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CM_SetReport Chat w/writer Kimberly Harrison - 3/1/12

Kimberly Harrison: Hello everyone!

Laurenreynoldsisdead: Why didn't you decide to show the ladies night or Reid babysitting Henry? Great episode by the way!

KH: Thank you... I wanted to show Reid being responsible. It was cool to switch it up! I would have loved to see ladies night but we just didn't have the time.

dineen1967: What inspired you to write an episode where the family is helping the son kill those women and the mother covering up for those crimes?

KH: As crazy as it sounds I thought about what I'd do for my children and because of CM... it got twisted! lol

Ironictheorist: Can you give us an introduction to what the season ending would be like?

KH: Hit & Run

Geewiz: Are you writing another episode and who will be the focus?

KH: Not this season.

EmPress: I've always wondered: Who's richer, trust-fund baby Prentiss or author Rossi? She never flaunts her money background so it is hard to tell.

KH: I'd say Rossi.... "Snake Eyes" Prentiss wasn't rushing to volunteer money for the buy-in.

Laurenreynoldsisdead: Thank you for showing us Hotch in tight clothing. Much appreciated by everyone.

KH: It was FREEZING that day. Thomas was amazing!

Oliviabondoc: Is it more or equally difficult writing an episode with multiple unsubs instead of just one?

KH: I must admit it was challenging but we get paid per UnSub. LOL

LLALALALA: what was your favourite line of last night's episode?

KH: The "Mr. Belvedere" line.

Soundofmescreaming: Why are the unsubs getting so much screen time?

KH: Each episode is different. We just try to tell them in different ways.

Laurenreynoldsisdead: Where was Henry the morning of the race? I think everyone is wondering about that.

KH: Will had gotten home early that morning.

NittyMcNitpicker: Since we've seen Hotch in tights and Morgan half naked, are we going to get to see JJ in a bikini? It's only fair.

KH: We're saving that for the "Hawaii" episode lol

love_sil: Any hints about how Emily is going to leave?

KH: We're still working on that. Stay tuned! Come on GublerLover44... show some love.

Salsadancingjemily: who are you closest with on the CM set ? (writers and actors)

KH: I think you already know the answer to that.... Rick Dunkle

Swon: Do you personally watch CM when it airs? Or are you guys all CM'd out by the time it comes on each week

KH: I watch EVERY Wednesday.

Green_Fairy: G'DAY from AUSTRALIA! Great episode. Are we going to see any villain arcs, like Foyet & Doyle by the end of this season? AND any chance Prentiss' wardrobe could go on auction after PB leaves at the end of the season? :P

KH: First off, I have dibs on her turtlenecks. LOL Stay tuned for Ep #720.

NittyMcNitpicker: So, was it Will who got home and took Henry from Reid's exhausted arms?

KH: Wil had just finished his double duty when he walked through the door to find Reid and Henry sleep on the couch. Then JJ came home...

NittyMcNitpicker: After seeing the episode air and perhaps getting some feedback, is there anything about last night's episode that you would change if you had it to do over again?

KH: I would have DEMANDED ladies night! : )

wheelsup4demily: I ship Kim & Rick :)

KH: Please SHIP us to Hawaii!

Elle: if you could have one of the jobs on the crew, which would you want?

KH: Hmm good question. I'd like to work in camera department. Those guys get to be there for every moment that we film. That's pretty cool.

JJHotchner: Did Hotch end up introducing Beth to everyone? Or did he forget they were there? lol

KH: They all went to breakfast after the race.

Soundofmescreaming: Was Morgan with Reid when he was babysitting?

KH: No. It was just Reid and Henry.

Makehimstop: Which upcoming episode are you most excited about?


sam-maddy: Who is your dream guest star?

KH: Lea Michele

NittyMcNitpicker: Were you not allowed to kill the "Erica" character because of her name? :P Were there any versions of the story in which Erica died?

KH: There was a version where Jeffrey turned on Erika and actually stabbed her but we were there in time to save her.

Makehimstop: Who is your all time favorite unsub?

KH: I'm going to have to go with Jack Coleman. He was totally creepy!

D: Can you give us one spoiler about what's going to happen in one of the episodes still left to air?

KH: In one of the episodes we're going to see some folks we haven't seen in a while.

Jasper: Which character voice do you find the easiest to get right? And the most challenging?

KH: I'd say that Prentiss is one of the easier ones to write. One of the most challenging ... hmmm..... Reid.

Jasper: What show would you like to see CM do a crossover ep with?


Herpderp: If you could write any episode, no resrictions, what would happen, and how would it be different from your other episodes?

KH: It would be Criminal Minds "AFTER DARK"

ChocolateDivine: There's a off-camera story to why Reid got to the crime scene with the "I just got laid" hair right?

KH: That was due to the dense humidity in Atlanta.

imperfect1989: we've already been giving that spoiler about charactors coming back....! any other spoilers.

KH: We'll learn some new BAU history.

JJHotchner: Any nice Hotch/JJ moments coming up? And, yes, I will not stop asking this until I get answered :)

KH: Yes... stay tuned!

Makehimstop: Who do you think would win in a fight: Doyle or Foyet?

KH: Doyle for sure!

GublerLover44: at the end of season 7, can we see a full cast interview about their thoughts on the season and whatnot?

KH: I hope so! Season 7 DVD

sam-maddy: Would you ever write Criminal Minds - the Musical?

KH: Ummm, yeah! With Lea Michele as the UnSub. Thought? LOL

Sergiocushion: Who do you think is the best at Salsa dancing, Emily, JJ or Garcia?

KH: Garcia! I think she might have been taking lessons for a while and wanted to bring JJ and Prentiss along.

NittyMcNitpicker: Was Henry impressed with any of Reid's magic tricks or did Reid have to resort to making silly faces (or just reading to him)?

KH: He read Henry his favorite bedtime story... The US Bureau of Labor Statistics book.

SmileyGidget: If you could write an episode in any setting... real, space, future, past... where would it be?

KH: I'd love to write an episode that takes place 20 years in the future. I wonder what our team would look like....

PopcornBalls: Thank you for your time - we really appreciate your stopping by to chat! Is there anything that no one has asked that you'd like to tell us?

KH: Nobody has asked me how I feel about Snooki being pregnant... j/k Honestly, I'd really like to thank you guys for watching this year. We've got some great stuff coming up. I look forward to many many more questions next season. Catch ya in season 8. In the meantime, feel free to holla at me. I'm on twitter twitches!!!! @ikimharrison


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  2. Thanks for the transcript. I know that some fans ask for Morgan/Reid scenes, and I don't mind but I would love to see Reid sharing a nice scene with Hotch for a change. I really hope to see a nice moment between Hotch and Reid before the season ends, even if it's a single scene. I could also enjoy some interactions between Rossi and Reid since there aren't many scenes between these two, that would be my second choice.
    I also wanted to add that I'm not the only one who hopes for a Hotch/Reid scene.

  3. We do need Hotch/Reid scenes...or Prentiss/Reid scenes.
    I'm getting all bubbly inside because I'm hoping one of the "people we haven't seen in a while" is Gideon. I'd love to see Gideon and Reid together again. If you bring back Elle for an episode...she needs to be with Morgan.

  4. No freaking way...

    In the episode Hit Jack, Henry, Will, Strauss, Beth (Ew), Clyde Easter (From "Lauren"), Kevin, AND Anderson are going to make appearances!


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