Friday, September 23, 2011

Chat Transcript TG and EM 9-22-11

TG: hello! Thomas here. WE have 107 questions so should we get started?
ECM: Hello everybody!

iceprnce1: Will we see more of the beard?

TG: The beard wishes to be seen, but the razor aint so sure.

a2z: Can we get any hints regarding the JJ/Hotch friendship exploration?

ECM: These two have the most in common as working parents. It's unspoken but strong. They've grown closer in the past few seasons and that will continue.

SnowLeopardLass: Thomas, how does it feel to have The Team back together again?

TG: REunited, and it feels so good...

Gubelette: Where was Reid during the time he wasn't with the unit and how long was he gone?

ECM: You'll find out a bit more in episode 7x02... he's been dealing with his mom...

katharine: Hi Thomas, will hotch be smiling more this season?

TG: Hotch is almost always smiling on the inside…

jennseiler: Sorry about that - My question is for Thomas - are a lot of pranks pulled by the CM cast members? If so, who is the biggest prankster?

TG: there are many pranks and much fun in direct proportion to grimness of the material…and, sometimes I am seen as the Prankster in Chief, but that ain't always the case...

connive: do we get to find out more about strauss? (why she took the leave)

ECM: Yes we do! She's such a great character and we wanted to humanize her a bit more this season and those to come...

paddles0626: Hi! Longtime CM fangirl here This question is for Thomas- what was it like to go from Dharma and Greg- comedy, to CM, which is super-intense? Did you prepare for your roles in different ways?

TG: You know when the writing is so good, as it was on D&G and as it is on CM, then it's easy to prepare…plus, you do your homework...

stucky1513: how upset is Reid with Hotch? will there be a confrontation?

ECM: Expect some kung-fu confrontation! Kidding... each character deals with that "betrayal" in their own way...

Explodingegg: I'd love to know what Mr. G's favorite iPhone apps are

TG: ok, it's not an iOS app, but there's a really cool Mac app called DaisyDisk which scans your hard disk and presents it as an interactive visual map…it's ten bucks (apparently usually twenty) but really great!

Outfitter: Thomas, do you ship MGG and Shemar. You even said they're engaged. and the way they look at each other and take cuddling pictures together

TG: MGG and Shemar ship themselves…!

psych eek: How are you feeling today Erica after such a outstanding response to the first show of Season 7?

ECM: I'm feeling happy for all of us -- we've worked hard to turn this ship around and are looking forward to telling more amazing stories for our heroes!

Explodingegg: Thomas, who were the biggest influences on you growing up - as an actor or in any other way?

TG: As an actor, I feel like I was influenced by everyone I saw…I particularly remember being impressed by Peter Sellars' amazing performances

Avery: Hi there! First of all, congratz on the AMAZING premiere!! My question is if we will see more of Hotch's dimples during the season!! ;)

TG: Dimples are not FBI authorized...

amandazucoloto: Hi! About the socializing moments, are we gonna have one like the bar scene with JJ, Prentiss and Garcia in the second season? That was awesome!!

ECM: We'll have one that's even better! Coming very soon...

giann105: Thomas!!!! What is a typical day on set like??

TG: Typical day in the studio or on location…we show up, rehearse, shoot, have lunch, shoot some more, shoot some more, and then go home, and do it again the next day…

Michelle: Is it me or did Rossi not seemed surprised by Prentiss being alive? Is that something?

ECM: Very good catch, Michelle. Stay tuned... like 6 days away tuned...

freechickennow: Erica, how do you think up new storylines for the show when the show's been going on for so long?

ECM: It's certainly not just me... there's a village of very talented storytellers who help keep it fresh.

katharine: Thomas what is the hardest part about playing hotch?

TG: I think the hardest part of playing hotch is answering questions about what's the hardest part of playing hotch…

gube187: What was your first impression, when you first met Matthew?

TG: Powerful dork When will we learn about what it was like for Emily while she was in hiding?

ECM: She'll reveal a bit of that in the next few episodes.

_iamtb: TG: What do you think of all the crazy ships us cri-minders have? ;)

TG: I think it means that we're doing something right that you're interested in exploring dynamics of different relationships...

Explodingegg: Erica, how do you feel about some of the videos-fan art-fan fiction that people put together? Is it cool to see that stuff on YouTube? Or do things like "copyright infringement" pop in your head? (personally I love that stuff)

ECM: The videos are amazing! I love to see how our show is seen and loved by so many people in so many countries. The ones with humor (ie: the friends theme song) make me laugh out loud

Christine_Druesne: Thomas, Would do you like to do a stage play again in Broadway ?

TG: I miss doing plays and hope to get back to doing theater work soon…anywhere!!!

laurapotterxx: Will we get to see more of Jack/Henry this season? We miss them!!

ECM: We sure will!

_iamtb: TG...what's your all time favorite Beatles song?

TG: today, it might be A Day in the Life...

laurapotterxx: Hey there Erica! Is there a video game for CM out/to be coming out? Are you the wrong person to ask??

ECM: It's in the works. TG saw a screen cap in France. Will ask around and get an answer by next week's chat!

criminal musings: Thomas, does anyone roll their eyes when you get out your phone and start asking them to pose for pictures?

TG: yes, that's why I try to take candid snaps…

_prentiss: Thomas, do people ever wonder why you take pictures of feet.. every Tuesday?

TG: it has become TTFT tradition, but I reserve the right to post phoot photos on phridays or anyday…

Kris: What can you tell us about the new writers CM has this season?

ECM: There's 3 new writers who've joined our team of 8 this season. They're seasoned and talented and love our show which makes this season the best yet.

gchan: Thomas, do you think you can convince Shemar to start tweeting? since you are the twitter king! :)

TG: I don't think it's possible to convince Shamboogie to do anything he doesn't want to…!

Rensomnia: I love how the both of you are so incredibly available to your fans (Twitter, chats like this, Facebook pages, etc). How do you manage the time to do all this?

TG: Since it's relatively easy to post via phone, etc., it's pretty easy to find the minute or two to do it!

ECM: One time Hotch said, he gives 100% at work and 100% when he's home. We do the same. We're lucky to do what we love for a living and the fans are a HUGE reason we're here right now chatting with you lovely folks.

SheilaMarie: Thomas, t'etait excellent ce lundi !! C'etait l'idee a qui?

TG: C'etait une idee de Chuck Lorre!

criminal musings: Thomas, do you skype with your kiddos every day like Hotch did with Jack? (So glad Jack got a mention by the way! Thank you Erica!)

TG: As long as we're shooting in a spot with a signal, I try to do it every day...

swpwallie: Thomas, how was the party last night? Did you prepare any of the food? Or was it pizza and beer?

TG: It was a great party, and maybe made better by the fact that I left the cooking to professionals…!

_iamtb: You all realize how much we love and appreciate this cast/crew right? :D

ECM: You are not alone! This is, by far, the greatest group of people I've ever worked with. We're truly a family. We have good and bad days but always work through it.

CheetoBreath: Thomas, how many times do you hit the snooze button? LOL

TG: After the party last night, I did hit it a few times this morning!

Bailey: Thomas, which episode is your all time favorite?

TG: How can you choose among your children?

heleena_barzel: are you laughing about all this questions ?

TG: We might giggle a little about some of them!

TG: For a little turnabout, can I ask a question? If Hotch were included in nicepeter's Epic Battles of Rap…who would he battle???


thecowboycliche: Foyet?

shaan: Chuck norris
criminallymindless: Dharma Montgomery! :)
katharine: Bond
Heidi: It doesn't matter, because according to Jack, "Nobody beats Daddy!" :)
raisadaxx: agent mulder and scully
shandendoah: charlie sheen
gchan: Optimus Prime? LOL

criminallymindless: Erica, what is your favorite part of starting a brand new season?

ECM: Looking at where we've been and where we can go with the heroes we all know and love. It was obvious that there are many, many more stories to tell and that was exciting.

Alex: Is chatting with fans a fun way to spend a Thursday night?

TG: oh yeah!

rcaponetto: How do you get your hair to look so awesome?

TG: Juilliard, and a wee dab o' product…

cmwonderlady: Will next week's chat also be with you two?

ECM: We've got a 24 episode order this season and the plan is for you to chat with all of the writers after their eps air. Would also love for you guys to get to see more behind-the-scenes which is why we started @cm_setreport

_iamtb: I hope my Biology teacher accepts that I do not have my work done because I decided to chat with the lovelies, EM and TG.


ECM: says the dad! Do it NOW, says the mom!

pise7en: Hi Thomas! How do you feel about wearing ties every day? Thanks!

TG: a little choked up...

a: What question do you get the most?

TG: it's all about the feet...

gchan: Thomas, can we get a WHEELS UP? :P



TG: ………………………..up

ECM: Thanks for the love everybody!

TG: thanks…g'night!


  1. HOORAY for continuing the chats! Thanks for taking the time to answer fan questions, and for putting up with the fandom shenanigans. : ) The chat format was perfect - relaxed, and very user-friendly. The transcripts are also tremendously appreciated. Looking forward to more!

  2. Thank you so much for everything that is available on this site! I've just recently obtained the title of obsession for my love of Criminal Minds, and I greatly appreciate everything!

  3. Thank you very much Erica and Thomas for time spend with Criminal Minds fans and answer our questions... you rock.
    Thank you for this new great season for fans :)
    Thank you for all the team CM set report for the great organisation of the chat. I'm impatient for the next episode and next chat
    Thank you all :)


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