Friday, October 14, 2011

That's a wrap on #CriminalMinds 7x09! Premieres 12/7 @ 9pm on CBS. Written by Erica Messer. Directed by Charles Haid.


  1. I just recently heard about that Hotch is getting a love interest. As much as I am glad for the man; he definitely needs to smile more, I honestly am disappointed that it was not Prentiss. I also sense that the fandom will be divided on this news, with a portion wanting him with Prentiss, the other being okay with him smiling, and also many fans who will not understand the introduction of a new character. For me, my main priority is that I don't believe that having a love interest outside of his career field is realistic, and I do enjoy seeing his friendship further bloom with Prentiss.

    Hotch's one true love was Haley and even though she was his true love, he still put his job before her and was unable to protect her from George Foyet. The problem was that she did not understand his job, and he wanted to shield her from the horrors of his job. Ultimately, this choice led to their break up. Hence, it is more realistic that Hotch's love interest be a woman who understands the terror involved with the job; the monsters he faces and understands that he does not have much free time; the majority of which he spends with Jack. Also, Hotch needs someone who will not glorify him being a FBI Agent.

    Prentiss does work with him, but given the long hours required in the BAU, she spends more time with him that any other woman, excluding other female co-workers, and will understand the dilemmas he faces. With her, he will not need to be "protect" her from his job, and he will be able to be himself.

    It has also been mentioned in the past Emily's desire for children, and JJ herself, even declared that she "could see it [Prentiss having kids]". I believe that she would be amazing with Jack

    Criminal Minds Writers, please think carefully before you decide whether "Beth" will be a long-term love interest, or more as a friend that Hotch can talk to. Hotch does need to smile more, but a love interest, who may cause much strife within the fandom, is not the only solution to seeing the stoic leader's dimples.

    While I am not writing this simply to endorse a Hotch/Prentiss relationship, I would like to see more interaction between these characters, who, as Breen has mentioned himself, seem the most similar due to the fact that they have both undergone similar physical abuse and are enigmas to the audience.

    And, while others may disagree, I strongly believe that introducing this Beth character as someone Hotch meets during his training and possibly getting into a relationship with, simply doesn't agree nor seem realistic to me. As I mentioned before, there are other ways to see Hotch smile or make him happy, and I just don't think "Beth" will be the answer.

  2. Just wanted to point out that I, for one, am very happy about Beth being a love interest for Hotch.
    I hope it'll be a real relationship, even if we don't see much of it. Hotch needs happiness and I'm glad about the "non intra-team romance" rule. I hope it'll never change.
    As far as characters interaction, I really wish we could see more Hotch/Reid scenes, but that's just me.


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