Thursday, October 27, 2011

@CM_SetReport Exclusive: Brecken Lawrence Interviews Paget Brewster, "Emily Prentiss" on #CriminalMinds

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  1. Hi, OMG Brecken is soo cute.And Paget as always is just incredible and soo down to earth.That's why I love her :D Umm I was wondering if anyone can contact Paget Brewster or any of the CM cast asking them if they can PLZ leave a message for my friend Jana, who's birthday is on October 31st and it would mean the world to her and me if any of them especially Paget left her a birthday wish either via video or twitter.My friend Jana is gona turn 17th and Paget is her Idol she would be soo happy if this birthday wish came true :D BTW my name is
    This is my friends twitter!/kbecksify


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