Monday, May 14, 2012

BAU United: Official Lyrics

H.I.M back in the B-A-U
Criminal Minds yo, Criminal Minds yo, Season 7, Rewind!
People be dyin, then we be flyin on our jet to go get dem. Uh!
People be dyin, then we be flyin on our jet to go get dem. Uh!
It Takes A Village yo, you need Proof?
Hey haters this is what we do.
There's bullets raining down in Dorado Falls
UnSub causing trouble, so we took the call,
Cap-gras (What the f**k is that?)
JJ returns as a profiler, she’s now a hardcore brawler. Her babby daddy cares for the kid when she’s away, it strains their relationship, she hopes he’ll stay.
It was Painless, like From Childhood's Hour. We took away that UnSub’s power.
Asymbolia (What the f**k is that?)
Rossi’s first wife Carolyn, tells him she’s sick and will be dying. She needs help with suicide, but Rossi he won’t abide. Rossi won’t do it he’s too strong of will, but it’s too late she already took the pills. 
It’s your Epilogue, There's No Place Like Home, where Hope reigns, and butterflies roam.
We save a member of Garcia’s support group, no UnSub better mess with our troop. Garcia’s boyfriend Kevin proposes, she denies him he should brought roses. 
It’s a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, with death murder and catastrophe.
Erin Strauss is a drunk, Erin Strauss is a drunk, Erin Strauss is drunk! 
People be dyin, then we be flyin on our jet to go get dem. Uh!
People be dyin, then we be flyin on our jet to go get dem. Uh!
The Bittersweet Science, with that the guy from Southland, beating up fools with his bare hands.
Sometimes in life you find a True Genius, like an Unknown Subject singing bad lyrics. Dendrophilia (What the f**k is that?)
Reid has trouble with Prentiss’ return, he considered taking that dilauded burn. This year’s birthday he turned 30, you’d think he’d grow up but he’s still nerdy. 
Snake Eyes are your kryptonite, roll eight Superman and win big tonight.
In the city of angels it’s Closing Time, some love and some hate, it’s A Thin Line.
During hiatus Hotch went commando, strolling through the dessert like John Rambo. While training for a triathlon, he meets Beth who’s got it going on. He struggles with bringing her into Jack’s life, could this be his second wife?
It's A Family Affair, I Love You Tommy Brown, who’s hot for teacher? It’s time to get down.
There’s cracks in the Foundation of Heathridge Manor, is that Freddy Krueger on the police scanner?
Searching for more than a decade, Morgan finds his cousin who’s a sex slave. He’s got guilt about the Doyle situation; he doubts his abilities as a tactician.
The Company strikes like a Divining Rod,
We’ll find that dark muse crazy broad.
Prentiss is back she returns from the dead. She needs a therapist to deal with her head. She talks to the team to make amends, they forgive her they will always be friends.
Back to the basics, Profiling 101, Criminal Minds season seven, it’s a Hit And Run!
People be dyin, then we be flyin on our jet to go get dem. Uh!
People be dyin, then we be flyin on our jet to go get dem. Uh!
Criminal Minds yo, Season 7, that’s a wrap! 


  1. Beth as a Hotch's second wife? Excuse me as I gag. They have no chemistry at all. Even Strauss and Rossi have got more going on.

  2. iwant thank to the fans who hate hotch and beth get together.i never got a reply from thomas i ask him for his auto graft.i hope you are happyand he doesn't tweet to feet anymore either you should very very happy.i heard thomas got hate fan mailyou know you are .you guys are bunch spoil brats you didn't give rachel a chance .deep down i hope she comes back

  3. the only reason that beth got so much air time is because she's a dead ringer for erica messer. it's a mary-sue creation that allows messer to interact with the team. but since beth can't conceiveably join the team, messer has ramped-up and amped-up jj into a bad-ass super-bitch, so she can pretend she's on the team that way.

    let's be real here. season 7 has been a nightmare. messer isn't the show runner - she's the show RUINER as far as many fans are concerned.

    1. LOL. I do think Beth's mannerisms reminded me a bit of Erica Messer in interviews. Too giggly and giddy. She did come off as a Mary Sue with absolutely no chemistry with Hotch whatsoever. I'm not opposed to Hotch having a love interest. Andi Swan had chemistry with him. Kate from P911 had chemistry with him.

      LOL. Show Ruiner is right. She and Janine Barrois are the worst writers on the show and they are ruining it. Even Debra Fisher said that Erica's solo writing was awful-- and Debra was her writing partner. I think that speaks volumes about Erica's writing "skills" and judgment.

      These lyrics were not as bad as the entire video itself with the awful "singing" and rap. They mentioned a few things that I never saw on the show: Reid having problems with Prentiss' return and Hotch struggling to introduce Beth to Jack.

      Reid had a problem with JJ lying to him, but never showed a sign of having a problem with Prentiss. It was all magically fixed with the lame pasta party.

      Hotch didn't ever show any hesitation or anything about Beth meeting Jack. He really didn't get to since she invited herself to meet Jack anyway.

      They also left out how Rossi spends his birthdays visiting the creep from Profiling 101. Oh, and they really downplayed all the Morgan drama this season. They reduced it to something about his cousin and something about tactician and Doyle.

      They left out how he trained JJ, he trained Prentiss, he had problems with Prentiss' return (not Reid). He had problems with Hotch over keeping the secret. He discovered Strauss was drunk and took her to rehab. He was there for Garcia when she was upset. He connected to a victim and punched out the abuser. He was certain that some politician was behind some killings and insisted they go after him, he got caught in the middle of the Kevin/Garcia drama, he was in Garcia's apartment almost naked (way to exploit the actor, CBS)...

      This just reminded me of how much season 7 sucked.

  4. Well, I for one love Hotch and Beth.

    I have really enjoyed that storyline and in my opinion, Hotch has benefited from it, he needed to have some happiness in his life.
    I know he's happy with the team and with his son, but for him to find love again was also an important step.

    He's moving on and I think he needed to.

  5. i agree with you dana hotch has move on these don't like hotch and beth should stop watch the show.i hope beth stays on the show and i can't wait see what happens to them next season

  6. As to the "lyrics" and must be kidding. One can only hope.

  7. I am happy about this season because both JJ and DEmily were back. But I am sad because Emily is leaving. I adore the character and Paget Brewster, the actress who plays it.

    But this video here is awful That rapper is atrocious. OMG! Please tell him that if he hopes to have a career in rapping, he should stop now.

  8. Gah, what is everyone talking about? Season 7 has been one of the best so far! Also, people are taking this rap way too seriously...

  9. i think the video sucks

  10. As someone else said in response to the video itself, WTF was with the line about Reid needing to grow up?

    I think it speaks volumes about how the writers think of him and explains why the writing for him has sucked this season.

    I do know its not meant to be taken seriously, but ugh... It's just so godawful...

    I need to go eat some chocolate and get myself in a better mood. I wish the singing hadn't been so bad because it would have been entertaining otherwise.

    As for Hotch/Beth, I don't think it was necessary to bring in a love interest to lighten him up. My mother was widowed 3 years ago and getting a puppy helped her in the recovery process. I doubt she will ever find someone else, but she can still be happy again. She has me for support as well.
    I'm not saying a puppy would have fixed things for Hotch, but I think that having a good support group (not an official thing) in his friends/colleagues and even Jessica (remember her-- the one who pretty much gave up her life to babysit Jack?) could have helped him.

    It would have been nice if they'd given him a girlfriend that wasn't so damned annoying though. She just strikes me as such a Mary Sue. I say bring back Andi Swan or Katie Cole. They had chemistry with Hotch. I really liked Andi Swan. She had good chemistry with Hotch and was cooler-- probably because she wasn't written with the intent of being a love interest.

  11. This is the stupidest thing ever released for CM. Do better, showrunners.


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