Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CM_SetReport Twitter Chat w/Erica Messer 9/21

What was that first day back with everyone together again like for everybody? <3

@CM_SetReport - Erica Messer [ecm]
ecm: rewarding! there's nothing like having your whole family together. biggest smiles we've had for a long time!

will there still be serial killers or will they be toning it down a bit in this season?

ecm: we'll have a mix of all types... most will be serial offenders.

For Erica - I hope not, but are there any plans to pair up any team members romantically?

ecm: that's one of the most asked questions we get! we'll be exploring the intensity of the friendships both on and off the case cont...
ecm: but there are no plans for our team member's kissing... some people are okay with hugs :)

Can we delve more deeply into how each member copes with the stress of the job? More family drama (GOOD & bad), too?

ecm: yes, we're trying to be as realistic about the demands of the job and how it affects everyone.

Heard there was going to be a big Reid arc this season. Know she's busy with Glee but will the wonderful Jane Lynch be back?

ecm: we'd LOVE to have Jane come over to play at our house! fingers crossed...

What vision does [Erica] have for the show over the upcoming years?

ecm: i'd love to reveal more about our heroes. each episode this season will do that... and it's a trend that should continue forever

@BrigitteCMFan TB
My question to Erica: what's in store for Hotch this season?

ecm: you'll see Hotch in a different light... he's a complex hero and we'll be exploring more layers of what makes him tick

What's [Erica's] favourite CM episode and why?

ecm: that's like choosing between my children! i have to say the premiere is close to my heart -- the biggest victory of all. our family!

Will we see more moments of the team socialising outside of the office? :)

ecm: we will!

@RobbyGT RobbyGT
Question, Do you guys actually film in DC/MD/VA where a lot of the show takes place??

ecm: oh my god, i love you! we don't, but our amazing crew sure makes it look like we do... all los angeles, all the time :)

What happened to Rossi's Marine Corps background story? Will we see it in Season 7?

ecm: you'll hear some more about it in episode 703 written by the talented Sharon Lee Watson.

@HotchBeard SSA Hotchner's Beard
are you #TeamBeard or #TeamRazor?

ecm: when i saw tg w/beard this summer i wanted everyone to see it so wrote to it! glad there's a following... #tie

@BonesTvFanatic Ivana ♥
where are you chatting live from?

ecm: the writers' room!

question for erica messer.....did you ever think in your wildest dreams the show would be this popular

ecm: we've had our heads down, doing the work for seven years. the fact that it's seen around the world will always blow my mind!

Will There Be More Baby Henry? :D

ecm: YES! look for him in episode 7x07 written by the brilliant Virgil Williams!

What's it like to work with such an amazing cast?

ecm: it makes coming to work each day a gift! they make us look good!!! and they're the nicest group i've ever worked with :)

How is everyone going to react to Emily's return?

ecm: each in their own way... we stayed true to each character. you'll see more tonight! if you're in the states...

@CriminalHist0ry Historyo5
Why don't we see more promos with ladies of CM? I love the boys very much! But the girls are integral to the how as well! THKS

ecm: agreed! they are AMAZING!

@valia214 Valentina
for erica: did u go to the meet & greet in laguna? were u surprised at how many people were there? did any1 recognize u?

ecm: i did! when i saw the LONG LINE i snapped a picture. loved how many fans turned out. @kqorr0103 said hello and 3 young fans! :)

does JJ family life have some of the same difficulty Aaron had or can she handle it better because Will knows what to expect?

ecm: working parents have that bond -- but each relationship is different so the challenges will be, too.

What can criminal minds fans look forward to this season? ;)

ecm: insights into each character's life... we meet 1 of rossi's ex-wives, explore hotch's life & deal with the repercussions re: prentiss

how long does it take you guys to do an episode?

ecm: prep w/director is 7 days, shooting is 8, post varies 2-3 weeks and then you see it!

How did you find my video that aired during the Panel Center?

ecm: you're video was wonderful! TG showed it to me and we wanted everyone to see it! will post the link shortly!

what's more Important hw or criminal minds?

ecm: the mom in me says homework. the producer in me says #criminalminds !!

@SpecialAgentBoo Agent Boo
ok, one more question! How often do you guys do events outside of CA?

ecm: it's rare during our shooting season but in the hiatus our cast travels the world! hoping to attend #sdcc next summer!!

Will Morgan be keeping his office this season? How about JJ?
ecm: he will. she won't. stay tuned!

what are the chances the show will be on demand or online for viewers unable to watch as it airs?

ecm: it's a co-production so it's always been tricky. we're finally on iTunes!

#criminalminds can we hope to see any romance for some of the cast members this season?

ecm: yep and i'd tell you more but you didn't ask with who!!! wait and see...

Are you taking over the CM chats for this year?

ecm: every thurs (sched permit) courtesy of our first chat is tomorrow w/ @Gibsonthomas deets 2 follow

Do the cast [members] choose what outfits they're going to wear or [does] someone decide for them? Thanks!

ecm: BJ Rogers leads our talented group of costumers & is responsible for all the fantastic outfits u c.@CM_SetReport vid coming soon

Ay, caramba! So excited for tonight!!! Any more teasers about what will happen in the first episode??

ecm: sergio's fate will be revealed!! as will our team's... make sure to watch tonight @ 9pm EST/PST on CBS! come to our chat tomorrow!
That's all the time we have with Erica. Be sure to follow @ajcookofficial as she live tweets the east coast feed tonight. #criminalminds


  1. Thank you Erica Messer and all team CMsetReport for this great chat ... you rock ... season 7 promise to be a wonderful season for the fans ... thank you again

  2. Thanks for the chat, it was very informative.

    I'm not a fan of romance on the show. I hope the story about a team member potentially hooking up with someone will be very, very, subtle (if it really has to happen at all).
    I also hope it's not for Reid. I would prefer to see his genius and his relationship with the team further explored than see a new romance for him.

    Thanks for your efforts and for the time you took to make this chat happen. It's greatly appreciated.


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