Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CM_SetReport Chat W/Bruce Zimmerman

Join writer Bruce Zimmerman for a chat tomorrow, Thurs @ 9AM PST! The chatroom link will be posted 30 min prior to the chat as will the password. Hope to see you there!


  1. WHY would Garcia think that Morgan would take advantage of her? She was drunk. Too drunk to remember what happened. Forget men are from Mars. Garcia knows - or should- that Morgan is a decent human being.

    I think it was Erica who said that whole thing would be a great tease and people would wonder if anything happened. But, since Garcia talked about how much she drank before they even showed Morgan, no one should have even questioned whether anything happened. Again, including Garcia.

    Sorry, the whole thing made no sense.

    1. Angelwriter, I do agree. I felt like a lot was missing from that. There had to be more reason for Garcia to even assume something happened between her and Morgan. Did she kiss him accidently? Did she reveal something she shouldn't have? And what was the fight about with Kevin? Was it about the team or just Morgan? A lot was left to be desired but I greatly appreciated the towel scene. I definitely wouldn't have reacted the way Garcia did if I saw that.


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