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CM_SetReport Chat Transcript for Paget Brewster 01-26-11

Paget Brewster (PB): Hey Everybody !! It's me, Paget !

swon: Paget, do you ever get freaked out by the episodes and the content?

PB: Ha, yes, I did in the beginning, I installed some high tech, fully illegal home security devices. I think now I've gotten used to the dark material, though...

pagetgirl101: What are you hoping to see in Emily's future? (PS...You're awesome!)

PB: Hmmmm. I think it would be cool if we could get someone to play my Dad. We met my mom and Gubler and I both want to get John Waters or David Lynch to play my dad. That could be fun. Or, you know.... make out with Hotch...

BreenMegan: QUESTION FOR PAGET: How did the tweeting like Shemar start?

PB: Okay. I stole that from Gubler. He started it. I just did it better.

Love_from_Wales: Matthew said in his interview that you are most like a vampire, why is that?

PB: Because Matthew and I wanted to start a bath and beauty product line called BLOODBATH where we would make red bath gels and stuff. I am a vampire, too, though, that might be why. I am not kidding about the bathworks. We almost had a meeting with Guthy Renker..

laurenreynoldsisdead: Hey Paget! Di you like playing 'Lauren Reynolds'? How was is different than playing Prentiss?

PB: I let the wig do all the work. I am lazy.

swon: Hi Paget! You were so amazing last night as always--looking flawless of course! I must ask, do you really wear the same boots everyday to the set? BTW you're awesome

PB: Thanks for all the kind words. I am you fan now. I do have the saME BOOTS. tHEY ARE MOLDED TO MY FEET NOW AND GET RESOLED EVERY FEW WEEKS AT THE MALL. tHEY ARE MORE COMFORTABLE THAN ANY OTHER SHIOES. Look, alot of caps !!

lauragazora: What was the most emotionally challenging scene/episode you've had to whilst you've been working on Criminal Minds? How do you prepare yourself for those scenes, especially where you have to cry? LOVE YOU PAGET! X

PB: The most emotional scene was in my first episode back, the first this year. Being back was overwhelming after what we all went through and reciting the FBI's oath made me lumpy in the throat every time. It was strangely profound.

Aliyah: What's your favourite thing to do after a long day of filming?

PB: Wine. And watching The Bachelor.

BreenMegan: Paget, I'm planning a bachelorette party. What's a good wine and cheese combo to put together for it?

PB: All wine and all cheese is good. Do you have a Trader Joe's? They have the best brie and Freixenet Champagne is cheap and fantastic. Go for cabernet or merlot. And cut up one pear and throw a bunch of grapes on there, you're golden.

poucelina79: Hi Paget, I really loved last nights episode, especially the plane scenes. My Question, did you have to film that scene about Sergio a few times? I think it was hilarious! ::laugh

PB: I'm so glad you liked it. Yes, we shoot every scene many times to give the editors and director choices in editing. Sadly, the final scene in the jet with Hotch had to be cut down to keep the episode at the right length for airplay. It was a longer scene and we had a great time doing it.

SmritzCM: Which cast member can you do an impression of the best?

PB: Shemar and Gubler. I can imitate Thomas imitating a guy from New Zealand, though..

ChocolateDivine: Hi Paget! I love it when Emily speaks and translates foreign languages. Can we have more of that? And what foreign language do you like speaking the best?

PB: OH< YOU lucky chocolate divine, we have a two page scene in spanish coming up. It was terrifying because I want to be perfect but I don't speak spanish. I speak french, so that's easier. I'm hoping I might get to japanese, that would be very challenging...

criminalmusings: I thought I would never hear you say "poop" on CM but my life is now made, so thanks. Who paid Emily's rent while she was gone?

PB: Who DID pay Emily's rent...? Maybe mom ? Hmm..

awwunicorns: If you could swap places and play one of the male characters on the show, who would you play and why?

PB: I would play David Rossi. Yesterday we were shooting a scene and Joe was sitting on the desk and he stopped shooting because he was holding a local cop pen. He said "Hold on a second. Rossi don't use no bic.” We waited for his Mont Blanc pen and I love that guy.

Sae: Hi, Paget! Aj said that CM girls were texting like crazy the day episode 150 aired. Can you tell us what the texts were about?

PB: I don't know. What were we saying ? I'm trying to remember. We were taking a lot of pictures> We were super happy to be all together again.

theadoptedbrewster: After "Demonology" what is your perspective of Emily's religious feelings do you think that she regained her faith after that episode or if she ever went into the church she stood in front of?

PB: I think I chose that moment to shift Emily's faith more toward a spirituality and belief in "something greater" as opposed to being a part of organized religion. I think the scars from that childhood experience tend to do that to former catholics I have known.

Shmoo: Do you hope or plan to do more comedy shows/movies at any point? I love Comedic Paget.

PB: Thanks !! I would love to do more comedy. Right now we work so hard to get these shows in the can every week that there isn’t a lot of free time to do movies, or time to guest star on other shows. I do get to do the Thrilling Adventure Hour live radio show every month so I get my comedy kicks out there. The Coronet Theatre on LA Cienega!

jillian: When are you going to be on Thrilling Adventure Hour again? You are an amazing singer.. you should sing more on it! :)

PB: February 4th !! Come on down. We just did the San Francisco Sketch Fest last week and it was great fun ! We haD Christopher Meloni and Colin Hanks!

SmritzCM: Have you ever fired a real gun before?

PB: Yes. In fact Joe and Gubler and AJ and I are going to Ojai in June to compete in a skeet shooting match with shotguns. We came in 4th last year.

mschrispoulos: Are you a cat person like Emily, or do you prefer dogs? I'm partial to dogs myself.

PB: I have always had cats and sadly, I had to help send my 14 year old Chauncey to cat heaven last month because she had jaw cancer. We were on the cover of CAT FANCY magazine so she was a star !!

dearPagetadoptme: If you could create a TV character that you'd play, what kind of character would you create?

PB: I wish I could play a french bitch in something. Like a dominatrix or life coach who slaps people. I did not put that smily face in there. I am not kidding. A french meanie.

SmileyGidget: Who has been your favourite guest star to work with?

PB: Well, I really enjoyed Judith Hoag form last nights episode. she is in real life married to Vince Grant who was our unsub in season 3, "Doubt" And Dina was a joy. I also adored Keith Carradine and Amy Madigan.

LornaDavenport: Who's the biggest prankster on set? And what's the worst prank that's been done to you? (or that you've done to someone else on set) Love from the UK! x

PB: The worst prank was when Gubler insisted he had taken a dump in my Sear's blow up pool. He had been in my house hanging with my boyfriend and so Steve ( bf) sent me a photo of the poop in the pool while I was at work. It was actually a plastic turd but he had me furious for a few hours.

BreenMegan: Your singing voice is amazing. Would you ever consider releasing an EP of new music?

PB: Ha, ha... I DO want to do that but I'm afraid it's so "creepy actor", you know ? Maybe bar standards or something funny.

Amaris: Hi from NZ. Just wondering who your favourite ever actor/actress is?

PB: Maggie Smith. And Keira Knightly, all those fantastic English ladies, Imelda Staunton, Claudie Blakely. I love those BBC shows !!

lauraandsergio: Have you ever met a fan thats just completely crazy and you want to really get away from them?

PB: All of my experiences with fans have been positive, I don't like getting fan mail from prisons showing up at my house. One lovely older lady hugged me at the market last month and mostly just held her face to my boobs for an uncomfortably long time but she seemed nice.

Sergiocushion: If you could play an unsub, what do you think their story would be?

PB: I would be a mean french chick who slaps people to death. And makes fun of their corpses. That’s terrible.

SageWhit.: Gubler gives out Goobies, but if you were to give of Brewster awards, who would get what?

PB: I would be exhausted just fabricating enough of them because we have 170 people or so who work on this show and they ALL deserve one. Everybody in every department would get one. Excepet Krishna.

Sergiocushion: Can you torture Krish some more for us? It's endlessly amusing!

PB: Sadly, Krish takes every other week off because he is a lazy piece of garbage so I'll have to wait another week. But I think this next one will be a good one..

reader2112: What episode has been your favourite?

PB: That's so hard to answer. I think the one I liked watching the most was actually Gubler's first "Mosley Lane" because I think the actors and sets and visuals were just so.. Gubler. And I love his style. I loved "Lauren" and thought Breen and Gubler did an amazing job on that but it was still a sad episode for me at the same time.

Ohh ! Guys, I have to go to Glendale to shoot a takedown scene with everybody. I'll tell them you all say hi. And now, please welcome, your favorite writer AND MINE ! Breen Frazier !!!


  1. Laughs. Cries. Love. Sarcasm.
    How is she so perfect?
    Keep being you, Paget.

  2. If only I was an octogenarian then maybe I too could get inappropriately close to Paget's decolletage. Dang it! ;P
    Great chat, thanks Paget.

  3. the person who asked about comedy probably is the one who got her mind on quitting.
    way to go bud


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