Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CM_SetReport Chat w/writer Virgil Williams

Hope everyone enjoyed the EP! Hit @VirgilWilliams up in the @CM_SetReport chat room tomorrow at 6PM PST and let him know what you thought!! Details will be posted in the morning.

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  1. Just in case I don't make the chat, or my questions aren't picked up, I'll ask one here. Can we get some interaction between the female team members? I'm not talking about hanging out after work, although that's fun to watch and having a scene like that is always a plus. I mean within the course of a regular work day. Let them have a conversation about the case -one female team member talking directly to another female team member- for more than a couple of short sentences. Let them have personal conversations. Morgan and Prentiss had two in this episode, so they be worked into the episodes and make sense. We used to have multiple conversations between the women over the course of a season. I don't think losing that is something that should fall under a change of the show.

    I'm hoping in the remaining episodes, the women talk to each other. Even if it's just one time in an episode. But, hopefully not just one episode in the rest of the season.

    Sorry this wasn't specific to this episode, but like I said, I can't count on my question being picked in chat, and there's no other place to comment to the writers.


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