Thursday, May 17, 2012

All Dressed Up


  1. this is a show about catching serial killers, right? just checking. because i think they seem to have lost their way. it's become like a hallmark movie channel excerpt or a soap opera with all the focus on the personal lives of the characters instead of the cases.

    there's nothing wrong with romance and happiness, but this isn't the show for it. why doesn't cbs give erica messer a nice cheery romance show to work on, and get someone in charge of criminal minds with experience in fbi or law enforcement?

  2. Matthew running around with AJ's little boy was adorable! My guess is the waiting was getting difficult for him? :)

    I found it humorous, especially for AJ, to be looking perfect without a scratch on her after an explosion and a major fight. LOL

  3. Such a wonderful way to cap the season. They caught the killers, they've had their sadness, now time for the fun. A little disappointed that there seemed to be so little Reid. Though the magic bit with Henry was so cute!

  4. Did anyone else notice that during the ceremony Reid wasn't on screen? Anderson, Beth, Jack, Strauss, and JJ's mom were framed nicely on the screen but Reid was not visible (except for a split second when he moved his hand forward-- otherwise I would have thought he wasn't there). Why do the producers hate Reid so much that they don't even care to have him actually in the shot for an important event like this?


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