Thursday, January 26, 2012

CM_SetReport Twitter Chat w/Erica Messer

ECM: Hi everybody! 150th starting now!

ECM: Anybody have any ?'s

Danny_CMFan: Hi Erica! Are you on set right now?

ECM: Just got back from set a bit ago and just got out of casting for ep 7x17! All excited about 150!

RT @sheisanni­ebelle: Where do you guys get the ideas for your unsubs?

ECM: We used to get them from actual serial killers but now they're coming from our crazy writers' minds!!!

B_4BeLOVEd: will there be an episode focusing on Derek Morgan this season?

ECM: Yes! He's got some good ones coming up! Stayed tuned and we'll get Shemar in here to chat!!!

Jenn Lee Burgess: Hi Erica! Do you plan all of the episodes or come up with the ideas throughout the season?

ECM: We do a little of both -- talk about the journeys for our heroes but then come up with bad guys each week!

Kris Orr: I know it's been talked about, is CM going to be participating in ComicCon this year?

ECM: Great question! We're hoping to get a spot @ #sdcc this summer! Would you guys be into that? Show us the love & we'll try to get there

Tracey Lane: How long are your workdays?

ECM: 24 hours a day! It's like being a mom! The crew works 12-14 hours/day and writers more like 12 because we take it home with us!

ECM: What did you guys think of the jet scene?!!!

doreen britton: is there a real squad like this?

ECM: Yes but the real BAU heroes don't have a private jet!

Sarah Hott: How often do you guys get writer's block?

ECM: Writers block happens DAILY on this show. Virgil's sitting in here with it RIGHT NOW!

Vanessa L. @VanessaRossi: Will there be another Rossi-centric episode this season? And when will we see Strauss again?

ECM: Virgil's writing a Rossi centric now and Strauss will be with us again by the end of the season!

Ashley @Adorrel: Tell Virgil that we wish him good luck on getting past Writer's Block!

Tracy @awwunicorns: Besides the lovely Dean Cain, are there any upcoming guest stars you can tell us about?

ECM: Kathy Baker's in 7x16 and she's amazing! Teri Polo in 7x18!

Dragon: what is the best thing about CM fans? Happy 150! Here's to 150 more!!!

ECM: I couldn't possibly pick just ONE thing about the fans. Loyalty. Trust. Dedication. Enthusiasm. Love. Passion. U make this fun for us!

@happybrow­ngirl Sometimes I think the writers of #CriminalMinds hate women. Really. Really. Hate. Women.

ECM: 1/2 of our writing staff is women. We can only have men or women (or children) as vics. Look at this season. We don't discriminate!

Tracy @awwunicorns: What do you feel sets #CriminalMinds apart from other crime procedurals?

ECM: We ask WHY a suspect hurts people. Other shows ask HOW they did it. Our team also dominates like no other. #criminalminds

Kiera Fallon: Were there any celebrations on set of the 150th episode??

ECM: We all hugged and ate ice cream sundaes. Watch for a message from @JoeMantegna

Emily Kraft: Erica, did the writers originally write in Morgan and Garcia's flirting or did the actors add that in?

ECM: A little of both. Their off screen chemistry plays well on screen!

Celeste SofĂ­a: is KV the mastermind behind @Garcia_BAU, if not who is then? and we will get another "member of the team" on twitter?

ECM: Our beloved @rickdunkle & @Vangsness are the masterminds every week!

Shanti Fierce: Do you have a personal favorite episode or season?

ECM: Tough Q. 7x01 for many reasons. Mainly cause our team is together again!!!

@SmileyGid­get: Its Australia Day today, can us Aussies get a ­#Criminal­Minds shout out?! ;)

ECM: Hello, mates!!!!! We love Australia! And a hello to our favorite New Zealand director, Jesse Warn! #criminalminds

Silvinha: What do you think about the whole shipper thing?

ECM: First time I heard it, I had to ask what it meant! Love that everyone's got an opinion! Can't please 'em all!

Morgan Payne: Is this CM's last season??

ECM: Better not be! We've got plenty more stories to tell!!!!

ECM: Just so you know, @virgilwilliams is now avoiding writing by signing up for twitter!!!!

victoria martin: is there going to be anymore Kevin and Garcia moments?

ECM: Next new ep has G/K stuff and later in the season. Stay tuned :)

ECM: Goodnight, everybody! THANK YOU for 150 Episodes!!!!


  1. Thanks for the transcript. I have a comment to make though : I wish the writers would answer some of the questions about potential Reid centric episodes in the future.
    I saw a lot of people on twitter yesterday asking if Reid would get another story or another centric episode this season.
    I suppose the answer must be no, because you answered all the other questions about Morgan, Garcia, Kevin, Rossi. Apparently they'll all have storylines dedicated to them in future episodes (and an arc in Morgan's case), and we know Hotch will have his story with Beth.

    I totally understand if you can't write other Reid centric stories (even if I miss that character greatly).
    But, in that case, I would appreciate a honest answer, a simple 'no, sorry but we can't' would keep me from getting my hopes up for no reason (and it's never good to get one's hopes up just to be disappointed after).
    I still hope Reid will get good scenes in future episodes where he uses his intellect.

  2. I truly enjoy the show. I had to work so I could not participate in the chat. The why is what makes this show so intriguing and I hope it never goes off the air and the actors stay with it. Will you take ideas from fans to use in the script?


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