Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We’ve got an all new EP this week, “Foundation.” Check it out on Wed @ 9PM EST. And then join us for a special chat as FBI consultant and guest writer, Jim Clemente, joins us in the @CM_SetReport chat room Thurs. 3/22 @6PM PST.


  1. This was the best episode of the past two seasons!
    Finally we get some mystery and very good profiling. We get to see the team doing legwork and not just relying on Garcia for everything.

    We didn't get gory details about what was done to Angel. There was a lot of subtlety and I felt like this case was more realistic than any of the other cases this season. The way the team handled it really showed why they are needed.

    No outside drama interfering and the drama with Morgan was centered around his own experiences and related to the case. I loved how he used the coin to get through to the boy. It made me wonder if Jim Clemente or one of his fellow team members used a similar technique to reach a victim.

    I loved that we got different perspectives from the team members. Loved that Rossi drew on his experiences with the scare caused by therapists manipulating the memories of their patients and causing them to create and believe false memories. I also liked that by contrast, Prentiss (who was not in the BAU during that time) went with her gut and found a way to send the daughter of the suspect in to get information.

    I love the twist that the baseball glove that the daughter used as an excuse turned out to be a trophy.

    It was chilling when she mentioned that her father would go back to the first neighborhood he developed to build new houses and it was a subtle hint that he built a new house for each victim.

    I did wonder why Hotch had no tie and why Reid was absent a lot. In 30 minutes Reid had 3 lines-- but I think maybe Matthew might have been busy prepping for Heathridge Manor so it couldn't be helped.

    I loved that they used victimology to determine that the kidnapper was picking boys he knew.

    I was interrupted by my brother briefly so I might have missed more in depth profiling of the guy who turned out to be the perp.

    I liked the nice moment with JJ and Morgan at the end. It showed some nice bonding and didn't seem forced.

    I do wonder when JJ learned Spanish though. LOL. I thought it was Prentiss who knew Spanish, but that doesn't preclude JJ from having learned it at some point.

    The other writers should take note of this episode and see what works.

    The only thing I would change would be to have a little more of Reid-- even if he had just been there when Rossi and Hotch were searching the house. Oh, I also loved that the rest of the police were with them when they were going through searching for the boy.

    Excellent episode. This one gave me hope that the rest of the season might not suck. If only Jim could write more episodes...

    This one felt like the old CM I knew and loved. I was beginning to think that show was dead.

  2. Totally agree with the previous poster. Very much like old CM. Kudos to Jim Clemente. This is what we've been missing. If the other writers can't learn from him, they should just leave. The focus of the show is supposed to be on the profilers getting into the minds of the criminals to find them and solve the cases, not in watching the unsubs commit the murders. Less is more. Jim gets it. Thank you!!!

  3. Please Please give us more episodes like this.I loved that it focused on the team and not the unsub. I appreciated that the victim wasn't an afterthought and there was no OTT gore and violence.

    This episode is such a contrast to what we've been getting and for the better.The team is the reason I watch,not the unsub.And the team is what we got in this episode.I loved the fact we were kept guessing as to whether or not that guy was the unsub.
    I hope Jim Clemente writes more episodes.OTOH I wish Janine would retire her writing pen,at least when it comes to CM.
    My only complaint is there wasn't enough Reid.I really hope he gets another story line soon.


  4. MsCat, I agree with you totally. There are a lot of us out here who feel this way. Jim understands the BAU (obviously) and knows how to write for the character. Janine only seems to understand violence, gore and shock value. Her characters are not believable and she doesn't understand the characters of the team as they have been set up for the first 5 seasons. I'm not including season 6 because the writers really screwed up last season, writing ridiculous lines for the team often just to support the ludicrous Seaver character. She needs to go. Bring back Andrew Wilder, CM.


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