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CM_SetReport Chat Transcript for Joe Mantegna 11-4-11

JM: Joe here. Excited to see your questions.

Smiley: Joe, it is fantastic that we are starting to see more into Rossi's personal life... are there certain things you would like to approach for the character?!

JM: I love when we get into the personal aspects of the character as well. I hope to in the future get into Rossi's military background.

JennSeiler: My question for Joe is if he was surprised by the whole Rossi had a son part of the story and if so, would he want to explore that storyline in any more detail? I would also like to know what he thinks of the Bears' chances of going to the Super Bowl?

JM: I was consulted about that aspect of the script and thought that it was a very interesting and appropriate aspect of the character. And being a cub fan, I am not holding my breath for the Bears.

Em_prentiss: Are we going to meet anymore of Rossi's wife later on in season 7? Did Rossi every tell anyone about his child he lost?

JM: Since there are two other wives there's always a possibility that they might rear their heads. I think Hotch is the only person I would've talked to.

Explodingegg: Hi Joe! So my question is, Rossi's got a rep for being kind of a gamer. Do you play any computer games in real life?

JM: I have two daughters in real life so I'm better with Barbie knowledge than computer games.

SesameSquirrel: After making a list a while ago (and esp. after 7x06) I realized Rossi is the only BAU member who's never been shot / concussed / stabbed / impaled / in a car crash, etc. on screen. What's your secret Joe? ;)

JM: I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Lisa: Do you prefer long haired Reid, or short haired Reid?

JM: Reid is my boy, long hair, short or bald.

oceanblue78: Hi Joe, thank you for doing this chat for the fans. Thomas Gibson said you were pretty good at cooking italian food. Have you got any plans on releasing an italian cook book of some kind if you haven't already done that?

JM: Not a bad idea. We own a restaurant in Burbank California so maybe a cookbook by Rossi is next.

goingnuclear: Joe, congrats on your recent "star" in Hollywood! I have a few questions. How do you think season 7 is going so far? Which episode in this season has been your favorite to shoot? Do you have any major hopes for this season we haven't heard about?

JM: Season 7 is going fantastic especially since we're at full strength again. I enjoyed doing the two episodes involving my first wife and my only hope is that we do what we've been doing...onward and upward.

swon: Awesome episode Mr. Mantenga! Just wondering with doing Criminal Minds, it can have pretty heavy topics, is it refreshing to do other projects/comedy such as the Simpsons?

JM: Ironically I did a Simpson's episode today. It's nice to do a little comedy like that now and then but I get a little comic relief now and again on C.M. as well.

Sergiocushion: Joe, just wondering if you would rather end up in a fight with Rossi or Fat Tony? They're both pretty tough guys!

JM: No problem. I can take them both.

gchan_s2: Which ex-wife was Rossi`s one great love? (Like for Hotch, it was Hayley).. Or is Rossi still looking for the final Mrs. Rossi? :).

JM: After 3 wives I think Rossi's done looking...but you never know...

HoneycombHead: Hey Joe! Was wondering what do you think is Rossi's biggest strength and biggest weakness?

JM: I would think Rossi's experience may be his biggest strength and his attachment to his old ways on occasion may be his biggest weakness...but I'm learning.

Marisa: Have you ever consider directing an episode?

JM: I've directed one feature in my career called LAKEBOAT and it was quite an endeavor so I don't take it lightly. Maybe down the line but right now Dr. Reid is our infant terrible of directing. He does a great job.

HoneycombHead: Has there ever been a plotline that has been particularly hard to do emotionally?

JM: A few seasons ago my own daughter Gia appeared in an episode and it was a little tough seperating fact from fiction with her on the set. She did a great job though and I was very proud of her doing a very difficult role.

pastaroni: The last few scenes of last night's episode left me in tears. How do you get in that mindset you need to be in when you're going to film difficult scenes like that?

JM: Our writers do a wonderful job of setting up a situation that for me my job is just to say the words with all the meaning I can muster and hopefully the emotion intended will be there.

goingnuclear: Do you think Rossi prefers boxers or briefs?

JM: Maybe we'll find out in a later episode:}

love_sil: Did Rossi really know Emily was alive? Is he gonna say something about it?

JM: As I inferred in an episode that I had a hunch she may have lived. I think Rossi may indeed have had such a hunch.

jillian: Hey Joe!! What is your favorite part of working on Criminal Minds?

JM: My favorite part is just being here each day. There's a quote that goes if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. That's where I'm at.

gchan_s2: Who was your favorite unsub?

JM: I've had a few. Jamie Kennedy as the cannibal was a good one, and C. Thomas Howell did a great job as the Reaper.

owllover: Joe, how do you feel about owls?

JM: My roommate in college actually owned an owl named Van Hoo. It kept me up at night.

criminallymindless: Do you have any advice for aspiring actors?

JM: Just enjoy yourself at whatever level you do it. It's all about the journey, not the destination.

NittyMcNitpicker: In "Exit Wounds" the team members had to double up. We know Morgan shared a room with Garcia, JJ and Prentiss probably shared, but how was the rest of it divvied up? Did Rossi share with Hotch or did he get to be on his own?

JM: Rossi has a lot of cash....I share nothing.

NittyMcNitpicker: Did Rossi give Reid any wardrobe advice? In the beginning it was said that Reid emulated Gideon, but after Rossi joined, Reid started wearing nicer and more fitted clothing. Can this be attributed to Rossi's influence?

JM: You'd have to ask Reid, but I'd like to think it's true. If it end in a vowel, I'll wear it.

criminallymindless: Did you enjoy working with Isabella Hoffman?

JM: Working with Isabella was great. I knew her as a friend and it was great to be able to work with her on such a moving storyline.

Explodingegg: OK, gonna ask you my favorite dumb question - and I'm serious... If you could be any dinosaur, which one would you be?

JM: David Rossi....T Rex....what else!

gchan_s2: Did Rossi and Strauss have a "thing" in the past?

JM: Rossi and Strauss have something going....we'll see where that takes us.

swon: How did this Criminal Minds job come about for you? Did they have the character of Rossi created with you in mind? Were you a fan of the show before you joined?

JM: As you probably know I came in under unusual circumstances, but I think it made it all the more exciting as we had to fly blind for a little while. I had a lot of input on the character, including his name and background.

NittyMcNitpicker: I think I read somewhere that you like cats. I have 8 of them myself; how many do you have? Do you have any favorite breeds or types of cats?

JM: We've had cats for many years. We have 3 right now. Most any breed is good for me, but I’m partial to our Siamese right now.

owllover: Do you think Rossi and Hotch are like the parents of the team?

JM: Not sure about that but when I came in I thought Gideon had been somewhat of the mother hen so I thought I'd come in as the rooster.

Britt: Who do you think Rossi's favorite author is?

JM: I was a huge fan of Robert Parker and did a lot of his books on tape. I think Rossi would like him as well.

criminallymindless: What's your favorite dish at Taste Chicago? I need recommendations!

JM: It's all good, but Joe's half and half is the best sandwich in the world. Of course I'm prejudiced.

Becca: Aside from Criminal Minds, do you have any other TV show favorites?

JM: Are there other TV shows? Actually I host a show on the Outdoor Channel called Gun Stories which traces historical firearms, an interest of mine.

Pise7en: Which character is your favorite? Apart from yours of course.

JM: Since I'm older than the other cast members I can't help but think of them somewhat as my kids....and you don't play favorites with your kids. You love them all equally...and I do.

anniebelle: What's the oldest/coolest firearm that you own?

JM: David Mamet presented me with an old pistol from the early 1900's engraved with the saying, "Never Forget Chicago."

adeaner: Where did the ring that you wear on the show come from?

JM: The ring is the one given to agents who have been with the FBI for over 20 years.

Sergiocushion: If you could have anyone guest star on Criminal Minds, who would it be?

JM: Ringo himself told me he was a fan of the show. It would be my dream to have him come play with us sometime.

Dan: What is your favourite kind of music?

JM: I like all kinds of music, but one episode mentioned my attraction to the Ratpack, and their music is certainly among my favorites.

love_sil: Do you actors give ideas to the writers?

JM: We actors have a great dialog with our writers. The episodes involving one of my wives was one I had suggested awhile back.

paparossi: What did you do for Halloween?

JM: I worked most of Halloween but we were sure to let Matthew enjoy his favorite holiday with the day off.

elle: Rossi makes an interesting mentor and confidante for the individuals on the team. Do you have a similar relationship with the cast?

JM: I think often art imitates life and vice versa.

smritzbitz_CM: What's your favorite holiday?

JM: My favorite holiday is Memorial Day. I've been hosting the National Memorial Day concert in Washington D.C. for 10 years now and I think it's very important because that holiday honors the men and women who made all our holidays possible.

JennCMFan: When MGG directs is it more fun on set ?

JM: When Matthew's on set, it's ALWAYS fun.

paparossi: What do you think sets Criminal Minds apart from other crime shows?

JM: I like to think C.M. is the thinking fan's show. We demand a little more from our viewers and you guys step up to the plate.

anniebelle: What's one thing you've given to Rossi's character? What's one thing you've taken away?

JM: I've given Rossi maturity....Rossi has taken away my sleep!

jillian: Do you think you could actually be a profiler?

JM: I have the utmost respect for the real profilers. I'm happy to play one....not sure if I can be one.

swon: Would you like to see Rossi in a physical confrontation with an unsub?

JM: I had one little mix-up with Jason Alexander's character in an episode, but for the most part we let Morgan do the butt-whipping on our show.

JennSeiler: Who is the better cook at home: you or your wife?

JM: My wife is, hands down. But I do make a very good carbonara.

Heidi: What is the best prank that any of you have ever pulled on each other?

JM: I think Shemar meets the Bear was a good one.

criminalminds82: When Rossi came back he was not much of a team player, now he is what do you think changed that?

JM: I think it was a good example of how people can and do change when necessary. It's part of the growth of all of us.

procrastinator: Who was in the bear suit?

JM: That's what made it great. It was no suit!

Explodingegg: If you could drink beer with any historical figure, from any time period, living or dead, who would it be and why?

JM: I would want to have a beer with Jesus, Buddah and Mohammed and ask them, boys, let's get together and bring some understanding to people everywhere.

anniebelle: Yeah, have you noticed profiling qualities seep into your everyday life? Like, do you see people and think, "Impotent narcissistic sociopath!"?

JM: I play David Rossi, but I'm a lot more Dean Martin. No profiling for me on my free time.

JM: Thanks everyone. I love being part of this show. I hope you continue to enjoy being part of it with us.

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