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CM_SetReport Chat Transcript with Season Finale Writers Erica Messer and Rick Dunkle 5-17-12

Rick Dunkle (RD): Hey all! Rick here. Messer's logging in now then we can get started!

Erica Messer (ECM): Hello Everybody!

RD: That was much faster than I expected!

CrimMindsFans: I was wondering, was Will originally supposed to die but then you decided to let him live to make the ending happy?

ECM: We DID consider that VERY early on because of the drama of it, but when we knew we were losing Paget, there's only so much sadness we can take!

ReidKnits: Will Rossi and Strauss be a couple now, or are they just hookin' up?

RD: I don't think they'll ever actually be a couple. He's been there done that three times.

RD: And I think they've been hooking up for a while.

wheelsup4demily: Erica! Thank you for giving fans perhaps the best season finale yet! It was perfect! Also, you pretty much pleased all the various shippers! Was that intentional?

ECM: Wheelsup! Thank you all for watching and knowing you liked it means everything. Those moments were for all of you shippers -- and some here that can't play favorites! We all secretly wish for some of those match-ups :)

swon: OMG Rick Dunkle and Erica Messer, that was the most amazing finale EVER!!!! You must have known that writing Emily saying "it's a date" and them dancing would cause fans wanting Hotch and her together into a tizzy! Did you do it on purpose?

ECM: Dunkle and I had so much fun figuring out the bookends of this one -- the fun loving start to 723 "Hit" and then the bittersweet ending to "Run." We ALL loved the dancing and smiled huge hoping it would go over big with all of you! Glad it did! And yes, the last words out of Prentiss' mouth "It's a date" was TOTALLY ON PURPOSE!!!!

BethM1992: How much did you love writing the Doctor Who convention scene?

RD: Hahaha. There was a moment at one point where we were possibly going to lose that scene and I fought hard for us to keep it. It helped that it was one of Director Michael Lange's favorite scenes, too, because he's as big a nerd as me. The original version was much more elaborate (read much more expensive) and I have to give a huge thanks and props to line producer Harry and production designer Vincent who found a way to make it work in a streamline edition. Very happy with how it turned out! And Garcia as her own version of Matt Smith? How could you go wrong!?!?

jojo831: How was it to work with little Mehkai? He's soooo cute!!! Was he a good actor?

ECM: He's so adorable and watching him with both AJ and Josh was really sweet. AJ would whisper him his lines then he would whisper them back… it was TOO CUTE!

samiam: Great episode!!! Kept me on the edge of my seat. Was it hard to find the perfect words for Emily to say at the end?

ECM: Thanks! Glad you liked it! It was really hard to figure out what she'd say and think, but then this thing happened where I remembered something I'd heard at the beginning of the season… about every ending also being a beginning and it just clicked. it was too perfect… and adding the "I'd like to think that's true" was for Paget and all of us…

Mellie: How did you come up for the idea of the UnSubs? What made you come up with a female as the dominant partner in a bank robbery?

ECM: We wanted Izzy to be the "evil" Prentiss. She was working as a ghost for years but doing bad things. Then having her be the one who threatens Henry just seemed right -- and then that kick-ass fight was born!

RD: Also, I do work for two women… so it's not that far of a stretch to think of females in a dominant position!

ECM: Ricky Dunkle. You're funny.

travismom: When and where can we hear more from Lilly? The song and voice at the end were great. We want more!

ECM: Hi Travis Mom! We miss you! Lily has recorded her album but it's getting mixed now so stay tuned for more! You can buy the single "As it Seems" on iTunes right now!

RD: You can follow her on twitter for updates: @lily_kershaw And she has a facebook fan page now, too.

iloveemily: Hey guys, please help a desperate Prentiss fan here. I know it's too soon to ask this but please try to answer it: next season, even though we're not going to see Prentiss anymore, will we at least hear about her? I mean, do you intend to have someone on the team mention her once in a while so we'll know where she's at and if they are still in touch with her? PLEEEEASE!!!?!!?!?!

ECM: Absolutely, she will always be a part of our family and we'll mention her, if we can't see her. It's something I talked to Paget about. She will still be in the team's lives and we will absolutely let that be known!

alext-cm: Man can’t wait for season eight! Do you guys know what the them will be for next season! :D

ECM: All of the writers are taking a break and we'll gather back in a couple of weeks to discuss all of this and more! We can't wait for season 8 either!

clarissa: I'm so happy CM got gangbuster ratings for the finale! Do you feel it's as under-appreciated and under-promoted like we do; but somehow it keeps rising to the top in spite of the networks & critics?

ECM: We've always felt like the Little Engine That Could. I read that story to my kids recently and it was amazing how CM paralleled it! Our fans are so loyal, it helps us keep going.

RD: I think the fan base is a huge part of that… I think twitter and facebook and tumblr help us immensely… Criminal Minds has one of the highest online/interactive presences of any series out there right now and that's thanks to you. And with the addition of CM_SetReport and the Erica Meredith, Haben Merker, Travis Braun videos, and @garcia_bau there's just so much we can do on our own. And get ready for even more next year...

Nataliee: What was the mood like on set on the last day?

ECM: Bittersweet. There were some tears, but a LOT of laughs because we had our Gubbie Awards and the first Talent Show and it just reinforced how great this group of people are together. On screen and off. In front of the camera and behind it -- just the most amazing people.

RD: Personally, I think every season should end with Shemar on a tight rope!

ECM: You're right! It should!

ECM: You're right! It should!

jojo831: I'm a little confused as to what's going on with Kevin and Garcia, did they break up since she turned down the proposal? But yet they still danced together at the wedding? And who's the girl he’s been with??

RD: The girl Kevin was with is CSU Tech Gina Garcia played by Gina Garcia-Sharp. Gina was our casting associate seasons one and two and has appeared as Gina every season I think since the Elle days!

ECM: We're trying to play the reality of Kevin's rejection. He wasn't ready to jump back into the relationship because his heart's a bit broken but they are so good together… and when the city is under attack, he needs to be near our sweet Garcia. They will be figuring out how to move forward given all of this and dancing together broke that ice for us.

RD: She also happens to be one of Kirsten's best friends, so the idea of having Nicky playing around with her and have Kirsten witness it was too awesome to avoid!

RD: "Are you comparing us to POTUS?" One of my favorite lines from ECM!

ECM: Thanks, Dunks.

laurenreynoldsisdead: That finale was, I think, the best ever! I loved it. I was just wondering but where was JJ's father?

RD: Who says she doesn't have two mothers?

ECM: Hey laurenreynoldsisdead! thanks! I talked to AJ about it and we decided he passed away. My two moms!

Ella_GB: What was the greatest challenge writing this episode?

ECM: Keeping it at budget. Oh wait...


ECM: Seriously, figuring out a way to say "see ya later" [NOT GOODBYE} to Prentiss.

derekandemilylove4ever: Emily never got to have a proper goodbye with the team. We never got to see the reactions of JJ, Garcia, Reid, Rossi to the news that she`ll be leaving. Will we get to see the whole teams reactions & their goodbye`s in season 8?

ECM: There were no words that could define a proper goodbye, so we opted for the AMAZING LILY KERSHAW song and the dance. We also felt like you can't top a funeral as a goodbye and we've already been there and done that with Prentiss!

cheetah_breath: Incredible season finale! Were Prentiss' references to the house and the "cracks in the foundation" a metaphor for her own situation?

RD: Absolutely.

ECM: Hi cheetoh breath!!

RD: In the opening scene between Morgan and Prentiss when Prentiss asks, "Am I crazy to walk away?" and Morgan responds, "What's your gut telling you?" Insert Messer for Morgan and Paget for Prentiss. We miss her so much already.

ECM: Sadness

erica1021: I NEED to know your thoughts about Morgan and Prentiss?!?!? Is the love that I have always believed to be there actually there?!

ECM: erica1021!!!! Hello! I've always believed Prentiss has a special connection with all of the team, but there's something extra with Morgan. They've always got one another's back in the field and that translates into real life (of the characters) too. It was a BIG DEAL when we shot the dance. I said to Paget, who should Prentiss be dancing with as we end the show and it seemed like Morgan would be the best fit mainly because it bookended the season so well. In the premiere, he was the last to know she was alive and in the finale he's the first to know she's leaving.

RD: Don't worry, in 5-10 years when Prentiss shows up for the series finale with her beautiful mocha baby, we'll finally know the truth.

ECM: RD has lost his mind! It's official!

RD: It must be the meds

crimminds19: Describe season seven in one word.

ECM: Season 7 in one word… FUN! I want to know what you guys think?

crimminds19: AMAZING

erica1021: beautiful

Mellie: Fight-y….

brdbstandardam1: Rollercoaster.

laurenreynoldsisdead: SEXY

hennalilacstar: EPIC!!

CMfan: Great.

EmPress: Bittersweet.

cantdowithouthotch: emotional.

sam-maddy: awesome.

NewBeginnings: OUTSTANDING!

sue5758: crapy.

Prentiss: Prentiss!

Nataliee: Sensational.


ECM: I like that RD made up a new word!

AWreck: To Rick and Erica...thank you for such an amazing season finale. I've never experienced so many emotions watching a tv show. It still today has me feeling so many emotions. The cast and crew and everyone involved should be (and I know is) very proud. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

ECM: That's so kind, AWreck! Thank YOU ALL!

RD: Thanks! Hard to believe the season is over already. It’s been a fun ride. See you all in the fall!

ECM: Thank each and every one of you for supporting CM this season! Stay tuned to CM Set Report for updates! Have a great summer and we'll chat with you all later! Goodnight! Be well!


  1. Ugh. These transcripts are always so hard to read because you only choose questions from over-the-top gushing CM viewers who know that you are more apt to pick their questions if they kiss your asses. Such a waste of an opportunity to have a real dialogue with your fans.

    1. Yeah, I was at the chat and wishing that the writers weren't getting only the positive comments. I don't know who the moderators are, but it seems that they shield the guests from any critical questions-- even if they aren't rude ones and are legitimate.

      I noticed when they asked for one word to describe the finale/season that the only negative one that got through was misspelled.

    2. There are so many things wrong with this show now I don't know where to start. These episodes highlighted several. First I lost all respect for Rossi (and the writers) when Straus walked out of the building. I used to really like JJ, now I wish she had never came back (quit craming her down our throats,and making her so perfect at everything).Hotch, who is that guy on screen now, not my favorite unit chief. How many unsubs has he killed this season (the whole point of the BAU is to study bevavior, that's kinda hard to do when there're dead). Reid, where is he, hanging out in the breakroom. Morgan didn't used to be quite so angry and controversial (To be a good leader you need to control your temper). Garcia-tone it down. Prentis she's leaving.

  2. I agree Anon, and Reid questions usually get sidelined. Maybe it's because they have nothing in store for him. I love Morgan but why is he suddenly the guy that relates to everyone. Reid connected well to everyone in the earlier seasons. For some reason, they don't like to show this connection any more. Yes he was a genius and yes he was awkward but he was able to connect with his team mates. He just keeps being more and more insignificant as time passes.

    It's sad that they don't do his character more justice. Seriously they really aren't even bothering to give us much hope either. My guess is Erica isn't very found of Reid's character. Too sad.

    1. I think it is very evident that Reid is very low on the totem pole in terms of favorites for the writers. I would dare say he is probably below Strauss and Kevin given the way he has been treated.

      Did anyone else notice that in the wedding ceremony part for JJ and Will that we could see Anderson, Garcia, Morgan, Prentiss, Rossi, Hotch, Jack, Beth, Strauss, and JJ's mom-- but not Reid? If I hadn't watched it frame by frame and saw that his hand (I think it was his hand) was there for a split second way off to the side, I wouldn't have known he was even there.
      Reid was the only team member who did not have a meaningful connection to another person in that episode. Every single other character had something personal like that and all Reid got was dissed by Garcia.

      I actually think that maybe the writers would be relieved at this point of Matthew's contract didn't get renewed because they they really don't seem to like writing for him. They don't know what to do with him at all. It's sad really.

      The answers were somewhat flippant still but not as rude as the answers from Janine Barrois at her last chat.

      The episode was nice compared to the rest of the crap this season, but compared to the other seasons, this one was not very good at all.

    2. I did that too!!! I watched it and I was thinking it was so cute but where the hell is Reid maybe I missed him. So I went back and I saw his hand at one part and I wasn't sure if it was him but then I saw a tiny peice of what I'm pretty sure is his hair. It's really messed up that we got to see Strauss and Anderson's and even Beth's reactions and not Reid's. I mean do they really hate him that much?? And why he's one of the best characters and seemed to be the writers' favorite in seasons 1-5. This season though it seems like they only care about JJ. And I love JJ and I loved the wedding scene but come on. It's a waste of Matthews's time.

  3. They only answer what they want. I can tell you STRAIGHT UP, no tough questions got answered. They pick & choose & try to play to everyone, & I understand. They addressed Morgan Prentiss because she's LEAVING. If she were staying, EM & RD (shame on you, Rick... I thought you were more honest) it would be, "They're like siblings." A big sham to keep their agenda-no team pairs, ever.So throw in weird romantic moments-like Garcia flying to Morgan's side, then neding Kevin?- to keep us biting and hoping... Seven years. I'm done. I think I'll go to Castle... At least they're not chicken to explore real chemistry.

  4. I liked 90-95% of the finale, so I want to get my main rant out of the way first. It was very disappointing how little focus you gave to Prentiss' friendships with JJ and Garcia. She had a conversation with Morgan. She had a conversation with Hotch. And even though she didn't have one with Rossi or Reid, she had them before this season. But, this season, all she had with JJ was her talk in the first episode. The woman who was her only lifeline to the team and her old life? And nothing with Garcia. And, no, referencing hanging out that happened off screen doesn't count. Not to mention I thought their friendship was more than just fun and hanging out. I'm sad it wasn't showcased at all. That three way hug would have been nice if that wasn't all they warranted. So again, PLEASE let JJ and Garcia interact in meaningful ways sometimes - on screen.

    Okay, that being said, I did like the episode. JJ's story was well done. Thank you for not playing the marriage as "our relationship is going down hill, but we'll get married because you almost died." I never took JJ's comment of "long story" about how Will felt about her being back at the BAU, or the *one* fight we saw this season to mean that all they've done is fight. So thank you for opening with them loving and happy with each other before the danger and the fear. And for showing that things don't have to be perfect to still work. I also love the little things like remembering JJ played soccer and that Will proposed before. And, AJ did a fantastic job with the emotional scenes.

    The lead up to the fight made way more sense than the one in Closing Time. So I wasn't distracted by questioning the logic of JJ's actions. (Just remember JJ is more than a physical fighter and a mother. And that she has *5* seasons worth of characterization prior to this to build on, that shouldn't be scrapped, even with changes. The fact that she still shows compassion to victims and loved ones is a nice touch.)

    The Prentiss exit was well done. Except the aforementioned three second three way hug. I get that it was meta, but it fits the character, considering what she went through. I wish there had been more lead up in previous episodes, but just at face value it was well done. I'm glad that she was still thinking about Clyde Easter's offer and hadn't decided. That felt believable. And even if we don't get Paget back for a guest appearance (fingers crossed that we do) thank you for her still existing in the CM universe.

    As a firm anti team-shipper, I was fine with the dances. I knew it was for the benefit of the shippers, but fortunately, it didn't have to be read that way. People dance at weddings, and although to me, the entire team will never feel anything but platonic feelings for each other forever, they're still close and Prentiss is leaving.

    I also like how everyone did something and got a moment in the episode. And that all the extras brought in didn't feel bloated but made sense in the context of the episode. And that even with multiple people getting killed in a short time, there was enough characterization of the victims.

    So all in all, a satisfying finale, mitigated by losing Prentiss. Again, biggest gripe, the friendship of the women being shafted, not just this episode, but for most of the season. Again, please remedy that next season.

  5. I figured only the suck-up questions would get answered. Glad I didn't waste my time at the chat. I think Erica is ruining, actually HAS RUINED, Criminal Minds. The fact that she refuses to recognize Reid's popularity with the viewers is atrocious and mind-boggling. She's clearly in love with herself and her writing. Too bad no one else is. This was so NOT the best finale of any season. I can't believe that I could be more depressed than I was at the end of last season, but I am. I hate the way they have ruined the characters with all the silly nonsense they've written into episodes this season. There were only a handful of good episodes in season 7, and none of them were written by Erica. I hate what she's done to Reid and to Hotch. Beotch alone is enough to keep me from watching next season. Erica claims she is doing these things for the fans, but she is not listening to what we want. Count the number of episodes this season where we did not know the unsub from the get-go and then compare it to seasons 1-4. How many episodes this season gave equal screen time and importance to ALL the team? Earlier seasons' writers were able to provide a balance of screen time for each character within each episode. Why can't most of these writers do it?

    Garcia has become beyond annoying this season. Reid and Rossi have been practically non-existent. I'm not opposed to JJ marrying Will, because I know we'll hardly ever see Will anyway. But I absolutely hate what Erica has done to Hotch with this silly, giggly stalker. And, no, I'm NOT a Hotch/Prentiss shipper. It just irritates me to no end that Erica is so pleased with herself when I read on forums, blogs, Twitter, etc. every day that viewers are dissatisfied with the writing, the lack of screen time for some of the characters, the lapses in character continuity and the fact that lately most of the criminals are KNOWN SUBS rather than unsubs. I read one of her recent interviews where she was talking about replacing Emily. She pretty much used my exact words in my many posts on various boards last season about why Seaver was not suitable for the BAU. Is it going to take her another whole year to admit to this year's mistakes???? Erica, recognize that you're part of the problem. Get rid of Janine Sherman Barrois. She doesn't understand the characters or the BAU and she's a horrible writer. Why is she having any say over other writers scripts? GET RID OF BETH. Why do we even need to see her? How can you not recognize that Reid is an extremely popular character? Give him the screen time he deserves (not more than the others but equal to the others) and lines and stories that are worthy of his intelligence. Perhaps you should view the early seasons again while you're on hiatus.

    I do appreciate the writers taking the time to do these chats for us viewers, but if they're only going to respond to praise and not answer the tough and serious questions, what's the point? I hope that even though many questions were not addressed here, that Erica, Rick and the other writers/producers are made aware of issues that are significant to many, many longtime fans of CM.

  6. I dunno, I was kinda disappointed with this series of Criminal minds. I was hooked on all the others but not really with this one. I noticed that many of the relationships within the team were being ignored and members of the team practically weren't being shown at all. I have one word to say here. Reid. We only got ONE proper Reid episode and let me be honest, it was awful. The whole headache and worry about schizophrenia storyline was brought up at the end of series 6 and then it completely disappeared, which I find pretty mind boggling. How can you start a storyline and not carry it on? I just find it sad that before, Reid was such a strong character with many insightful and interesting (and emotional) episodes, particularly the ones where he was kidnapped and had his drug addiction, and now he is practically non-existent.

    I think I speak for everyone when I say I expected more from this series and I did not get what I expected. I really hope to see more of Reid in series 8, because he is my personal Favorite, and seems to be a very popular character and a top favorite among the fans and I don't think he is getting enough recognition.

    But I am really looking forward to season 8 and perhaps the writers will take on all the comments and work with them. However, despite all of that, Criminal minds is still my all time favorite show!!

    Here's to season 8 being awesome!!!

  7. Thank you for the AWESOME finale!!!! Henry was so cute! Will was awesome! JJ kicked total ass. :D I really liked the "crime" and the unsubs. When I first saw "Izzy" I immediately thought she looked like Prentiss, so Evil!Prentiss mission accomplished. It was also really nice to watch everyone from the BAU have a part in solving the problem.

    I also liked seeing all the cameos, and REALLY enjoyed the bookends. Prentiss' exit was just perfect IMO.

    Cannot wait until Season 8! Great job this season, guys. :D

  8. Loved the finale and loved all the personal moments. Love Hotch and Beth so please let us see more of that next season. It's not the same show it was 3 years ago, but shows that run for this long change along the way and these people couldn't spend so much time together and continue to keep the walls between them, so thank you for finally allowing them to behave like the "family" they've been touted as since "100". Keep up the good work Erica and keep in mind that unhappy people are always much louder than those who are content. Don't believe for one second that the few people who continue to pollute these chat threads with their venom speak for the majority. Enjoy your break! You earned it! : )

    1. Don't believe for one second that the few people who continue to flatter you in these chats speak for the majority either.

      Use the break to come up with ways to improve the show. It needs it! :)

    2. Keep up the good work Erica and keep in mind that unhappy people are always much louder than those who are content. Don't believe for one second that the few people who continue to pollute these chat threads with their venom speak for the majority.

      Word. Some of these "fans" make me embarrassed to call *myself* a fan.

    3. I'm a little embarrassed to call myself a fan of this show these days as well. Maybe we agree after all. :)

    4. Oh look, Bluesunflower posted anonymously so she could reply to her own post as herself and act like she has more support than she really does.

  9. Explosions, famous guest stars, cute kids and musical montages do not equate to a great finale. Way too predictable and way too much focus on JJ and Will, two of the most uninteresting characters on the show. If I never see badassJJ again, it will be too soon.

    Erica, I want to enjoy this show like I used to, but you are really making it difficult. I know ratings are good--that doesn't mean you are creating a great product, and you know that. Please do better.

  10. I think it was a great episode.

    I'm in favor of Hotch/Beth, I like their relationship and I think Beth is a great character. I'm glad to see Jack is getting along with her.
    The Will/JJ wedding was a great moment and a nice way to end the season.
    Prentiss's exit was tastefully done, I think you did a great work here.
    The case was suspenseful, I throughly enjoyed it.

    I was happy to learn Reid knitted his "Doctor Who" scarf himself.
    In some way, knitting just fits Reid.

    That being said, I really wished we could get a little more of Reid. After Rick Dunkle told us in a previous chat he would have 'great scenes' in the finale I really thought he would contribute more to the case.

    1. I have to say, I not only loved the Dr. Who and Rossi scenes, but I was REALLY impressed it was *Reid* who saved everyones' lives. Dozens were saved because of him.

    2. I know Reid managed to understand just in time that Izzy was following the gas lines. I didn't forget that part and I enjoyed it. But except for that moment he didn't contribute that much to the case.

      I'm in no way dissing the episode, which I throughly enjoyed, or the writers. I think they did a really good job.
      And Rick Dunkle is one of my favorite writers, I'm not criticizing him.

      I just hoped we would get a little bit more of Reid, I don't think it's a crime.

    3. Has anyone figured out what the alleged great bit for Reid was supposed to be? Of all of the characters in this one, he had the least contribution and absolutely no personal connection with any of the other characters.

  11. One thing is obvious to me that no one is interested in writing for REID even though he is one of if not the most popular character on the show. I'm tired of watching the show to get a glimpse of Reid. He is so ignored and treated completely like a secondary character. I want to believe that more of him will be shown in season 8 but I'm tired of holding my breath. He is consistently ignored....why?????? Why do a chat and completely ignore the REID questions when you know it is bothering so many of us.

    Please give us a decent amount of REID and show how he is once again a important member of the team. If not, count me out as viewer.

    1. Maybe when he's earning more in the league of Shemar, Joe, and Thomas he will. As of now though, he earns half - if not less. So of course they're gonna use their other stars more.

    2. Really? So why was he used in earlier seasons when he was probably making even less.

      Besides every character, not just those 3 are used more than him. It hasn't been like that from the beginning so your reasoning doesn't quite make sense.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. The really sad thing is, because they write the episodes in such a way that Reid is so inconsequential that they could easily do them without him, it shows CBS how unimportant Reid is to the show and the producers. This could make his contract negotiations even more difficult since he will have less leverage. They could lowball him and even try to lower his salary on the grounds that he is not used as much and could easily be replaced.

      I do agree that I don't think the amount of pay has anything to do with screentime. Joe Mantegna still has the highest pay, IIRC, and had some of the least amount of screentime and contribution for a good portion of the season. Rossi and Reid were the only ones who didn't have some meaningful connection with Morgan this season. Hotch had the putting Strauss in rehab and mutual thing of having lied to someone about a death. JJ was trained by Morgan to be a martial artist (I don't think I ever saw Morgan use any of those moves though). Prentiss was trained by him and had those meaningful conversations throughout the season. Garcia is downright obsessed with Morgan to an unhealthy degree.

      I really think that when the writers start giving good stories to the bit part characters like Kevin and Strauss and can't be bothered to write something for a main character like Reid, that something is wrong.

  12. Actually, MGG's salary would have been more on par with the others pre-7, especially Shemar's. The massive salary bumps for the others didn't go into effect until *this* season, and MGG is still apparently working at or near original contract salary. Erica herself said there was an issue in S5 when CBS was deciding to pick MGG up for 2 years (where they also picked up Kristen's, but dropped AJ, and renegotiated with Paget).

    Or have you not noticed Reid is off to the side for show promo shots? There's a reason for that, you know, and it's not because the writers hate him.

    Not to mention, MGG started directing in S5, and that alone takes him out of the game for several episodes. His massive knee injury wouldn't have helped either. Then there's always the uproar last season over Paget and AJ leaving, plus the No Hotch No Watch campaign.

    Besides every character, not just those 3 are used more than him.

    Prentiss alone dispells this myth, and she's not the only one.

    So sorry. I want more Reid too, but it's beyond ridiculous to imply there's some nefarious plot going on by the writers and the showrunner against the character. I agree that I doubt the audience in general would argue against more of him, but it's completely understandable why it's been the way it is so far.

    1. It is interesting that CBS picked Matthew up for 2 years with season 5 yet for some reason Erica Messer thought they were going to lose Matthew after season 6 over contract negotiations(she felt so strongly about it that they were writing him out of the show with the headache story and had no backup plan). So I wonder what exactly went on to make them think he wouldn't be returning for season 7 when he had signed for 2 years.

      I have noticed that he is not only off to the side in a lot of promos, but also not even in some of them with the big 3 (Shemar, Joe, and Thomas). Now, I know some of this can be because he's relatively unknown compared to them because he's still new to the business and hasn't been a main character on other TV shows nor played a large role in mainstream movies.

      Despite that fact, he was still prominent in the first four seasons. I do think the loss of the writers in season 5 had a huge impact on how he was handled though. The people who really had his voice were gone by the end of season 5 and I think the current writers just don't know what to do with him or how to write him.
      To be honest, they have messed up Garcia and JJ and somewhat messed up Prentiss with the whole superspy thing.

      It is very clear that Erica Messer is inexperienced as a showrunner and I don't think there is any malice in what she does, but that she just doesn't know what she is doing and that the quality control is not there. The show needs an experienced showrunner who knows how to get the best out of the writers and not have so many plot holes and continuity errors.

  13. I thought no season could be worse than Season 6, but Season 7 managed to be just that. Clearly there are people who enjoy this dumbed-down version of this once-great show. Good for all of you. I suspect you will get more of the same in Season 8.

  14. I liked the finale; sure, the unsub thing was a bit over the top, but nothing wrong with Tricia Helfer, and the ending managed to pull the team all together.

    I'm a newcomer to the show, so I don't share people's disappointment about how the show has changed, but there's still plenty of smarts and team chemistry and side dramas to hold my interest.

    1. trust us, catko. go back and watch season 1 through season 5, and you will understand why the long-time fans are complaining. it's a completely different show, haunted by the ghost of dr. spencer reid. funny - it was emily who died but reid who has gone missing.

      who the hell wants to tune in to a show about catching serial killers, only to get fed some hallmark movie channel crap?

      messer needs to stop playing house with hotch through beth, and needs to stop pretending she can kick everyone's ass through jj. this show needs to go back to what made it so good in seasons 1 through 5 -- fantastic stories based on compelling cases.

      at this point, it's going to take nothing short of a freaking miracle to make me want to tune into criminal minds when it returns in the fall.

    2. catko, I've watched this show since the pilot episode aired and have never missed an episode since and while the show has changed over the last 3 years I don't feel it's nearly the "mess" that some of these people do. Most of these people watch the show for Spencer Reid and they seem to be under the delusion that he's not had as much as screen time as everyone else and they really don't see the show beyond that. It's the same shit, different season. Unless MGG is monopolozing the screen episode after episode the Reid fans are crying and complaining. If you stick around long enough you'll get used to it. The Hotch fans do it too, just not to the extreme that the Reid fans do.

    3. I'm not talking about the lack of Reid. I'm complaining about the lack of quality writing, the lack of continuity, the lack of profiling and the obsessional focus on the unsubs and gore rather than on the team.

  15. I am not a shipper but I am not an antishipper, either. (Although I gotta admit that Rossi and Strauss thing was so crazy funny. Dang! LOL). Two questions:
    1. I didn't think the ending dances were romantic at all. What was I missing? Prentiss danced close with everyone, JJ and Will did most of the dancing together, Garcia danced with everyone. Did I miss something that said "Wow! Prentiss and Morgan are having babies"? That seemed weird in the chat.
    2. Why do they keep the Lynch character? He hasn't given anything to the show. Garcia is funnier and flirtier when he's not around. He's not charming. He looks greasy. His lines are hokey. I loved Xander, but Lynch is just icky to the supreme and a waste of screen time.

  16. MORE REID PLEASE!!!!! MGG has so many fans...please give us what we want!


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