Friday, September 30, 2011

CM Set Report Chat w/Janine Sherman Barrois 9-29

jsb: hey everyone. so excited to be here!

swpwallie: Hi Janine! You seem to focus on the criminally insane. Where do you get your insight or should I say inspiration?

jsb: my family

jsb: bring it on!

Misty: After seeing “Proof” some fans are talking about how immature Reid is. Was it how you intended the character to come across during the episode ? As a big Reid fan I really, really struggled with that aspect of the episode.

jsb: look, jj and reid have been best friends. to play reid as accepting the lie and not having real life consequences to it would have been false.

Kris: Welcome Janine, thanks for an awesome episode last night. Where I really loved it and didn't mind the gory subject matter, I've read where some people thought it was too much. What would you say to those people?

jsb: maybe we shouldn't have shown the girls' eyes out. in script, it didn't seem as bad but on the table it was hard.

Janie: What was your inspiration for the final scene where Rossi was teaching the team how to cook? I loved it :)

jsb: we needed to bring the family together. we needed to have closure, so I thought why not go to rossi's and break bread. the man can really that's what we did. i loved that scene!

Kris: You've written for both Third Watch and ER, both ensemble shows. This is your 2nd year with CM. How does CM compare with your experiences with those shows? Other than the subject matter, how does it differ?

jsb: i've been really lucky. all the shows i have been on are great. this is definitely the scariest but the crew and the writers are the best!

swankyhoodrat: Hey Janine; loved last night's episode! I have a question about Morgan. Although he seemed to forgive Prenntiss on the surface, he seemed hesitant about it, especially after 701. Is this something that will expanded on in future episodes?

jsb: stay tuned....

proofchat: Do you have a favorite BAU character to write for? If so, who? What makes this character your favorite?

jsb: love all of them.... and im not just saying that to keep my job.

pastapartycounseling: Does Reid's presence at Rossi's in the final scene mean the friction between him and JJ is over?

jsb: yes..they're bffs again

Reidsgirl91: So we've had a bearded Hotch and a couple smiles from him. Are we suddenly seeing a new side to Hotch?

jsb: look for more smiles.....seriously, i was shocked too!

samiam1294: favorite line of the episode???

jsb: fade out...

ShellPalmer: Do you think that Reid and Morgan have fully gotten over the deception of Prentiss' 'death'?

jsb: reid yes...morgan.......not so much.... you'll see...

proofchat: Loved seeing JJ able to get in there more, and be more involved, especially in "Proof". Do you (or any of the writers have plans to give JJ some scenes where AJ can really flex her acting muscles. She does already, but I am always up for more JJ!

jsb: yes, she is back and we plan to really have her go there this season.

masovamari: Why do you think showing so much violence is actually good to the show?

jsb: i think one of the reasons this show is so successful is because it's edgy. sometimes we push the envelope too far but in general it doesn't bother me. does it bother you guys?

Kris: not even a little bit
Reidsgirl9: Doesn't bother me!
paparossi: yes it does bother us i wanted to vomit last night

jsb: really, what did you have for dinner?

ghostturtleneck: YES YES IT BOTHERS UP

jsb: my next episode i will ease up......maybe. it's unfortunate this show is about serial killers, i wish they didn't kill to be serial.

Janie: is it hard to write for a show when the cast is so close on and off screen? or does it make it easier?

jsb: honestly, it's hard to write in general but the fact that this cast is close allows us to have a daily interaction with the actors.

ShellPalmer: Do you think there'll be love on the horizon for any of the characters this season?

jsb: lots even for sergio!

Selly_M: Just want to say how much I appreciated that Reid admitted to the Dilaudid issue. Although we all knew it, it seemed a bit glossed over (I'm sure because he would have lost his job.) But it was great for him to just say it.

jsb: when you are in a 12 step program, you are constantly battling your demons. reid is no different.

gchatter: What episode will you be writing next? Any early ideas?

jsb: im writing ep. 10... and I don't want to give anything away. but it's cooooooool.

Reidsgirl91: How important, would you say, is casting the perfect Unsub?

jsb: it's very important. i've spent the last 22 hours trying to make a deal for an unsub that will freak you out. hoping it works.

audrey: reid and jj were never bff. you don't know your canon

jsb: reid is godfather to jj's child.... my canon rocks!!!

proofchat: As a writer, do you ever write a line and then have the actor deliver it differently than you imagined? (Prentiss's "Reid..." comes to mind after he storms out.) Is it gratifying to have your work interpreted another way or does it catch you by surprise?

jsb: it catches me by surprise but it's the best part of the job.

kitty: Yay to JSB for standing your ground on canon!

Alana: I couldn’t help but notice Reid’s “I had to deal with some stuff with my mom” and “I have a lot going on.” Can we expect to see the show dealing with Reid’s personal problems soon?

jsb: the line explained where reid was during the past three months which we will learn more about later in the season.

temperedsuggestion: For the unsub, did you cast an actor with a developmental disability, or did you have an actor "play dumb"? (Pardon my phrasing).

jsb: andy milder is an amazing actor. check out "weeds" on showtime!
jsb: and that's all acting...

lcm123: Why does Emily seems so ok after all she went through? Are we going to see some of the "scars" of being hiding for months? Or she is ok now?

jsb: she's not okay...

proofchat: For the final scene in Rossi's kitchen, did you write that he cooked spaghetti carbonara or did you leave it open for Joe to interpret and cook what he wanted?

jsb: i wrote carbonara but rossi can cook anything.

elle306: Is Jane Lynch returning as Diana Spencer?!

jsb: wouldn't that be great!

sue5789: are going see hotch scars

jsb: magic eight-ball says "outlook good!"

iandoyle: are there going to continually be "happy endings" at the end of episodes this season? it seems too cheesy and convenient

jsb: no, it's going to get tragic!

swpwallie: Yeah! Team shirtless!

jsb: guess what? hotch can do the butterfly.

Reidsgirl91: how hard is it to write episodes that involve crimes against children?

jsb: not a problem at all. no, seriously, it's difficult.

emily: what was Emily doing when she was 'dead' did she get another job somewhere and try to blend in, or did she just hide in a room for 3 months, or try to follow any news on ian dolye or what?

jsb: we're going to get to this. trust me, it wasn't easy for her.

Selly_M: How hard is it to write Reid and his genuis, random facts? He always makes me laugh with his rambling and then think...damn, the writers had to look this stuff up. haha

jsb: it's super hard. thank god for wikipedia!

saviour: What character dynamic do you think is the most interesting?

jsb: i love rotch!

kitty: Yay ROTCH

littleskittles9: are we going to see kevin lynch again?!?

jsb: garcia would be really mad if we didn't. so would we.

swon: Do all the writers work together on episodes or does each person get a turn? If you take turns, what do you do when it's not "your episode"?

jsb: we are constantly helping to break other writers episodes. im also helping with casting, cutting eps in the editing room, researching, scouting, meetings, giving notes on scripts... we are working all the time. if it's ever 3 in the morning, trust me a CM writer is working.

liedla: What's your favorite episode from before you were a writer?

jsb: the 100th! still makes me cry.

Travis_Mom: Why weren't the other team members told that Prentiss was still alive?

jsb: they couldn't take any chances... her life was at stake.

liedla: Will we ever see Anderson again? He is more than a pretty face, you know.

jsb: yes....

OrkutCM: How many writers have CM?

jsb: 8 writers. all amazing.

Danielle: The 100th was such a powerful episode! Poor poor Hotch.

emily: what types of episodes/scenes are the most fun or hard to write?

jsb: i love delving in to the mind of the unsub. the idea that they are just everyday people, living next to all of us, intrigues me.

swpwallie: Does the moderator show you all the questions asked; and you pick the ones you want to answer? If so, you're pretty daring...not afraid of the tough ones

jsb: yes but there are so many so im just trying to be fair.

KristinaG: I feel as though we've lost the dorky awkward Reid and I miss him! Will we see more dorky rants?

jsb: stay tuned.

gchan: who was your favorite unsub ever?

jsb: all the ones i wrote.

swpwallie: Can you tell us which character is the focus of episode 10?

jsb: hotch is the focus of ep 10 and i truly feel you guys will love where the episode goes. we'll see him in a different light... i hope you guys will root for him! we are!

jsb: thanks for this you guys. trust me when i say you guys are the best fans ever!


  1. Please, no more violent and bloody chapters.
    I understand that we will not see great episodes like in the first 4 seasons because you fired to good writers. But focus on the profiles again and make realistic characters.
    I am happy with the return of the girls and that you get rid of Seaver (worst written character on TV in years), but with a year-tolerance is sufficient. Many fans had enough with the sixth season.Many fans lost their patience with the sixth season (which was horrible not only for Seaver, but because of bad writing, and too much gratuitous violence)

  2. I love the realistic gore. Don't let the squeamish few censor you! It's a show about catching serial killers and the worst of the worst. If it's not showing what those people do it loses its authenticity.


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