many more questions next season. Catch ya in season 8. In the meantime, feel free to holla at me. I'm on twitter twitches!!!! @ikimharrison

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CM_SetReport Chat w/Kimberly Harrison Login Info

Click on the above 'Chat Now' button/link to join the CM_SetReport chat with the writer of EP716 "A Family Affair," Kimberly Harrison. The room will open at 5:30PM PST.

Password is: family