Monday, May 14, 2012

BAU United: A look back at Criminal Minds Season 7


  1. Regarding Reid, "You'd think he'd grow up but he's still nerdy." What? Since when does Reid need to grow up? That insult was totally uncalled for, but it fits with how CM treats Reid nowadays. He's apparently not allowed to have feelings and has lost IQ points as well as his original personality (and I'm not talking about personality changes that manifest through normal change and growth as they did in seasons 1-5). The writers don't seem to know how to write for Reid, nor do they appear to value or have any respect for the character. This was just one more example of the current attitude that has become increasingly and appallingly clear over the last several months. "Wheels Up" was great, but this one needs a serious redo.

    1. I completely agree. He progressed to a confident agent that the other team members respected and then mid-season 5 they suddenly backpedaled and were inconsistent on his writing. Making him oblivious, culturally ignorant, and even less connected to the team members. He had earned Morgan's respect but now he is treated with contempt by all of the team members.

  2. This was horrible... the clips were good, but the "rap" was a dis-service to the cast and crew of CM. You should be ashamed! Could not watch the whole thing... will try again with sound off!

  3. For the love of Mike, that was awful!! I mean, I really do appreciate that they are trying to give us something and intend to entertain, but that was just painful to my ears.

    Not only did it not accurately represent the lack of balance during the season (exaggerating the contributions of some team members while downplaying others). Reid had a whole 2 episodes in which he actually had something personal. Reid had a problem with Prentiss' return? Really? I must have missed that because it I saw all of the episodes but it never happened on screen. He had a problem with JJ lying to him. It lasted for part of an episode and then it was magically fixed with whatever Rossi put in his pasta. Yet Morgan stayed angry for over half the season. They really downplayed Morgan's participation this season. We should have heard about Morgan taking Strauss to rehab (even though she initially said "no no no"). Morgan was upset about Prentiss. Morgan was upset with Hotch. Morgan was upset about his cousin. Morgan was upset bc a guy beat him up so he punched him out. Morgan connected to a victim-- then was upset with the abuser and punched him. Morgan got slapped by his aunt. Morgan was there for Garcia. Morgan was caught in between drama for Kevin and Garcia. Morgan was half naked and all slicked up and gross looking in a towel at Garcia's place...

    I agree about the thing with Reid and "you think he'd grow up but he's still nerdy". How the fejuck does being a nerd mean someone has not grown up? Reid had to "grow up" when he was 10 and had to take care of his mother. He's been a very responsible person for years and they are regressing him to back before he joined the BAU and treating him not only as a child, but as if he's not even a full member of the BAU.

    Garcia has more to contribute now than Reid does. Why use Reid's brainpower when they can just have Garcia google things? Why have Reid read things to figure things out faster when they can have the other team members waste time doing it themselves while Reid lies down on a bench?

    I think the rap represents just how bad this season has been.

    Maybe some people like it and find it funny. I hope they do. It was cute, but so painful to listen to. I'm going to transcribe it for my friends who couldn't bear to listen to it.

    Thank you for the attempt though. It makes me glad we didn't see the songs for each of the characters now.


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