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CM_SetReport chat with Co-Executive Producer Sharon Lee Watson and Guest Star Jeff Newburg - 1-19-12

SLW: Welcome everyone!! SO happy to be here, Bring on the questions!

JN: Yo, everybody. Let's rock this.

midwesternmind: The blank board and Reid. An homage to "Searching for Bobby Fisher"?

SLW: Yes! Good catch. Loved that movie!

gchan_s2: Jeff, great acting on last night`s episode! Did you enjoy playing the unsub?

JN: Yes. It was a real pleasure to get stretched; to have the chance to do that much fun, weird stuff.

alex-e: Was there anything in particular that made you decide to use chess as such a major aspect of the episode, Sharon?

SLW: Chess was a good visual way to show the genius of Caleb and Harvey.

Hi Jeff! What was it like working with the CM cast and crew?

JN: It was honestly surreally great. The extent to which EVERYBODY is great at their job and a great person was inspiring. This is not hyperbole.

lmrsk: Hi Sharon, loved the episode, I love that Emily is always the one to be there for her team mates, is there a reason as to why she's always trying to help and comfort them when she's the one who needs comfort? Or is it just because is part of her character to be compassionate and empathetic?

SLW: Smart question. Watch next week's 150th episode by Breen Frazier for the answer.

JaniceKatharine: Hey Sharon! Thank for your time! I loved this episode! What do you like/dislike about your job? Hi Jeff, thank for your time as well! Good acting! What did you like/dislike about being Caleb?

SLW: I LOVE my job!! The best things are the people I work with -- the writers, actors, and crew. It feels like a real family. Can't really say I dislike anything.

JN: Going crazy is both fun and not fun. Crying and screaming for 8 hrs straight isn't "fun" per se, but it is rewarding. It's also great to play a guy who's got layers and layers.

swon: Sharon, a wonderful episode!!! I was wondering, was it your idea to have this episode a "reid-centric" episode? Or do all the writers decide at the beginning of the year which episodes will focus which characters and you guys just pick straws for who gets which episode :)

SLW: It was my idea. It seemed that an episode about geniuses had to involve Reid somehow.

LaShawna: How did you get Patricia Cornwell to cameo? Was she always part of the script, or did she come in later?

SLW: We knew Patricia was a fan of the show and we are fans of her so it seemed like a great idea to have her on. She was part of the script from the beginning.

Hi Jeff! do you know how to play chess or did you have to act that too? ;)

JN: I played pretty often as a kid, and brushed up a little for the part. But I'm no master. We actually had one on set who choreographed the match.

a-dilemma: Sharon, what usually inspires you when you write an episode? Does the story all come to you in an instant or does it build over time?

SLW: Different things inspire me -- books, movies, real-life conversations, etc. The stories usually build over time.

laurenreynoldsisdead: Hey Jeff! What attracted you to the role of Caleb?

JN: Definitely the depth. It's rare to have the chance to play a villain who's a victim who's a genius. It basically lets you use all the tools in your box, which is satisfying. And the writing was rad, S-TRAIN.

SLW: S-Train is now officially my name.

gchan_s2: Can you give us any scoop on the 150th episode that we don`t already know?

SLW: It's a twist on our usual format. Dina Meyer and Jay Karnes are fantastic in it. Oh, and we'll hear what Prentiss and Sergio have been up to.

Alexxx: Hey Jeff (: Have you ever watched the show before you were on it?

JN: Yeah, it's generally a good idea to familiarize yourself with the tone of the shows ahead of time. And personally, I've been a fan of the show's actors and writing since the beginning. So yes: many viewings.

kasparov: Sharon (or S-Train, if you prefer!), what can you tell us about A Thin Line? We've heard it's a Morgan episode; anything else you can tell us about that?

SLW: It's a really good, intense episode. We get to see what Morgan does when he's not on a case.

redmist: Jeff, who would win in a genius matchup - your character or Dr. Spencer Reid?

JN: Ummm, I think the answer to me vs. Reid lies in the cuffs on my wrists at the end, but it certainly was a blast acting with him. I got pumped when I first read the scene.

JJHotchner: Jeff, are you working on any other projects at the moment?

JN: I just directed a music video for John Isaac Watters that'll be up soon, and everyone on earth should check out his music. Also, an original TV show is in development, so fingers crossed on that. And the first episode of a web series I'm doing with my 4 yr old niece should hit this week(ish)

JJHotchner: What's in store for February sweeps? Any hints? Please?

SLW: Dean Cain (Superman!) will be in EP 713 as a troubled gambler. Episode 714, 'Closing Time' by writer extraordinaire Rick Dunkle features a badass JJ.

SLW: Forgot to say actress Kathy Baker guest stars in EP 716, 'A Family Affair.'

FineWine: This is for both of you; Was Caleb in love with Harvey? The "your soul mate is standing right before you" line seemed to us to say that.

JN: That's definitely what I was trying to hit on that line, but I think the more precise term would be "obsessed."

SLW: Yes, but not in the traditional sense. The act of killing the young boy with Harvey was like having sex for Caleb.

The_Duke_of_Santa_Monica: Sharon - I loved, loved, loved this episode! You are for sure my favorite CM writer! Can you give us any hints about future episodes you'll be writing?

SLW: Is this my husband?

SLW: If so, I'll tell you about future episodes when I get home.

kdager: When is a JN Bobblehead going to be sold on

JN: Let's you and I make it happen. Have a prototype on my desk by 9am.

midwesternmind: Why the Zodiac, S-Train? So many details of the case are so well known. Nightmare to double check, or relief to have research material?

SLW: A nightmare to double check! I probably won't be doing that again...

laurenreynoldsisdead: Jeff, since you said you watched the show before, who is your favorite character?

JN: Probably Dr Reid. I'm a card carrying Gubler fan. But it's a tight race.

kasparov: Has there been any writers' discussions yet about the two-hour finale?

SLW: Yes. People will die...

uhmlyeah: What's it like to work with a 4yr old? Is it awkward to work with a family member

JN: Well, there were multiple family members on that one, a real jamboree. When they're a 40 lb sack of sunshine, it's great. This girl acts me off the screen.

Chemist: I loved the fact that Rossi grabbed Reid’s face and kissed him on the cheeks. Was it something planed or more like something done on the spur of the moment ?

SLW: Completely spur of the moment! Vintage Mantegna right there.

kasparov: So you really won't tell us anything about your next episode? Even the title, so we have a name to throw around as we're eagerly awaiting it?

SLW: You're the first to hear the title. It's... "Heathridge Manor".

Narriel: Hi Sharon! Last night's episode was AMAZING! It's now my new favorite! Do you think there will be more cases like that one, where Reid gets to use his genius abilities to his peak?

SLW: Many thanks. I hope we get to showcase Reid's genius abilities again.

JJHotchner: Will see Henry or Jack again this season? They should go on a playdate ;)

SLW: You'll get to see together before the season is over.

Nearly40OldMan: Which season do you think is the best season for Reid, JJ and Prentiss' hair?

JN: I'll take this one, S-train. Whenever Gubler had that glorious mane of curls, I realize I'm starting to pull a Caleb on Goobs.

kasparov: We know there are Prentiss, Morgan, Hotch, and Garcia episodes upcoming. Will we see any more episodes focused on JJ, Rossi, or Reid in the back half of the season?

SLW: Yes.

a-dilemma: Jeff, was it difficult to play the unsub who is both a genius and a murderer? Did you feel conflicted in the role at all or was it more natural? You did an excellent job portraying it by the way

JN: Thanks for the kind words. Definitely challenging, but in a sense, easier when you get to do the good stuff. More exhausting, but more rewarding.

laurenreynoldsisdead: What was the funniest moment while you were shooting last nights episode?

JN: Well, while everybody was freezing cold while we shot in highland park, Gubler and I forced people to watch this web series he guested on called Clark Kent has a dream. That show is rad.

JN: It's on funny or die and Youtube

SLW: Yes they did make me watch. And it was hilarious.

SLW: Thanks so much for the fantastic questions. Look forward to next time!

JN: Thanks so much for watching and chatting, guys. It was such a pleasure to get to join the CM fam, and great to meet y'all.

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